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Terminator Salvation

The End Begins[All Movie Photos]
Due to my non-knowledge of the Terminator series (other than knowing that Governor Ah-nold starred in some of them and Hasta La Vista got really popular because of it), I wasn't exactly jumping at the chance to watch the newest installment to the Terminator series.

Still, I was determined to watch (almost) every summer movie and so this one went into the bag. Besides, Lee-Ann and I were trying to kill time before the 'party' so this was something productive we could do. Plus Lee-Ann is a great movie-mate when she's not asleep.

And so because I wasn't expecting anything , all I was looking out for was that scene in the movie where Bale freaks out. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the film that I didn't even bother to figure out which scene it was. I don't think I could watch this over and over, I'm already exhausted from all the exploding in this film. And there were a lot.

The Critics Say

We Fight BackPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
Peter Travers of Rolling Stone said:
Bale even cedes the juiciest part to Aussie newcomer Sam Worthington, who is star material as a machine with a conscience. T4 is a mixed bag, but it's not f***ing amateur.
Not that it's a competition between Christian Bale and Sam Worthington because I thought they both did well but considering Christian Bale's the more 'experienced' actor, I can understand why people would be expecting more from him. But I actually appreciated how Bale didn't do things over the top with his portrayal of John Connor and instead let Marcus Wright's character shine.

Dana Stevens of Slate said:
A good summer movie isn't just an uninterrupted crescendo of cacophony. You need stuff IN BETWEEN the fireballs and the cyborgs.
Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said:
Most of the running time is occupied by action sequences, chase sequences, motorcycle sequences, plow-truck sequences, helicopter sequences, fighter-plane sequences, towering android sequences and fistfights. It gives you all the pleasure of a video game without the bother of having to play it.
I agree with both Stevens and Ebert though on this point. I'm sure a lot of folks would enjoy the constant blowing up of things. In fact, every freaking scene had something exploding or someone being chased, but like Lee-Ann said, if Bryce Dallas Howard were really pregnant, she'd have given birth from the sheer amount of action going on. And there was a lot.

I don't think I was given time to let one car chase sink in before they blew up something else. Then when I was about to process the explosion, they drop some machine combat and I just couldn't rest at all. They cannot blame this film for lacking in action. This film redefines ACTION-PACKED though not always the best thing.

And Then I Try To Say

So Dirty Yet So HotPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • I must applaud the make-up department though for making everyone dirty and still hot. I loved how they were all so grimy and sweaty and just dirty and yet their teeth were so blindingly white! These folks have no time to take a bath because they're always brushing their teeth!

  • Christian Bale as John Connor: Alas as I do not watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles or any other movie, I wasn't quite sure who John was exactly but the film did a pretty good job of filling new audiences in on what the hell was happening. And yes, it helps that Bale was very hot despite being sweaty and angry all the time because it's always nice to see and listen to someone hot over broken radios telling you you're part of the Resistance. I wouldn't mind listening to that voice over the radio at all.

  • Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright: He played the not so human machine really really well. Even as a convict on death row, I was really feeling for him. I really liked his take on Wright and I thought it gave a lot of humanity to this very machine-filled movie. Does not hurt that he's so pretty too.

  • Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese: I am officially in love with Anton Yelchin. His relationship with Star was just too adorable and he brought some comic relief (though it was like ONE line) to the movie. He's such a pretty dirty boy.

  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor: I'm assuming she was really pregnant while shooting this because I don't know if Hollywood is that good with making a woman look pregnant. She and Christian Bale looked pretty good as husband-wife. I wish we saw more Neo-Trinity style action, but she's already pregnant. So obviously we already missed the 'action.'

  • Moon Bloodgold as Blair Williams: At first look, she reminded me of April from ANTM, but obviously it wasn't her. She's really stunning and I was hoping she'd get some 'action' with Marcus, but as Lee and I were trying to figure out whether it was even possible, we get one kiss. Not bad. I was hoping for a tad more romance from her considering she was smoking hot. Favorite line? You've got a strong heart. Oh dear, I was laughing so hard. I wish she'd just come out and say she wanted to snuggle with him by the fire.

  • Jadagrace Berry as Star: Possibly my favorite character ever. Star was sooooooooooo freaking adorable!!!! Lee-Ann pronounced her as Jada Pinkett-Smith and Halle Berry's daughter and she could so pass for that because she's made of all sorts of adorable. And goodness, no lines too! But little girl can reload a weapon and hand detonators when the time is right. Gotta love a war-trained child.

    Obviously, I enjoyed this movie far more than I thought I ever would. This one has sequel written all over it too. And why not? Maybe a little more humor/romance/breathing space in between though, McG? I like the action but I also want to live a long life, so let's not give me a cardiac arrest anymore, okay?

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