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12 of 12: June 2009

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

My Room07:16 AM
Paola and I recently rearranged our bedroom by exchanging walls that our beds leaned on. I used to be along the windows and she had the mural wall. Now I have the wall behind me which means the fence and flowers are covered because my bed is high. My bed feels so much higher now though nothing has changed.

My Room08:42 AM
I started reading Perfect Fifths and though I couldn't wait to finish it, I also didn't want to as it is the last book of the series. What did I learn from Jessica and Marcus's EPIC love story? I'm so not settling for anything less than that. I want my very own Marcus Flutie who will love Me. Yes. Me.

North Avenue10:09 AM
June 12th marks my country's Independence day. The streets are lined with flags in every corner. I'm still very much dependent on others and not quite independent despite the occasion. I did go to do errands alone though. That's a step towards independence. Despite it being a tiny minuscule step.

Healthway Clinic, The Block10:33 AM
And so I got to the clinic a few minutes after opening and there are already so many people! I was scared cause the number being serviced was 00 and I was 908! Apparently the nine is disregarded and I was just the 8th! Saved from waiting. Though I really didn't notice time fly as I had Marcus and Jessica with me.

Car Park, The Block12:26 PM
In under 2 hours, I finished my check-up and ran errands for my mom already (though I apparently bought the wrong book). This carpark is so old school. I remember when I was a kid and my dad would be the one driving and I'd get so dizzy going up the spirals. Now I'm the one driving. It still feels very weird.

Dining Room12:51 PM
First meal of the day. Ham for breakfast (now lunch) and sisig for real lunch. I could have eaten so much more but then I'll never be able to wear that bikini that I want to get but have no guts to wear. So I'm gonna try to rein in the eating. Try being the operative word. It would have been easier if fish was for lunch but no, it's sisig, which I love.

Dining Room01:00 PM
Then mom brought out the chocolates jamypye bought from Singapore and though I've finished my share of it, my mom let me eat more than my share cause my siblings seem to have no cares for it. I shouldn't have eaten their share but the chocolates are pretty damn good and I'm a sucker for these kinds of things. I'm so weak. Goodbye bikini. I'm not a beach person anyway, right?

My Bedroom01:30 PM
Already halfway through my High School Musical 3 calendar! I don't know what this picture has to do with June but it does lack some Zefron. This is remedied by the photo Zac (not pictured) has next to it and some Rob behind this. Remind me to move the calendar for a better view of Rob.

Mama Lily's House04:24 PM
I drove my parents to my grandma's house cause she was complaining of a bad neck. This is the old school record player that Pio and I dug up and started using a few weeks back when we visited our grandma. It was dad's turn to play with it this time. I love old records! My grandma's got so many old records, it's crazy.

Red Kimono, Techno Hub08:01 PM
We had Japanese for dinner cause I can't say no to Japanese. I forgot to take photos of the food and so this was all that was left of the rolls when I remembered to take them. So very yummy. I need to learn how to make these things or I will go broke when I'm all alone and have no parental subsidy one day.

Ministop, Techno Hub08:48 PM
I know that convenience stores have more expensive rates than groceries but I love convenience stores, especially those of the 24-hour variety. Maybe it's the fact that Justin Timberlake shot "Like I Love You" outside a 7-Eleven. Either way, I love looking at all the things to drink in the freezer and all the things I haven't tried out.

My Bedroom10:18 PM
And for the requisite (well sort of) photo of myself, here's one from a magazine that I sort of contribute to. Snaps for those who can spot me. After 9 contributions, I finally made it to the contributor's page. It's funny cause when they asked me to send my picture, I didn't quite know which one to send. And so I ended up sending that one taken by caen_le_comte. If there's ever a next time, I'm gonna have to wrack my brain for another decent photo of me. Yikes.
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