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Gossip Girl 02x25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl

The New Queen[Gossip Girl Fan]
Because up until 1:30 am of Wednesday morning, my Gossip Girl download still hasn't completed. However, thanks to the wonders of streaming, I was able to catch the episode early this morning but kept putting off my recap cause of the lack of caps. I'll have to do without the caps for now. EDIT: Picpsam is FINALLY up!

This season's finale had a whatever A plot (involving S and Gossip Girl) but it's B plot sure did make up for an entire season of Chuck/Blair angst. I don't know how they're going to do it next season, but I'm hoping for more Chuck/Blair happiness.

S Tries (and Fails) to take Gossip Girl Down
Oh B and S! You girls are too adorable. Not too hot about what S is wearing to graduation. I love what B has on though. It feels so much more appropriate. And who knew S was Gossip Girl's first blast in the 9th grade! I wonder what it was about!

It would have been more fun if D wasn't just excluded out of careless mistake but was totally dropped from the list! that way, he stays in high school and won't have to worry about not having enough money to go to Yale!!! Still can't get over how S's dress looks underneath her green toga. Not good.

Gossip Girl: Nate Archibald: Class Whore. Dan Humphrey: The Ultimate Insider. Chuck Bass: Coward. Blair Waldorf: Weakling. Serena Van Der Woodsen: Officially Irrelevant. I love GG! Way to put Serena in her place. And did the headmistress not hear all those ringing of cellphones?! I swear it's called SILENT folks!

I love how no one wants to mess with Gossip Girl either. Everyone cares about their own asses and because B and C could care less, it looks like S is all alone. So funny how she's really caring about this so much.

S is sooo funny trying her hardest to get people to rally behind her on this bring down GG scheme. Even Dan doesn't give a care. He usually cares about EVERYTHING. S! This is a sign that you should totally drop this. Oh and did V just say the party was lame?! Wow, she's so above this UES thing now huh?

The Non-Judgmental breakfast Club all seated in the steps of the stair is such a cute visual!!! I love their little pow wow. I swear these kids will do anything for Serena. Why are they even helping her do this?! I love how they all look though.

I love how Nelly Yuki is a probably suspect to be Gossip Girl. Obviously GG can't be Jonathan! Oh S! You're not as smart as you think. On the other hand, who knew Jonathan was a geeky guy! I love it. So Eric's into nerds too! So cute. I can imagine Eric being so supportive of Jonathan's breaking into GG.

I love how GG is totally blaming everything on Serena. I mean sure she doesn't really deserve this onslaught of anger, but it's funny how petty and vindictive GG can be. I mean why care who she is, S?!? Just cause she thinks you're about to be irrelevant!?! Oh dear.

Go B and C! Go blame it on S! I love it! It's funny how N and D are the only ones to defend S! Then again, they did have some feelings for her. And Nelly Yuki. You're too funny when you're drunk! I wish you were drunk in every episode so I could stand you more.

I love how Nate really cares about what S is feeling. Thank goodness he's talking some sense into her. Unfortunately, I don't think she's gonna listen. You know what would be interesting? Nate and Serena for realz in season 3. That's the only love team they haven't tried to rehash for real.

Nate is so funny! Everyone that comes through the door, he ACTUALLY considers to be Gossip Girl!!! S doesn't want to be irrelevant! Dude, who knew she was so insecure!?! I swear that is the bottom line to all of this!? Lame, dude. Lame. Drinks on Serena! I wish I were there! Oh look! B and S are making up! These two can't stay mad at each other for long.

So that's what Serena was doing with Carter in Santorini! Looking for Keith Van Der Woodsen!!! I wonder who'll be playing Crazy Derek (from Valley Girls) when he grows up! And yet more drama for Lily and Rufus to face in the fall.

N and V sort of kiss and make-up
V, your fishing skills are horrible. So much for smoothly segueing into B and N's break-up. You should have just asked him point blank. And look at them! They're civilized!!! D is such a gatecrasher. He totally just got himself invited. Still haven't changed.

