Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Lithuanian Baby Loves His Laptop

Baby Racing?[Lrtas]
I don't know much about Lithuania other than the fact that it's capital is it shares its border with Latvia (there you go bikoy)and it's found in Northern Europe (I took Tourism, remember?) But after seeing that they held baby-racing competitions. I sort of like them a lot more.

What Lithuania? Yup, baby-racing.

The cutest part about it, is that the winner, Kajus Aukščionis was lured to the finish line fastest by a laptop! Those other babies had stuffed toys and cutesy stuff in front of them but Kajus beat them to it by keeping his eye on the prize! Did I mention that this baby is like 5 months old?!

You've got to love a kid who knows his priorities early on in life. The real question is though, what was on the laptop screen that got baby Kajus crawling a la Usain Bolt. Either way, I'm damn proud of Kajus and it looks like his parents are as well. So proud.

Kūdikių lenktynių nugalėtoją pirmyn vedė noras paliesti kompiuterį [Lrtas via Gizmodo]
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