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American Idol 8: Finale (Live-Blogging Cause I Can)

[Kris Pics]
7:55 AM It's finally here. Woke up 30 minutes ago and couldn't believe it didn't take me forever to get out of bed. Must be the excitement of watching. I can't believe I'm a little nervous when I shouldn't really care. Hoping for a great show from KrAdam!!!

7:59 AM Here were freaking go! Preparing myself for massive advertising! Hello long commercial breaks

8:00 AM I love it! The boys are in white!!!! Kris looks really good as usual! What's up with the late reaction from the audience?

8:02 AM I'm sure, 624 million votes?!? That's a ton of votes. Do we really need to pay respects?!? But okay. Randy FOR-YOU-FOR-ME Jackson!!! Hilarious!!! That's a great mash-up! And wow, look at the suit!!!

8:04 AM Look! It's Kara Sweetie-Honey DioGuardi. She's such a sweetie. Bad song writing aside, you're still my crush!!!!

8:05 AM Paula Biggest Vocabulary Abdul!!!! Visceral, Palette of what you wearing Hilarious!!!! Oh Paula! Despite your drunk-ness we really love you!

8:06 AM Simon What?! Pardon!? What did you just say? Cowell. brennans You're not alone! I love him Simon too!!!!

8:07 AM Kris's family looks so snazzy!!!! Wifey in yellow!!! Love it. And what's up with the audio?! I can't hear the Idols! It's soooo bad. And it's Mikalah Gordon AGAIN?!?! Is there no other Idol to do this?!?!

8:08 AM OMG! It's Carly!!!!! Where did her accent go?! But Kris looked really cute looking up at the screen.

8:09 AM "So What" by Pink is the first group song. Not a very great vocal performance. Oh crap they're dancing. Everyone's in white. Scott!!! He's dancing!!! This is painful. Lil has long hair!!! OMG! Matt looking so hot in the fedora!!!! Did Lil just kick the screen?!

8:10 AM This is very un-rocksta! OMG! It's Jorge and Megan! And Michael is guidin Scott!!! Really sweet. Jasmine getting her rockstar on. Oh pretty girl, you didn't get much time on the show. Look! Scott remains on stage. Alexis! I miss you!!

8:11 AM First Commercial Break That was exhausting y'all. I guess they were trying for a 'fun' current and relevant opening? So not for me. They looked really good though!

8:14 AM That was David Cook y'all! He was a bartender last year. This year Manila visitor and all around hottie. Oh look at the green lights while he performs "Permanent." They can't kick you out anymore! You're a star cookie!

8:17 AM Still can't believe I saw him perform LIVE under a week ago. Yes it was real Patty. Stop pinching yourself. Did Ryan just ask him indirectly about his brother?! Ryan! Come on. Go Cookie though. Go buy the song!!!

8:19 AM So who do you like, Cookie?! Safe answer my friend. America really can't go wrong. Oh look! Justin Guarini in the audience!!!

8:20 AM I hate Golden Idol Awards. Look Adam! Someone else is doing your song! It's Mad World. Now we know why Adam made it to the finale.

8:22 AM Oh Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle!!! I actually sort of miss this guy. I wonder how things would have gone if he entered the Top 13. Oh wow, Nick won! Pio says he's wearing something underneath!!!! Take it off!

8:24 AM Pio is so right. He had something underneath. Oh look, we get to see Nick perform his favorite song. Watch him writhe on the floor. I love how he goes Norman Gentle '09 in the end. And Ryan, you look really good with that.

8:25 AM Oh damn. It's Lil and Queen Latifah. My favorite girl (Lil) gets the fist duet. "Cue The Rain"? The Queen looks pretty slim!!! Oh wow! looking very very nice!!! Pio said: "Did Keri Hilson put on a fat suit?" And he means this in the very best way because the Queen is s hot!

8:28 AM You know Paula wants to go up there and choreograph this whole thing right. What's up with the arm jabs?! The Queen is hot though. Cannot get over it.

8:29 AM Second Commercial Break I'm hoping for a duet of someone I like next. I can't believe Lil got her very own one.

8:33 AM And we're back! With Anoop!!! Singing "I'm Yours." They really love this song don't they?!? Pamy! Anoop looks really hot with the scruff!!! Oh and there's Alexis! They're too adorbale. ACK! It's Jason Mraz!!! OMG!!!! !@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_

8:35 AM I love you Jason! Let's make lots of babies together! Did he just kiss Alexis?! I'm so jealous!!! So cute!!! He's so cute.

8:36 AM Kara: "Are you the best that's out there?" Kris: "I think there are others who are better out there." So freaking humble! I love you Kris! Definitely likeable! Definitely humble.