Granpda Vanderbilt is hialrious! I love how he's happy about Nate sleeping with an older woman who was married until he finds out his grandson was paid for it. yes grandpa, your grandson is a whore. So much for supporting him no matter what. The look on Grandpa's face totally changed.

Oh Nate. He's such a manwhore even the deputy wants him. And did he just totally invite himself backpacking?! It took me awhile to figure out who Scott was! OMG! It's Rufus's son! Glad to know that V and N are sort of back on. He better work harder to win her though. Don't drink too much in Vienna V! Don't give in to the pretty!!!

The New Queen J
Nelly: What would high school be without hierarchy? Jenny: Bearable. A nice place to spend time? I swear I'm so happy we get some E with more than a few lines this episode!!! And I really do hate Nelly Yuki and company. All I care about in this scene is E looking very very cute! Emma Fordham can go DIAF! Not pretty enough honey.

How convenient that Jonathan broke into GG's site when Jenny needs the best gossip to be Queen next year. But would Little J actually really want to abolish the monarchy?! I doubt it! I have a feeling she's gonna be using and abusing it too. Or maybe not.

How sweet of Jenny to tell Blair about the gossip she knows on Blair. Who knew Jenny was such a my little moral compass Jr. to her brother Dan. Telling Blair about was really nice, but nice girls never finish first. At least not in the UES. Jenny: Bring me your leader. This felt like she was going to get abducted by aliens or something.

Little J's not even going to use the gossip she had?! She's even straighter than Dan! This girl is the real moral compass of the show. And just how ridiculous does Emma Fordham look! I'm so not feeling her. Please don't make her a regular cast next season. Please no.

J is B's choice! That was so sweet. In fairness to Jenny. She's totally become a bit less annoying than when she first started 'acting out' and all. Blair: Forget boys. Keep your eyes on the prize. You can't make people love you but you can make them fear you. Oh noes, it looks like J's going to reign Constance after all!

Hail Queen J! Blair: She is nothing if punctual. I'm loving the foreign queen! And yes, technically J is going to be rich. I wonder if her wardrobe will change or if she's still going to be dressing funky.

L and R a bunch of overgrown teenagers
Cyrus and Eleanor are the cutest things ever! I love how 'uncomfortable' Lily and Rufus are. But you know what, these kids need to just suck it up and get over it because it's funny how their drama is much lamer than their kids love lives! Come on guys, you're the adults! This should be nothing for you! Talk it out.

Oh Lily and Rufus! Thank goodness you at least said what your problem was because even I couldn't figure out what you've been fighting over. Rufus just needs to ask lily to marry him now. Cause they won't stop this dance until she's got husband number 5.

Lily feels old! That's cause you sort of are, sweetheart! Of course she goes to Rufus though! These two are so adorable WHEN they're not fighting. Rufus: What's in the bag? Lily: I found it in Chuck's room. Rufus: Then I bet it's good! This made me laugh so hard just because it's definitely good cause it's from Chuck. However, what is Lily doing going through Chuck's stuff!? Such a mom already.

FINALLY! Finally he asks her to marry him! I don't know how long this is going to last considering Rufus is gonna be Lily's FIFTH husband. But hey, they can't really divorce them next season right? OMG. Are Dan and Serena going to be step siblings too?!? This is gonna be weird!!!!

Oh noes! The Humphreys have moved in! I love the look on Eric's face with the waffle maker! It's like he's never seen one before. oh right. he lives in a hotel! He doesn't need a waffle maker. Do they still live in the Plaza!?!

Oh D, Already Missing High School
Rufus giving Dan advice Obi Wan Kenobi style? Oh the Star Wars references! Only this really corny father-son duo can pull that off. Who knew Rufus would be forcing Dan to go to parties?!

Nelly Yuki confessing her love for Dan at the party is priceless. I love how Dan was so confused about it and how he couldn't seem to wrap his head around the fact that Nelly has a crush on him. They'd actually look cute together.

