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90210 01x24: One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer

Where's my dragon?![90210 Media]
90210 is like a pendulum. Sometimes it's really good and sometimes it's not very good. This week, thank goodness the pendulum swung in our favor as the season finale brought a lot of moments that either made me laugh really loud or made me sad for them. And what a way to leave the audiences guessing. I hate cliff hangers, but this one, I can take.

And so it ends season one. I wonder how season 2 will go. I don't know if I'll still be as rabid as I was this year but knowing my anal self, I'll probably recap it for the sake of, just because I've started it. And really with good episodes like this one, it gives me hope.

Jen needs to go die in a fire now
  • First Jen needs to go hang herself because she is just really evil to Naomi. I don't know why Naomi won't get rid of her. Oh wait, they're sisters and she's still too blinded by their sisterly affection. But she's already been drained of her finances and now she's robbed of her man too!!! And what a man he is.

  • I swear every scene with Liam, I felt like my tongue was hanging out wagging in front of me because boy is delicious. He's absolutely yummy!!! I don't know how I'm going to last the months waiting for him to come back into my screen because I just want to eat him up. And where are they bringing him?!? Boot camp? Christian camp with Georgina?! Please don't say military! I need him back on my tv.

  • But the Naomi/Annie showdown was just full of hilarity! I can't blame Naomi for going nuts and though Annie is innocent (and we should feel bad for her cause she really didn't do anything), it was just so funny the way Naomi was really going all out nutso on her! And the crowd! Wow. Everyone's angry at Kansas! I should feel bad but it was just so funny!

    Please don't say there's a love triangle now?!
  • First off, Silver. You're too tan. Go sue the girl who gave this to you, because you're almost Valentino Orange. That's never a good thing. Second, don't jump in the pool holding hands with girls who are not your friends. I thought you were cooler than all this? Oh wait, are you drunk? Third, don't kiss someone back when he isn't your boyfriend unless your able to face the consequences. Oh wait, she could be drunk.

  • Dixon, you're too nice. Really. If I were you, I would have beaten the shit out of Ethan. But you're too nice. If some guy had my girlfriend's photo in his suit pocket I wouldn't even let him explain, I'd just sock him. Okay, maybe I'm too violent. But come on!!!

  • Ethan, don't go kissing your friend's girlfriends. Especially those friends who didn't beat the shit out of you when he realized you were scoping out his girlfriend. Still, go on and look cute and lost because somehow when I take your kiss with Silver out of context, it's kinda hot. But I don't want no triangle now. Or at least I don't think so. I'm so conflicted. On one hand, the kiss was hot. On the other, it was so out of nowhere.

    Bye Bye Baby, Hello Dragon!
  • Navid is possibly the sweetest boy who ever lived. He's so hands-on with Adrianna and somehow during this entire thing remained calm and collected because their parents are just NOWHERE to be found. I love how in the bustle of it all, he totally forgets about the fact that everyone is supposed to be at his house! Almost busted! And the scene with Ty? Kinda sweet. Now go smoke that cigar! You deserve it.

  • I feel bad for Adrianna. I mean of course she sort of doesn't want to say goodbye, she's just gonna get attached. But it's a good thing though. I can't imagine her taking care of the baby and all next season. She has got a really really really cute baby too. That's one pretty kid. And the adoptive parents look nice. I wonder if she'll ever see the kid.

  • I however, want to see the dragon from her dream more. That dream was so random and hilarious with Brenda as Cleopatra. Hard sell of a dream, I tell you. I wish my dreams were that vivid/hard sell, instead I get vague shit I don't remember. I want Chinese dragons!!!!

    The Wilsons were gonna make love but then they got high
  • KELLY I LIKE YOU BUT PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MR. AND MRS. WILSON!!! They are the cutest couple ever, though boring at times. You need to get Jen's claws off Ryan Matthews and bang him instead!!! This is so out of nowhere! Please don't break up the happy moral foundation of this show!!!

  • On the other hand, Debbie and Harry are sooooo funny high. I love their acting and though I've never been high, it was surely entertaining to see these two super high and out of it. They need to get high MORE often and they need to smoke weed with Tabitha. Go Debbie for fighting for her man too! And for voicing her suspicions right away. Let Kelly know you're watching her.

    Yes Annie, you really did kill someone. This isn't Gossip Girl
  • Let it be said that I feel bad for Annie and how she was treated by Naomi/Phoebe and everyone else. But it surely was entertaining to watch. I feel horrible but am too mean to care.

  • Liam/Annie?! is there something there that we shall see next season?! I know Liam called to apologize but he's off to camp and Naomi looks like she's not backing down from being angry so is it time for Liam/Annie?! Hmmm...

  • Oh and who the hell did she kill?! Or is this a Serena moment? I think not. I think she 'killed' someone but since accidentally the charges won't be too bad. But she was drunk, so she should get some time right? or is it just community service or juvi for minors?! Either way, I wanna know. And who found the body. That california license plate doesn't give away much. Unless I haven't been paying attention.

    And that ends another season. It was an up and down sort of season but a pretty good one nevertheless. I can't wait to see what season 2 has to offer. See you all in the fall.
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