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Stepping Out For A Bit -- 21 Down/31 to Go![me]
Considering it's technically the last week of summer, I'm proud to say I was able to get out of the house at least this week. Not for me though. I'm going to enjoy this hopefully temporary state of unemployment till after my brother _lexizzle leaves for Singapore again. This leaves me one more month give or take before I have to start worrying about a job.

And because searchtheskies is awesome and there is truth in her advertising, go and check this out! A big WELCOME to my new friends!

The Easiest Multi-Fandom Friending Meme You Will Ever Fill Out

Lastly, I've got ONE (1) Dreamwidth Invite again. Anyone want it? I haven't actually used mine. I don't know what to do with it, really. Just holler if you want it! TAKEN! SO FAST!


[+] Saw Ballet Shoes which is really adorable and such sad 'feel-good' BBC movie. I love those Brit films so much!

[+] Breezed through reading Persuasion despite the long nap I had. It's a surprisingly really easy read. I'm thisclose to finishing all of Austen's works.

[+] mellowdee gave me the cutest Virtual Gift ever!!!! Thanks so much for my boba tea!!! now I really want to go get some!!!!


[+] Caught Bridge To Terabithia which I wouldn't watch but because Zooey's in it (as the adorable music teacher), I actually stuck around. Such a sad film. I was in tears in the end.

[+] Since I finished all of Austen and am too tired to move on to an actual book, I ended up reading more fic! Lovely. By Molly's rec, I got hooked on If Love Could Light a Candle and some good 'ol Mr. Horrible. Enjoyed both immensely.


[+] I drove my grand aunt and my grandma to the aiport (a first for me!) and luckily there was no traffic. it's funny though cause my grandma has a tendency to get really worked up over NOTHING so I was afraid she was going to get a heart attack from getting so angry over nothing in the car. I had to tell her to calm down cause I had no intentions of going to the hospital.

[-] My parents left for Baguio for their 27th wedding anniversary and I know that my mom is waaaay past getting pregnant or anything but I always fear they'll come home and tell me I'm about to have my 7th sibling. Nightmare, I tell you.

Thursday // Happy Birthday Mom!

[+] Woke up to madness in Twilight fandom. The Italy shoot had spawned a gazillion photos of Edward(naked)/Bella(running) reunion and I didn't know what to do between that and reading an update from The Office. Great way to start your day. I'd rather this much excitement not happen again though before noon time, because my heart cannot take it.

[+] Watched Boy A possibly the saddest movie ever, but so beautiful and so moving. Plus ANdrew Garfield is really adorable in it.

[+] Dropped by the radio station and boarded with Rain from 6 to 9. It felt good to be back again even if I felt rusty behind the microphone!


Not Where the Party is At (Out with High School Barkada -- Lee, Iz, Hannah and me!)Photo courtesy of me
[+] So on my unintentional Chris Pine flick fest, I watched Blind Dating which was really cute and really sweet. Plus it's nice to see Chris with short hair again.

[+] My friend Hannah is already employed! Oh god, I feel pressured. But her first party (she handles events for a radio station) was tonight and we decided to go for support. But as Iza, Lee nor I are party people, it was the funniest thing ever. I had a tequilla sunrise (thanks explainingsound for the suggestion! it was good!)

[+] We ended up having coffee though afterward. We somehow felt much more comfortable in Starbucks than in the club. We're such kids losers. Also watched Terminator Salvation which I surprisingly enjoyed with Lee before our 'party'


Feeling Girls Day Out -- Where the working girls treat the unemployed to a foot pampering and dinner!Photo courtesy of me
[+] Stayed up till the morning thanks to that 14-second 8second clip of New Moon. Oh fandom, why do you do this to me?

[+] Got invited by Nikki to go get a pedicure with her and Pamy at Nail Spa and it felt divine! Though I'm not fond of people touching my feet, the massage and scrub was just sooooo wonderful. I would so go back again if I had that much money.

[+] Had dinner at this noodle place we ate in before at Shangri-La but I keep forgetting the name. Sukiyaki and green mango salad. Heaven. I really love being treated by the working girls which scares me as I am supposed to be one of them soon and thus no more treats for me.


[-] Our cute priest gave a better homily this week and I was so happy about the change when my brothers told me he was only going to be here for three weeks - not sure how many of those weeks are done already. This sort of makes me sad. Plus the slow internet also makes me infuriated. What is wrong with the Internet?!?!

[+] It was raining the whole day so I wasn't really feeling going out but I brought Nikki and Miguel home to their house -- surprisingly in spite of the rain, there wasn't any traffic at all. KFC for dinner? Perfect way to end the week.
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