Oh look! Dan's already reminiscing high school and he only graduated a week ago. I love how he mentions how close Chuck's face is to anyone he speaks too. It adds to the impact Dan. It adds to the Chuck Bass mystique. And look! It's your brother!!! Or half brother at least!

And Scott has a secret! He knows about his parents! Oh great. Looks like there's more drama up ahead for Lily and Rufus. I hope Scott isn't demented or crazy or anything. And I hope he doesn't fall for Serena cause that would just be wrong on so many levels.

G! G got Dan's money back!!! So is he still going to Yale then?! BUT LOOKIE!!! Georgina and Blair as roommates?!?! This is going to be a fabulous way to start season 3!!! Will Blair be dorming though?! Either way, that should be freaking fun!

C Finally Tells B the Three Words, Eight Letters
Blair:The problem isn't his feelings It's his inability to tell the right person. Right on sister. Let Chuck tell you himself! It's funny how she asks S if she's told C about her breaking up with N. Leave it to B to expect her best friend to fill her step-brother on the details of her love life.

Blair: Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. Chuck: Have you been looking? [Pause] How are you? Blair: I'm fine. No, I'm great. But I could be better! I was wonddering if you hear that I... I'm so happy high school's over! Oh B! Why'd you chicken out. The way C was looking at you though, I swear I can see the love coming out of his eyes!!!! Get together already please!

Blair: I mean so what if I'm not going to Yale and you got incarcerated and i can't talk to Chuck cause I'm afraid he'll hurt me again... What a mouthful! Only B can get away with saying this and still come off adorable and non-creepy.

Yes Chuck! Blair and Nate broke up! It's time to rally the forces and plan your get-Blair-back strategy. I love how Nate is so nonchalant about it all. Obviously he didn't really love Blair and those 2 episodes where they were so in love was sooo useless. They were cute though, but totally plot fodder.

Awww. Mother-daughter bonding. SO cute. I haven't seen Eleanor talk to Blair in a non-condescending way every since Thanksgiving. how sweet of her to encourage Blair. She looks really good in that dress too. The last time they were in front of a mirror together, Eleanor was so putting B down. I swear Cyrus is such a good influence. I love him.

Blair: What do you think about my coat? Chuck: I like it. Why?</i> I swear these two are sooooo freaking hot together. I love the look on Chuck's face as he realizes what the hell Blair is doing. I would so be laughing if I were Leighton cause the way Ed does his 'sexy' voice is hilarious but somehow freaking hot. It's too bad they get interrupted by GG to get to the important part.

Chuck and Blair's confrontation on the dance floor over Jack and Vanessa are hilarious! You can totally see that Chuck is offended by this, but it's not like he didn't do the dirty with Vanessa either. I love how Blair is totally dissing V like she's not even there. Only B can get away with this.

Blair: We're just doing what we always do. Finding excuses. Well I won't do it anymore. I know you told Serena you loved me. GO BLAIR. Go and assert yourself. I'm glad you finally came to your senses. I can't believe it took you 25 episodes though. The way she's asking Chuck to tell her he loves her was so desperate and sad, I can't help but feel for her. Oh Blair, he loves you. He's really just a coward.

Blair saying that everyone is at the party when you know she's so missing Chuck. Look at him look so sad outside!!!! Oh Chuckles! Don't be so sad! We've got 9 minutes left this episode, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

B looks so sad pining after Chuck in France, Germany and Italy! She's too adorable! And the gift she gave S? Super funny! How did she get the mug shot? I won't ask. But so sweet. You're not a failure, B! I love you!!!!

Chuck: I was in Paris only to get your favorite macaroons. Blair: And Germany? Chuck: To get your favorite stockings. you know how I adore them. THESE TWO ARE TOO FREAKING CUTE. EVEN IF I SAW SPOILER SHOTS OF THEM KISSING BEFORE I STILL CAN'T GET OVER HOW CUTE THEY ARE NOW. AND BLAIR ASKING HIM TO SAY IT MORE THAN ONCE/?! TOO ADORABLE. I hope they last for more than an episode next season!!!!
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