8:37 AM Kris with Keith Urban! Who knew Kris would do country so well? Oh wait, he did "To Make You Feel My Love" and did it so well. I want you to "Kiss A Girl" too. Preferably Me!!! He's so at home onstage. He looks like he's just as professional/real as Keith Urban!

8:40 AM I wanna download this song now. They're too cute together. Kris is soooooo good. So in his element with the guitar!!! He looks really good in the pink-ish shirt. Look at him rock it out with Kris!! My heart is melting!!! Officially one of my favorite FINALE performances EVER!!!

8:41 AM Third Commercial Break Now that was a duet! We had Kris and Keith and Jason Mraz. What a gap! I wonder if the rest of the show can live up to that now!

8:44 AM "Glmaorous" I love how Jasmine, ALexis, Lil, Alexis and Megan are trying to look so 'seductive' and sexy. What was up with Megan's outfit and her voice/! Did it just crack?!?! I forgot that these were the ONLY girls on the show! Oh Alexis, I feel bad that you get lumped with the girls.

8:46 AM Damn Fergie looks hot! I mean like really smoking. At least from afar. She has a really good body and I'm not used to the black hair yet. Scratch that. Her face still not my cup of tea, but wow the rest is hot. Well hello "Big GIrls Don't Cry"

8:47 AM Oh Wheee!!! It's the Black Eyed Peas. I really like their albums. I always feel like dancing when they're on. And I don't dance!!! "Boom Boom Pow" is the song according to Pio. How sad that i don't know it. I love the dancers in the back. They look fab!

8:50 AM No more Golden Idols please. Please don't let Bikini Girl win this. Please don't. Please. Oh look it's the girl who can't sing from the derby! Not fun.

8:53 AM Bikini Girl and Ryan reunite!!! Come on, give Ryan a kiss! You know how much he wants one. Did her boobs get bigger!? Yes Randy, her boobs got bigger. Ryan still didn't kiss her back!!!

8:54 AM HOLY CRAP! Apparently new boobs cannot give you a better voice. You know what I want? Kara to strip and sing with her. Battle in the jello! OMG! I'm correct. Yack! Did Kara actually do that?! I was just joking!!! Okay, so you got chops!!! Still no writing talent.

8:55 AM DID I JUST PREDICT SHE'D STRIP?!!? SHE DID!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! WHAT CHARITY EXACTLY?!?! THIS IS BEYOND ME!!! The look on David Cook's face is priceless. He's thinking. Damn they did jump the shark.

8:56 AM Fourth Commercial Break I still am not over Kara stripping. It was a joke, Kara. I didn't think you'd actually do it. OMG. My mind cannot wrap my head around that.

8:59 AM Okay, I thought it was just one hour. I hoped. Oh wow! Allison and Cyndi Lauper with "Time After Time." Now this one looks fabulous. Only Cyndi can pull off playing that instrument with her legs spread apart. She's so fab. Allison, you should have been top 3.

9:03 AM Mommy Allen knows how to read from the script. She's so cute. Daddy Allen really knows how to try like he's not looking at the teleprompter. They're really adorable parents! Parents Lambert seem more natural. Daddy Lambert is really tall.

9:05 AM Danny Gokey tries to do "Hello" by Lionel Richie. I wonder how Cookie is taking this in the audience. Now this is a duet with Cookie that should be done. Cookie did this last year and I don't think anyone can do this as good.

9:06 AM So that's why we had all those 'current' songs beforehand. Because out comes Lionel Richie. Now we're back in the 80s. Gotta love Idol for giving us a mixed bag. /note sarcasm here

9:09 AM Fifth Commercial Break Oh Danny. The fact that you did so well on that song just proves you'll be a Lionel Richie type one day. I wonder which of his kids will turn out like Nicole.

9:14 AM Sorry but why are all the shots of Adam's town close up?! Whereas Kris got the wide shots. Just saying. Just saying. I still like you Adam! I love Randy Travis though. That was hilarious. Whereas Kris is too humble; Adam knows he's got it and I love that too. Confidence is cool boy!

9:17 AM WTF ARE YOU WEARING ADAM?! I can already imagine Adam on tour. It's gonna be a total Madonna-esque wardrobe. Seriously. This guy is out to put a show. Can you already imagine him?! And how apt that he sings with Kiss?! I mean come on, they've practically crowned Adam already. He gets Kisss?!! OMG, he's wearing platform shoes, skinny leather pants and wings!!! WINGS!!!! Is this a more metaphorical butterfly wing?!

9:18 AM I LOVE THIS SONG. HELLO GUITAR HERO!!! This is one of my other favorites other than Slow Ride. Is he doing the entire Guitar Hero catalog?! I-WANNA-ROCK-AND-ROLL-ALL-NIGHT!!! ADAM IS A FREAKING STAR!!!

