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Rob Is Still On Fire at Cannes

Cause he cannes cannes cannes[Pattinson Life]
Apparently, you can amass a sordid amount of photos from barely a week at Cannes when you're Robert Pattinson. Still, it's not all fruitless. I did learn some things from Cannes:
  • I'm gonna have to prepare myself for the Edward eating out at Bella's tummy in Breaking Dawn movie
  • I better save up for all the Rob movies (Remember Me, Bel Ami, Unbound Captives) I hope to see in the cinemas!
  • I need to learn to speak French like now
  • Angie isn't screaming enough for Brad
  • Rob can dazzle investors a lot
  • I need about $20,000 if I even want Rob to consider kissing my cheek. Loan, anyone?
  • Not all very good lessons but at least I learned right? Oh and of course, when Rob cleans up, he cleans up really really good.

    Not So Sparkly in the morning

    Don't You Wish He Just Dove Into the Water

    Wishing I knew French at Le Grand Journal

    Getting Felt Up (by his bodyguard) at DSquared

    Looking Very Very Good in that suit

    Brad Who? At the Inglorious Basterds Premiere

    Charging $20,000 For a Kiss on the Cheek -- For Charity of course!

    I wonder how much longer he'll be in Cannes because I'm exhausted for him just looking at all these pictures. I have to say though, I'm sure even just a little, he's enjoying himself. Would he have thought he'd be this warmly welcomed in Cannes? I'm hoping this is just the beginning of many more great movies for him -- cause as he said, that's what he's there for.

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