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Pushing Daisies 02x11: Window Dressed to Kill

You Don't Try People On[me]
I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY ABC WOULD CANCEL THIS GEM OF A SHOW. Really. And so we are down to the last three episodes of my beloved Pushing Daisies and I couldn't help but feel terrible while watching it just knowing that I would never see what happens with Ned the Pie Maker and Chuck and Emerson and Olive and just everyone amazing in this show.

Nevertheless, I'm just happy ABC actually decided to show the last three episodes even if it's 5 months after the last one they showed. Beggars really can't be choosers. I wish they'd just chosen to give it a full season at least. Oh well.

Chuck is the Alive Again Avenger!!!
  • Chuck + Emerson solving the mystery at Dickers Department Store is a visual treat. I really really love the window dressing and all the people who come to look at it! So pretty.

  • And look! It's Stanford from SATC! Chuck getting the people to pay Emerson for the case was so hilarious. I love how Chuck really got into the crowd and did the different voices! Denny and Coco are so funny! This show just makes me sad that it's not coming back.

  • I've never been great with predicting who the murderers are cause I suck like that, but it was cute how Dick Dickers was about to off Denny -- wrapping him in bubble warp and all. This show makes murder look so good.

    The Pie Maker Only Wants to Hold Chuck's Hand!
  • Ned and Chuck holding hands cause it's winter in the streets really made my heart melt! They really should just wear gloves all year round! Why did they not figure this out sooner?! This way we could have had more sweet scenes.

  • When Ned decided to abandon Clark Kent and go Superman, I love how he stormed into the morgue and was ready to touch the dead bodies. This guy is the most adorable kid in the block. I'm so going to miss seeing him.

  • I prefer Chuck with wavy hair but I love how she admitted she was jealous of Olive and Ned's pretend relationship. At least she's telling Ned how she feels and not just keeping it on the inside. Yes to communication.

    The Many Men in Olive's Life
  • First off, her kidnappers who love her more than the way her parents do are just all sorts of adorable! Only Olive could endear car thieves. And to think I thought they were going to kill her, but of course the show would never be that predictable. Their love for Olive is so pure. I love it.

  • Randy Mann! Oh David Arquette! You are too cute. I love how he made a taxidermied dove set for Ned's brothers!!! And the fact that he's into Olive just makes my heart sing cause you know he deserves happiness and so does Olive so I'm glad they sort of have each other.

  • The nuns!!! What a brilliant plan getting her fathers across the border with the help of Mother Superior! I really wish we get to see more of the them cause they always put a smile on my face. Olive needs to visit the nuns again.

    Ned Can't Be Jealous of Randy!

    First off, though I love Ned/Chuck, I have to say that I feel for Olive the most and so this entire storyline really really breaks my heart and makes me all giddy inside. Cause though I know that Chuck/Ned are meant to be, I can't help but root for Olive along the way.

  • Olive reading a book on Double Negatives to figure out what Ned's saying? Pure pure win. And then when she hung on their so cute light fixtures to recreate the event? Olive is so genius.

  • Olive telling her kidnappers that the Pie Maker was her fiancee and Ned playing along? So freaking sweet. Ned: Me and Olive... love each other very much. Breaks my heart!!!

  • Olive sitting on Ned's lap cause there wasn't much space in the back was so opportune. I love how Ned's going along, but I feel for Olive cause you can tell she's sort of enjoying this. He called her the most important thing to him too!!!

  • Ned and Olive kissed and it wasn't like Ned was super duper forced into it. He could have found a way out but he didn't. And I love how she sang "Hello." Her song numbers are always my favorites on this show and I love this song and how she it totally fits her and Ned. I'm gonna go cry now.

    He did what he thought Olive wanted him to do. And he loves her in a friend-way. So so much tears! He supports her! Cause that's what friends do! Tear my heart out now please.

  • And it all comes crashing down. The veil is no longer to be used cause Olive has FINALLY woken up and realized that Ned really won't ever love her like that. I feel bad for Ned though cause it wasn't like he really meant to hurt Olive. But it's better this way. Break it while they aren't in too deep yet.

  • But wait, Ned's JEALOUS?!?! It's ironic how now that Olive is moving on, this is when Ned sort of realizes he's feeling something for Olive. I hate to see this end badly for Ned or Olive or even Chuck. But it sure as hell makes for great tv.

    I really do hate you ABC for cancelling this show. I'm gonna go cry my eyes out while listening to Olive sing. This is heartbreaking.

    Lily: What do you mean engaged? Since when?
    Ned: Since... we love each other so much.

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