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Pushing Daisies 02x12: Water and Power

Almost Over[me]
Again, I cannot comprehend how ABC could just freaking cancel this show. Even if I know it's canceled, when I watch episodes like the one last week and now this, I feel all sad and broken up inside. I'm gonna miss the candy colored wardrobe and set design and the crazy, confusing dialogue.

And on its second to the last episode, we finally get a glimpse into Emerson Cod's past and the search for his little gumshoes. Though not my favorite storyline (I prefer the Olive-Ned-Chuck triangle), you've got to give Emerson a chance. And I love him too much to ignore not appreciate this one.

Young Emerson wore some spiffy suits
  • I thought it was adorable how he'd get into trouble cause he had a crush on the principal. Plus he was such a cute kid! Complete with the smirk! And look! Emily, Penny's mom is Gina Torres! Anna Espinosa on Alias! God I miss that show so much. And look, she's sort of evil here too!

  • The Menonite Lawyers that couldn't lie was such a funny bit too. I love how they all sat in the booth and just kept confessing while Emerson and company didn't even have to ask anyone questions about the DAM ruby! I love the use of Dam too!

  • I feel bad that Emerson didn't get to see Penny especially since it's the last episode already next week. I feel no closure from this show and that would really suck.

    Ned and Chuck are too cute without even trying
    Though not much happened to them other than Chuck and Ned waxing philosophical about the state of their relationship, I thought it would be a good time to say how freaking adorable and cute these two are even when the story isn't about them. Everytime they're in a scene together, the chemistry is just off the charts.

    And Ned and Chuck in their underwear? Thank you Bryan Fuller for giving me that visual before this all ends. Ned wears boxers. And a black wifebeater. My life is complete now.

    Olive Rebounds with Randy
  • Olive using Randy Mann as her rebound Randy made me feel bad for Randy. Olive would actually really work out with Randy but obviously she's still hurting.

  • I love how she's so open about still hurting over Ned to Ned too! I love this very honest relationship they have after the hanging off the cliff incident. I guess near death experiences really do bring you together.

  • And so I got giddy on the inside when Randy kissed Olive just because. She deserves to be happy even for just an episode and I'm glad she gets that. Also, I want Olive's coat and hat! I want Olive period.

    So though not my favorite episode of the season, the fact that I'm never going to see new episodes of this after next week is going to make me want to watch this again. I still hate you ABC!
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