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American Idol 8: Top 2 (Lord Please Let Them Have Some Boundaries)

And then there were Two[Kris Pics]
I can hardly believe that tomorrow marks the END of Season 8. This season is possibly the fastest season to date with the least emotional attachment from me and well it sort of shows.

I don't know how I'll be handling Season 9 because this season though it had its share of ups definitely had its downs. And maybe I'm just getting older but the show too is getting old and it's starting to show its cracks.

And so, the top 2 gave America their last ditch effort to win the coveted crown and did they perform up to par? Well they sort of did, but it didn't feel like the last performance for me cause it felt so sedate.

I appreciate the non-manic performances but I was hoping for at least an upbeat song each. I guess you really can't have it all.

Round 1: Encore Performance // Let's Hear it Again

From all the songs that Adam Lambert ever performed, I'm sure he could have found a peppier one than Mad World. Not that he didn't do it well. He did. I just felt that because his second choice was a slow one, it would be nice to remind the audience that he's a total performer and can do the fast song too. I wish he'd done Bohemian Rhapsody or something faster.

That being said, what is up with his The Matrix-Neo outfit? I'm not sure what he's going for but with the pimp smoke that filled the stage and the crazy ass lighting and the entrance at the top of the stairs, I wasn't quite sure what to make of his performance. His vocals were good of course and only Adam could pull off something like that, but I couldn't help but snicker. This was waaay too serious for me.

Then came Kris Allen with his encore of Ain't No Sunshine and I'm not going to complain cause this was one of his best performances. Though it would have been nice to see him do Falling Slowly or To Make You Feel My Love again, I'm so not complaining with the song choice.

In fact, Anytime Kris and the piano are together? It's love love love. He just felt so at home there and the performance didn't feel forced or like he was putting on an act. It was just organic and natural. Plus check out that profile. That jaw and the scruff? Jaw-gasm. With vocal that were flawless, I say Kris, we better make some babies now!

VERDICT: Round 1 belongs to Kris Allen. He had the better song choice and it just felt like he was really comfortable with what he was doing. Though Adam was good too, Adam's felt more stage-y and a bit too contrived.

Round 2: Producer's Choice Performance // How Old Is Mr. Fuller?

When exactly was Simon Fuller born? Because his song choices, though obvious 'classics,' just felt a little too damn old. I like old songs, but come on, let's be relevant and current this season. With that, Adam Lambert brought the guns out with his take on Change Is Gonna Come. I really love this song and Adam totally did it justice.

Again, I wish he'd done one upbeat number. I'm not used to NOT seeing him without his medication thrashing onstage. But wait, ok I take it back. Even with a slow song, he did enough thrashing with this one. He's feeling it. He's really feeling this song and it shows. I also prefer this outfit. And that last note? I think he left the entire audience breathless as he took the air from their lungs too.

You know how Simon always said that Jason Castro felt like was performing in his dorm room? Well that's sort of what Kris Allen did with What's Going On. I can't say I can blame him because with a song choice like that, I don't know how bombastic or non-dorm room-y he can do with it.

Still, Kris + guitar = Sex. I really do love this song and it brings me back to that All Star Tribute back in 01. This just really feels like the kind of record Kris is going to make and I'm so excited to hear the rest of it. His casual outfits also make him look more relaxed. I wonder how he'd look in a suit.

VERDICT: I love you Kris, but Adam took this one. His song choice was spectacular and he did the most with it. This just shows how much vocal prowess Adam has and just how he can turn any song into 'his own.' He really owned this one.

Round 3: "No Boundaries Performance // Time To Skin Kara

And I like you Kara, you know I do. Ever since day 1. Though you had haters, I tried to stick by you. But wow, this song. It's just cheestastic. I know song writing is a difficult game and I'm not at all equipped to do the same, but honey, was there nothing else?!

Adam Lambert's take on it was able to bring out the mechanical clapping in the audience and I just gotta give it to himf or that. You can see Adam go all out with the facial contortions on this one as it is the last time he'll be able to charm America with those expressions. And with all the purple from the lights to he background to the smoke or whatever, I conclude that Adam Lambert is the new PRINCE!!!

On the other hand, Kris Allen does get the purple lights too but he doesn't feel like Prince to me. He's got a more 'alternative' vibe to his and I'm liking it, but it looks like he was struggling with the song. Was the range too high? I can't tell these things. I don't blame him thought, this isn't exactly the best song. I wish he'd have played an instrument. I'm not used to seeing him without something in his hands.

VERDICT: Draw? I can't decide. The craptastic song distracted me from making any real decisions. I just read that and realized it's not like I ever really make real decisions on this show.

Goodbye Season 8, for now

And so the sort of underwhelming top 2 performances are over and though Dial Idol and every other prediction points in Adam's favor, I'm still sort of holding out for Kris Allen. They both deserve to be there and Adam is amazing but my bias lies with Kris if I had to choose.

Still, if Adam does win, I don't think Kris will be getting such a bad deal. So tomorrow, when they're announcing/rigging the results to whomever's favor, I don't think I'll be as nervous as I was last year. Nothing can beat that.

And with that, I end my season 8 recapping. It was definitely a season of not-so-exciting performances but one that definitely had its memorable moments. I wonder how I'll be live-blogging tomorrow without Pamy's voice in my ear. Good luck to Kris and Adam. And just for safety

Kris Allen is my American Idol

You just never freaking know right? These blinkies worked before, they might work again now! The secret Patty, you gotta think the secret!

Poll #1402864 Top 2 Performances

Who Had The Better Encore Performance?

Adam Lambert - Mad World
Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine

Who Had The Better Producer's Choice Performance?

Adam Lambert - Change Is Gonna Come
Kris Allen - What's Going On

Who Had The Better "No Boundaries" Performance?

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen

Who Should Win American Idol?

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen

Over-all, tonight's performances were

Very Good

It's One or the Other Now
  1. Kris Allen
  2. Adam Lambert
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