Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

(Not Yet) Sparkling Edward, Jumping Bella*

And you know I couldn't just NOT post about those photos can I? Needless to say, I've spoiled myself rotten already for this movie and anything they show at the MTV movie awards this weekend will just spoil me further. But I can't help it. So much for NOT giving MTV a visit to the set. The paparazzi have done the job illegally. I was hoping for some sort of New Moon Mondays. Oh well. Tough luck.

Cause I have a secret crush on Chris Weitz's

I still love Chris Weitz. Maybe because I've never actually heard him talk the way I kept hearing Catherine Hardwicke chat away. There's something about the ~mystique surrounding him. Sure I've seen him talk during those ET previews, but that's it. There really is something about a little mystery. Well none anymore now with all these photos.

Shouldn't Edward get naked faster cause of his superhuman speed?

Either way, it took Rob six-ish frames to get naked and well the results aren't too disappointing. I've got to admit, the paleness is a bit of a turn-off but come on, you know it's part of it. I was laughing with all the dots on his body cause it so takes points away, so imagine this with sparkles. Oh boy, I wonder if ILM is doing the sparkliness in this movie too. Rob's body seems pretty toned. Favorite part? The V at the hips. OH yeah.

This is Bella Jumping Edward

I wish she'd pee on him too just to show the red-hoods that this is her man. I've been re-reading New Moon just to get back into the groove and Bella really was determined to mark her man. I'm not gonna harp on again about how excited I am, because this pretty much gives me away. MTV Movie Awards!!! You better not disappoint!!!

*I'll try to make this the last entry for the day. I hope. I think. I'm walking away from the laptop now

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