9:20 AM Sixth Commercial Break Dude, Adam just got crowned Idol. After that performance, it would be weird if Kris won. Not that I'd mind Kris winning but the producers obviously wanted to show everyone what kind of performer Adam could be and with Kiss? Well... it fit.

9:25 AM I can't believe we've got 35 minutes left. Who knew?! Not such a long wait after all. Wait, who's gonna sing with Carlos Santana?! I just yelled at my dad that it's his Idol! And apparently, he switched from the game to watch it too. Oh dad, you're such a closet fan!

9:27 AM OMG! It's Matt G with Santana!!! That was perfect. His five second solo!!! I love you Matt. Oh yeah. Well it's a hot one!!! I love this song!!! Santana with Jorge grinding!!!! Oh munequita!!! Kris so hot!!! Oh Danny, let Kris sing.

9:28 AM Heater Locklear that was an awkward reaction shot. She didn't know what to do with herself perhaps?

9:29 AM I've never seen a Ford music video on TV cause they don't show them here but wow, this was soooo weird. Could they not have shot it together? It's obvious they're not in the same shot. So weird.

9:30 AM OMG! Cookie!!! And KrAdam!!!! This is crazy! I love you Cookie!!! He gave them the cars!!! So cute!!!! I wonder when they shot this!!! Kris needs a new car. So cute. Thank you Ford. That was so scripted I love it!!!

9:31 AM I love how Megan and Michael get Steve Martin?!?! This is so random!!! Who knew he played whatever. This is hilarious. I know it's not meant to be funny but just seeing Steve Martin (with glasses) makes me laugh.

9:33 AM Seventh Commercial Break So Steve does have an album! Safe answer for who's winning too. I wish someone would give their choice and just put it out there.

9:38 AM Ah! The suit-wearing performance. Kris in a suit! Finally!!!! "Do You Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart by the boys of season 8. Yes we want your body, and i think your sexy! So I'm letting you know. Look! Scott is dancing!!

9:39 AM Back to back Anoop and Matt!!! Pamy and I just combusted. I know you're in India, but I feel you. Oh look! Rod Stewart is here too! Carrie's in the audience looking good! I wonder what she's singing and with whom! if she is that is.

9:41 AM Sorry Rod, I like you, but I'm hungry. This is giving me time to sneak in bites of green mango! Look it's Bo Bice! I love how most Idols are there!!! Where's Archie?!

9:44 AM Who was the dude with the bleached hair and in shades!?! WTF?! And yet another Golden Idol. Ladies turn. I want the "through the fire" girl to win. Really. Tatiana should win this. Durrr. Kai Kalama's face there was hilarious. Oh Kai, I wish there was more of you.

9:47 AM Eighth Commercial Break Aww poor Tatiana! I love how she sang it again for the fourth time!!! So hilarious. This girl should have made it to the Top 13 too. Reuben! Look it's Reuben!!! You know this was so planned.

9:52 AM Eight minutes left to this thing. I don't know if they'll take another break. They shouldn't. It's illegal to do that. Kris in a leather jacket is hot. Singing "We Are the Champions" Cliche much? Still hot.

9:53 AM Oh look! Queen is there! I love the guy from Queen with huge hair!!!! Who are all these singers?! Are they all those that didn't make the auditions?! OMG!! JAWGASM. Kris and his profile!!!! Love the scruff. It's your not your curtain call yet!!! Look at the idols behind. They're all probably thinking, I could have been there with Queen not behind them.

9:55 AM Ninth Commercial Break I knew it!!! They just had to do ONE MORE did they?!? Well, it's down to five minutes. They better just announce it now!!!

9:59 AM THIS IS FOLKS. I can't believe we've reached this far. I'm so nervous. It's still an advertisement but by the time it comes back it's just the winner announcement so I guess this is it!!! Thanks for reading!

10:00 AM Simon thinks they're brilliant and incredibly nice. I don't know who they want anymore. Adam still, but you never know. Kris is just soooo sweet. Look at the boys look so nervous. 100 Million votes!!!


So freaking humble!!! I love how he mentioned Adam and just couldn't believe he won. Kris is so in shock. He's speechless. I love him! I love it!!! So sweet. He's always including everyone else!!! So sweet. I'm freaking floored. They did a man hug. So sweet. This is too much

10:04 AM Simon didn't stand up for Kris. Hmmm... I'm still in shock. I can't believe he has to sing this song though. Craptastic song. Look at his wife, she can't believe it either. OMG. I'm so proud. I can't believe he made it this far. I'm sure Adam has a fabulous career ahead.

10:05 AM Yay for Simon shaking Kris's hand. WTF is Lil doing beside him?!? I want it to be Adam next to him!!! This is the biggest shocker on Idol! I love it! Go Kris!!!
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