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The Mortal Instruments Trilogy

Not My Usual[Amazon]
Other than Twilight, I don't really venture out of chick-lit and girly fluff to read. I'm not into fantasy or the supernatural things at all, but thanks to dorkfish04's recommendation of this trilogy of YA fantasy-ish fiction, I actually bought the books in The Mortal Instruments trilogy.

And I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover, so when I saw the books in person, I was actually having second thoughts buying them. I would never really buy this series if it weren't strongly recommended by a bunch of people on my flist (and you know I trust their taste).

And so I decided to bump it up the reading list as promised and alternated it with reading Austen, cause I get exhausted reading Austen (though I love her) and in total, it took me 6 days to read the three books -- that includes napping in between. In other words, it's a really really easy read. I love easy reads.

Too lazy to explain the plot

So I read the books and though in the beginning, I found many many similarities to many other literature, I guess I'm a really easy to please reader cause I figured that even chick lit has soooo many similarities to other books too. And the difference with this is that Clare has a very different central plot.

The books center around this girl named Clary who is apparently of Shadowhunter descent. Shadowhunters are warriors who battle demons and the like (I know. What am I doing reading about demons and warriors, right?). Clary has to find a way to wake her mom up from this coma-ish type she's in because an evil Shadowhunter (I won't say Voldemort-ish, but yeah) Valentine is sending evil-ness their way! But there's a love story folks! Lots and lots of them!!! And this is what kept me going!!!

Sure, Cassandra Clare (the author, who apparently used to write fanfiction! Yes! Giving hope to all the fic writers out there of being published) got me imagining the City of Bones, the Silent Brothers, Alicante, the Institute and all these characters she created in her world, but what really got me going were the love teams!!!!

Ships I loved!

Without going into super detail to the plot, cause I would be spoiling others and if you want to read it, I hope you don't go into this part too much.

  • Jace/Clary: Obviously the lead chick needs a boy and the boy here is Jace Wayland, super hot teen Shadowhunter who just so happens to know how to play the piano. Yes. Piano men again. But really, he's cocky and full of himself but with good reason. He's a great shadowhunter but he's got daddy-issues and he and Clary will have some familial issues to deal with throughout the books.

    But every time they're in a scene together he has this conflict of interest with her. He wants to protect her and he wants to just be with her but he's fighting his inner demons and trying to prove himself to be worthy of this girl. Meanwhile Clary wasn't brought up in the Shadowhunter world so she's clueless about anything and needs 'protecting' though of course she could give a damn about her safety as all lead girls do because all she wants to do is be with Jace.

    And yes they sound really corny as I write them, but if you read the books, you'll get why I'm squeeeing here. They're so cute together. And yeah, they're quite young, but who cares! It's a book! And they're shadowhunters!!!

  • Isabelle/Simon: Isabelle is Jace's sort of sister and Simon is Clary's best friend and these two are adorable. I wish there were more of them because Isabelle is a shadowhunter who's beautiful and knows it and sort of uses this beauty. But when she meets Simon (total nerd, who is apparently cute in his own way), she's drawn to him and at first I thought she was just playing him, but there was something there.

  • Alec/Magnus: You read that. Two boys. I love it. The fact that there's a homosexual relationship that's explored in a really teenage-y happy way (with their drama of course), it just made me love the book more. I didn't think Alec was gay at all, but hey, why not?! Alec's Isabelle's brother and Jace's partner in fighting while Magnus is a Warlock (part of Downworlders who some Shadowhunters look down on) so total Romeo-Juliet complex with the added fact that Alec isn't out of the closet. Drama. I love it.

  • Luke/Jocelyn: Even the mom in the coma has a ship! How awesome is that? Luke seems like such a Charlie to me (I know, Twilight reference and totally not warranted, but I can't help it). He's not really Clary's dad but he's been in love with her mom since forever. Luke and Jocelyn were ex-shadowhunters who fled Alicante after the Uprising (some sort of war) but they're just old people love story cuteness.

    Obviously there's so much more to say about this book but then I'm afraid to be giving it all away. I shall find a way to squee about this book in other ways I guess.

    And so despite the ultra fantasy world it's in, I actually thought this book had so many funny moments which I'm too lazy to type out now. But it's got lots of humor and lots of love and in my book that makes it pretty much a great book. Plus the story flows quite well that I really couldn't put it down.

    I'm actually kinda sad that there's only three of it, but it ended on a pretty good note. I hope though that she writes more of these people cause I read that she'd be writing again but of another set of characters. So thanks dorkfish04 for getting me into this. I swear you will be the death of me. Now where is the movie version of this book? It would be cool to see the runes and Alicante now.
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