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The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

Almost Doesn't Count[Lion And Lamb Love]
That problem is, in a few months, I'm going to be (hopefully) employed and can no longer stay at home all morning, refreshing live blogs and squeeing at photos of the MTV Movie Awards. I don't think I've ever been THIS excited for it, but thanks to Twilight and its passion-driven-fans-voting-to-sweep the entire thing, I actually counted down the days to this.

And though the haters will hate, this post isn't about hate. I'm all about the love. Cause just the fact that Rob and Kristen were there and the EPIC New Moon teaser was just about enough to keep me smiling the entire day.

So make love not war. The often crass but always hilarious Andy Samberg hosted this. How can you not smile about that?

All the Single Ladies

I'm not Sienna Miller's biggest fan but I thought she looked pretty damn fantastic. The night didn't exactly have the best dresses so I was pretty impressed by her. I liked Vanessa Hudgen's orange dress too. You know she wanted to wear that to the Nickolodeon Kid's Choice Awards but that would have been an overkill of orange.

Ashley's hair took some time to grow on me, but woman is hot. It would so have been hotter if Jackson has his arm on her waist in the spirit of the 50s but looking that hot will do. And Miley! Goodness! You look too old for your age. I like your dress and all, but honey, you're young; this is an MTV event! Look it.

You're Still Sexy Leighton

For the record, I don't care how her fart smells, because Leighton is the shit! She looked so smoking hot in this dress. I swear. And though Andy kept picking on her, she totally kept her cool and was laughing (and looking hot) the entire time.

Speaking of Andy, he too should host every damn year. That opening rap he did with the "intervention" with Fred Armisen still has me laughing just thinking of it. And cause you know I'm gonna mention Rob, I thought it was cute how he wasn't expecting to be mentioned in the song. So adorable.

Where the Hell are Jackson and Rachelle?!

Though I was pretty psyched that Nikki wasn't attached to Kristen's hip while she walked the red carpet, I wish Jackson and Rachelle were there! Jackson would have been nice on Ashley's arm and Rachelle could go with Kellan.

I love Daddy Cullen though. Peter brings the hotness to the carpet no matter what. I love the backstage video where he totally rallies the group together, such a father figure. And Esme! We need more Elizabeth Reaser.

And yes, I'll give it to you Taylor. After seeing The trailer, I'm begrudgingly going to give you props. You're looking so good and doing so good. Now don't get in the way of Edward/Bella too much, okay?

Zac, This is my Barber. Barber, meet Zac

Zac, you know I love you. But you've got longer hair than me already. We should totally speak to Vanessa to convince him to at least trim it. Nevertheless, I feel bad that his win got overshadowed by Bruno and Eminem (which I'm still on the fence on whether it's scripted or not), he still has that charm. Especially when he waved his hands in the air when Andy asked him too!

Kristen Flies Solo on the Red Carpet

So it's sad that Rob didn't walk, and whatever his reasons are, they're probably somewhere between safety and sanity. So props to Kristen to for braving the carpet alone. You are woman. Hear her roar.

And roar she did. Though the audio went wonky and she was speaking at a mile a minute, she did it all looking utterly fantabulous. I love this dress on her. It's so rocker chic and though she was supposedly going to wear heels (she twisted her ankle and had to wear sneakers?), it's a nice throwback to her sneaker-wearing days and that gorgeous VF photo shoot too. Trust Kristen to make Chuck Taylors look great with couture in a non-Avril-way.

Plus the hair and make-up and the new watch and lack of rings is to my liking. She looks incredibly hot running her hands through her hair. She and Rob MUST HAVE taken a class on how to do this because it's driving me crazy.

I Say We Go Brokeback 2

So NOT the best fight at all. Obviously The Dark Knight should have gotten this one but let the fangirls speak and well they pretty much yelled. The best part about this? Seeing Cam Gigandet on stage.

Cam needs to be in more things NOW. I still wish he were Laurent if only to have him in New Moon too. Rob thanking his stunt double is such a kneejerk reaction for him. It's nice of him to acknowledge who really did the 'hard stuff.' How cute can Cam and Rob be? Let's head on up to Brokeback, boys!

Did he just Jizz in His Pants?

If Rob weren't making all the panties drop, you'd actually see that he's just as nervous as Kristen, but he's handling it a bit better at the moment. His quips and retorts aren't always understood by everyone, but you can tell he's trying to laugh it all off.

I can't say he didn't deserve this cause technically this was the role that did breakthrough for him and propelled him to whatever he is now so if you compare his rise to the rest of the nominees, I'd say it's a pretty well-deserved one.

Just As Awkward (and yet Adorable) as Expected

Haters are gonna hate, so I'm just gonna love. I love Kristen. It's not something I hide or am ashamed of. Though I totally respect those who don't like her, I just can't help but love her. She was totally awkward and unpracticed and just nervous being there. It was so adorable.

When she knocked it off, I felt it was so Freudian cause for some reason I really feel she didn't really want to win this (though I'm sure she's grateful) cause it would just give her critics more reason to criticize especially since she beat the likes of Kate Winslet and Taraji P. Henson.

And though I shouldn't be underestimating the voters, the Academy already voted for them and Kristen won't ever be nominated for an Oscar for Twilight, so considering this is the one of the biggest fandoms/fads there is now, this wasn't totally a shock to me.

Cockblocking at it's finest...

So I of little faith wasn't actually 100% sure they'd bag this one. I know. I just couldn't bring myself to believe that the fans would actually vote that much for the movie kiss, which though I found amazingly hot; I had my doubts.

Still, for me, this was probably THE award they deserved the most. And so it was funny that they didn't go through with the re-enactment, which was something I sort of felt they would do just because I could not for the life of me imagine these two kissing if not for a movie. The shippers would take it to heart and more rumors would sprout and though it comes with the territory, I don't blame them for not going through with it.

Would I have enjoyed more if they DID kiss? OF COURSE! But I actually found the non-kiss kinda hot too. Rob's 'shocked' face with the cockblock was so bad too. Honey, try to act more shocked next time.

... And Yet They Totally Make Up For it in Awkward Cuteness

I just couldn't resist. It's obvious that they're good friends (and that is all) and so it's nice to see them look comfortable with each other behind the scenes. And though she totally said, I will not kiss you, I've got to give it to them for being totally cute.

Even Kristen's Laughing at their win

So though I'm obviously a Twilight fan, I'm not quite in agreement with them winning this. They were up against four of my favorite movies from 2008 (The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and Iron Man)and I have to say, I loved those movies even WITHOUT the presence of Rob or Kristen so that's saying something.

Still, I'm not going to go apeshit or anything cause it's not like this is the Academy Awards. And you can't quite attach the phrase MTV Movie Award winner for Best movie to Twilight and expect it to get praise.

Nevertheless, I wanted to strangle Catherine Hardwicke when she went up stage and just started babbling. Sure it's your time to shine but dude, stop. Just stop. This makes me crush on Chris Weitz all the more.

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