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It's that moment when you start closing in; first you're holding back, then surrendering.

[Boo! 20 Down/32 to Go!]
[-] Talk about laziness. This week, I had absolutely no drive to take photos. Either I was laying down reading or sleeping or even when we'd go out, I'd just be too lazy to bring the camera.
[+] I have TWO (2) Dreamwidth Invites. Comment if you want them. First come, first serve though! Taken already!
[+] Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!
[+] Oh and if you guys could, go do this meme for me?

[+] My brother really has something going on with him and the ladies cause after watching Wolverine, we were eating at the food court in Trinoma and despite his feeling horrible (he was having stomach aches), he was still able to get an entire table of high school girls (I assume) staring at him and giggling in that giddy high school way. I wonder if I were that obvious before.
[+] Caught Wolverine in the cinemas and I felt it was anti-climactic after watching Star Trek and Angels & Demons first. Still, Hugh is pretty. I was surprised though that Bobby was actually good. Lindsay wasn't such a bad actress in it and the movie actually moved me.
[+] The Gossip Girl finale took forever to download so I had to resort to watching it via streaming. I don't know why it took forever, but it did. And I'm sad that I'm going to have to wait till the fall to see it again. I'll probably be working then already so god knows how I'll be doing recaps still. Oh dear.
[+] Continued reading Emma but not without the interruptions of napping and reading fic. It's wonderful when i get mail from telling me that my favorite stories have been updated. I can't believe I went so long without reading fic.

[+] Watched Broken Flowers just cause it had Bill Murray and it was actually pretty good. So many stars in it too and though a little sad in the end, it didn't reduce me to tears or anything.
[+] Had my loooooong ass afternoon nap while reading again. And woke up just in time to catch the Top 2 perform. I was hoping for more upbeat songs, but I'll take what I can get. I was so nervous!!!
[+] Plus all the Rob in Cannes and New Moon poster and the MTV movie awards thing is making me really excited. I've never been this excited before. When is November 20?!

[+] Got up bright and early to watch the finale and though my jaw is still on the floor from the results, I cannot stop singing Kiss a Girl!!! Kris and Keith may not have been as huge a performance as Adam and Kiss but it's stuck in my head! I love it!
[+] Spent my afternoon in my grandma's house. I thought I would be able to read but then Pio discovered her old record player and we wanted to see if it would work and it did! we spent the whole afternoon playing old records from the Beatles, Jackson 5, The Temptations and so many others. We're so going back for that.

[+] My parents took me and Paola to this Water Spa -- though they shouldn't call it a Spa cause it was more of a Park. It was kinda rowdy at first but it like this giant jacuzzi with lots of different jets for massaging and wow my body felt knackered -- in a good way.
[+] Paola and I preferred the heated pools. The 36 degree Mint pool, the 38 degree Jasmine pool (our favorite) and the 40 degree Lavender pool that was too hot for my mom. Definitely a new thing to do.
[+] Had lunch at like 6pm in Omakase and I just love japanese food. When I got home that evening I just fell asleep. I was soooo tired.

[+] Had dinner with some relatives who were visiting from the US and she brought gifts for EVERYONE!! I was so shocked cause we're not very close but she got all our sizes and our tastes in clothes too! So happy about that.
[+] Finished reading City of Glass and I'm really surprised at how I enjoyed it considering I'm really not into fantasy stuff. So thanks to dorkfish04 for introducing it to me. I really did enjoy it. And really saw Alex Pettyfer in the role. Here's to it ever becoming a movie.

[+] You know how I have that crush on our parish priest? Well he used to have a deacon who's 10x cuter and I never heard him speak and would see him like once every who knows when? Well today at mass, he was our priest!!! He's a priest already! I swear, I had to pray doubly hard. Why does he have to be really cute? I'm so going to hell.
[+] Went to my Aunt's house to for a family reunion and the food was uh-mazing. I swear these things I always promise not to eat a lot, but I end up eating sooooo much. Not good.

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