Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Rob Does the Cannes Cannes Cannes!

Bonjour Cannes![Pattinson Daily]
You know you've made it HUGE when even in a foreign country, people literally flock to see you. And that's exactly what happened when Mr. Pattinson dropped by the Cannes Film Festival. The movies he's there for aren't even out yet and yet he's getting a TON of press already.

From the moment he leaves Vancouver to his landing in Nice to every feel-up his bodyguard has given him, there is someone taking his picture. And though this is expected, you can't help but give it to Rob for keeping that smile on his face even if he's being assaulted.

And haters can hate and say it's his job, but he could be pouting but instead he gives the girls what they want. That smile and some chest hair and of course the hair grab. I can't wait to see Remember Me and Unbound Captives cause by the interviews he's given at Cannes, those should be fab!

Oh Lookie! The Airport's Full!

He Can Go Out In the Sun!

Looking Really Pretty By The Water

Getting Felt Up By His "bodyguard"

I can't wait till the movies he's supposed to do actually come out cause then the press for that would be even crazier. Oh what a difference a hit teen vampire movie can make for someone. I really hope he's happy with his career cause the perils that come with it couldn't be that enjoyable.
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