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American Idol 8: And the New American Idol is

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I can't believe I still have my voice intact considering I was screaming and jumping up and down at the announcement of the winner. We were all pretty much planted in front of the television. I missed my Idol-mate Pamy who's galivanting in India, but Pio proved to be an able Idol-mate. Till next year people. Oh and blinkies do actually work.


Top EW Pamy Patty Lex Gen Sara Nikki Results
13 Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Jasmine Jasmine Michael Jasmine
12 Michael Michael Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Allison
11 Megan Alexis Allison Michael Scott Allison Kris Alexis
10 Jorge Scott Scott Allison Megan Scott Matt Michael
9 Scott Jorge Alexis Jorge Alexis Michael Lil Megan
8 Matt Lil Jorge Matt Jorge Adam Jasmine Scott
7 Lil Kris Kris Kris Anoop Anoop Alexis Lil
6 Kris Danny Lil Scott Lil Jorge Megan
5 Adam Anoop Megan Alexis Adam Alexis Anoop Matt
4 Allison Megan Danny Adam Allison Lil Scott Allison
3 Danny Allison Anoop Lil Matt Kris Jorge Danny
2 Anoop Adam Adam Anoop Danny Danny Adam Adam
1 Alexis Matt Matt Danny Kris Matt Danny Kris
\ have to say congratulations to genrocks for winning the MOST number of guesses this year. The lone girl who guessed Kris would win and guess what? He did. You had a great year Gen! Congrats!!!

[Girls Talking Smack]
I have to say that though I'm extremely happy, I was quite shocked. The entire finale was leading up to an Adam win. Complete with really awesome performances from Adam Lambert. He's been nothing but a great performer and though I've been more of a Kris kid, you know Adam deserves the props. From his auditions, you knew Adam was there to beat the rest and he meant business.

My favorite performances were probably his Track of My Tears which I still have on repeat. Just because it was the first time I heard him take it down a notch and just sing. His take on Black or White, Play That Funky Music and Slow Ride just had the enough amount of manic in them and proved that he really can perform the shit out of a song.

I'm sure Adam is going to go far. He's gonna give great live performances and I'm so curious as to what kind of album this guy is gonna have just because you know his vocals are going to shine through. What I really want to do is watch him live. Because that would be one hell of a show for sure. Congratulations Adam! You really are a winner.

[Girls Talking Smack]


And who freaking knew that this cutie would make it all the way to the top?! I mean seriously. I'll quote genrocks's tweet again and say that American Idol! Never underestimate the power of the cutie patootie factor! But really more than being cute, Kris proved he had the artistry to win this thing. While Adam is a performer, Kris is definitely an artist and I'm so excited and looking forward to his first album.

Sure, he'll have the failtastic "No Boundaries" on it, but whatever else he comes up with after that should be fantastic. From the moment I heard him with Man in the Mirror to his closing out with What's Going On (I refuse to say No Boundaries), Kris was consistent and true to himself.

I really enjoyed his upbeat versions of Remember the time (which I still love until now), How Sweet It Is, All She Wants to Do is Dance (which grows on you secretly!), She Works hard for the money (this is how you do it, Jordin!), Come Together (He gave it his own spin without desecrating the song) and of course Heartless which I absolutely adore! Kanye!Love!)

And yet his slower songs were oh so soulful and so wonderful like his I can't believe his country take on To Make You Feel My Love, or his let's drop our panties now please version of Ain't No Sunshine on the piano. Then there was his holy crap he was made for songs like Falling Slowly which I want him to sing at our future wedding together and of course his non-cliche version of The Way You Look Tonight. And even if the judges hated it, I still love his performance of Apologize.

Still in shock, I am. I'm starting to sound like Yoda. But this has definitely been a less than spectacular season of Idol but with the KrAdam finale, it sort of made up for it. It was a win-win no matter what and I'm just happy for them both. See you all some of you in Season 9. That's if I'm still watching then. /of course you will, Patty.
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