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Kristen Says Ciao Bella!

Viva Italia![kstewartfans]
They say when you go on vacation (or at least to another country) you do things differently. I know I do. It's cute how Kristen Stewart seems to be a bit like that too. Sshe's not really in Italy for vacation but she seems to be doing things a bit differently.

She's wearing dresses (on a non-red carpet!), shorts (I don't think I've ever seen her in shorts), wearing ponytails and just looking like she's having fun! Plus I love the fact that Dakota Fanning and Ashley Greene are looking adorable with her. Ciao Bella!

Arriving in Italy

Wearing a DRESS to a pizzeria!

When I first saw the fuzzy pictures, I couldn't believe it was even Kristen. Sure, she wears dresses on the red carpet, but I don't think I've seen her in them on a normal day. And she looks so good in them too!!! Such a cutie. This is what Italy does to you! Makes you wear dresses!!!

In spaghetti straps for dinner!

Look Chris Weitz! She's wearing shorts!!!

I just love Chris Weitz and the fact that I never seem to see him so when I do see him in photos, it's like ooh! There's the director. I'm hoping for a really good sequel and I'm really excited for the MTV Movie Awards preview of New Moon. Here's to hoping it's a great clip and that Rob/Kristen win Best Kiss at least!

Camwhoring with Dakota and Ashley

This is me self-combusting! God I love them together. I've told some friends about this already but Kristen could be smoking a joint while fornicating on the roof but as long as she's with Ashley and Dakota, somehow it looks so ~wholesome and fun! Really! I love how they're camwhoring and just looking so clean and non-grungy! Dakota looks really adorable here. She's so neat.

After a day's work

I love seeing Kristen in Bella hair. I want Bella hair. If only I wasn't allergic to my own hair/wasn't so lazy to grow it, I would so grow it out. Anyway, I really can't wait for this to finally show. I know November 20 is like a long time from now and I'll be working then (oh noes) but I'm just really really excited for it. For now, I'll count down to the MTV movie awards. Here's to hoping they win something!
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