Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Where the Wild Things End Up In My Stomach

Too Freaking Cute[Anna The Red]
I'm not exactly a fan of the upcoming book-turned-movie Where the Wild Things Are but I know my cousin sassy_semplang is. However, when I saw these really awesome Bento Boxes imitating the covers, I couldn't help but get all excited about it (both the movie and the bento boxes!)

The girl who makes these are soooo amazing, she's got an entire blog dedicated to her Bento-Box making. She actually sketches how she wants it to look like and then gives a step-by-step with the ingredients she used so that others can sort of recreate it too. Not that I have the talent or drive but seeing her boxes makes me really hungry!!!

You know what would be tres perfection? Watching Where the Wild Things Are with one of these babies on my lap. Anyone?

Bento#32 Where the Wild Things Are – Left side [Anna The Red]
Tags: food, movies
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