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I'm Finding It Difficult to Write About Real Life of the Non-What-I-Did-Today-Variety

ETA: I just realized after reading this entry again that I absolutely make no sense at all (yes "absolutely" and "at all" are both needed to reiterate how senseless this is) And I'm not even drunk. I am personally confused as to what I was trying to say and don't even remember why I wrote this to begin with. But upon further rumination, I realized this was all I was trying to say. Or so I think (after re-reading it on a full stomach):
[+] Patty is ecstatic/honored/grateful that she was offered sort of part-time job that requires her to blog (and get paid for it)!
[+] Patty was nervous for the unexpected interview of the said sort of part-time job and so ended up oversharing irrelevant information during interview
[+] Patty is too freaking lazy to do all necessary paper work before getting said job
I know I don't usually write about ~real life on a week day, but today is hard to ignore, especially now that I'm crashing from my iced cafe mocha high during the afternoon. // start real life rambling: As I've said before, I'm kind of confused/clueless as to what I want to do 'after college' and thus my extended self-imposed vacation (also because _lexizzle is coming home and I want to spend time with him).

So when a part-time job (which would only be for a month or so and I can do it from the house) was offered to me (by a friend whom I already took a part-time job from before), I was actually kind of excited to have some sort of source of income (plus the fact that the job entailed blogging) minus the 'realities' of real work (9-5 9-9+ work hours, long commutes to work etc)

BREAK: It's funny how now that I'm sort of taking on this blogging quasi-job, it took me forever to formulate the first two paragraphs! /END OF BREAK Anyway, the point of this entry is not to write about the difficulties of finding a job (that will come when I actually apply for a job), I just wanted to share how crazy my day had been.

Considering, I didn't think this job was a ~real job, I wasn't prepared for the phone call I got yesterday asking me to come in for an interview. I've never been interviewed in my life and I'm scared shitless of interviews. The only interview I went on (for org application), I was just crying like crazy. It's either I won't say anything or I'll say too much. True enough, at my interview this morning (which I thought I was gonna be late for), I was purposely reining myself in when talking about my 'blogging experience'

The very sweet interviewer said she's never heard someone talk so passionately about blogging. I take that passionate is a euphemism for CRAZY OBSESSIVE. I wanted to tell her, I'm already trying to keep my emotions at a minimum, ma'am. I hope I didn't scare her five minutes into the interview.

So the interview didn't go so bad and I feel like I overshared my life with this poor woman who probably didn't need to know that I spend my entire day on the laptop and was trying so hard to figure out what my other interests were other than the Internet (my life is sad) or that I love to read fanfiction or any other crazy detail I happened to blurt out which was so irrelevant to the job but I said anyway.

But then after the interview, some other guy who works for HR briefs me in another room of ALL THE CRAZY PAPERWORK I have to do and the tests I have to take. WAIT HOLD UP! I thought this was a ~non-job job. Why do I need to do all these things?!?!

On the long list of things I have to accomplish are: a test I have to take on Tuesday which will last for god knows how many hours and which the HR guy so nicely put it, is FAILABLE. People have failed this test. I also have to get a medical check-up complete with stool and urine samples and female doctors examining my ENTIRE BODY (I will need to shit and pee on command and strip in front of a stranger! Hello a-whole-nother entry).

I also need to get an NBI Clearance which I tried to get after hours in line but apparently, I can't pick up till the 23rd, cause my name is a HIT! What is a HIT?! It means someone has the SAME NAME (YEP, all three long-ass names with the same weird initial AND not so common last name) as me and they need to make sure that I don't share a name/am a psycho.

Let's not forget my SSS number, a TIN number, a Police Clearance, a cedula, my transcript of records, lots of ID pictures, and I'm sure some other things I forgot to list but will have to accomplish.

On one hand, doing this now for my non-real job is actually fine as I'll need all this too for my real-job one day soon but the fact is I know this isn't exactly THE job yet. It's A job till THE job comes along. So knowing all that and having to do all these, makes it much more of a hassle for the very very lazy me. And the fact that it's a holiday tomorrow and PB arrives Sunday does not help the let's-go-do-it-Patty attitude.

No, I'm not complaining. I'm thankful for this job. Especially since I realized I have no money and things I want in the mall (like pretty -- and expensive -- shades and gorgeous -- and expensive -- dresses) can't be taken from the store without going through that register thing at the counter. Money that I can only get from entering the real world.

I'm just hoping the real world can stay away for a while till I grow up. But wait, I must be grown up. I dressed up in non-sneakers and a ratty t-shirt for the interview. I was shaking hands with HR officers this morning. I was filling out forms with TIN numbers in City Hall this afternoon. Damn. Why do I still feel like such a child then?!

Okay. I've written way too much about this and upon reread, it doesn't make much any sense. So for anyone who's managed to get this far and actually read this entire senseless ramble, thanks and I'm sorry. Really. Here's a *cookie* from me to you. Now I hope I write more coherently when I actually have to do this job.

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