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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Saved by Hugh Hotness Jackman[All Movie Photos]
It's probably a known fact that I enjoy all sorts of movies and am possibly the easiest audience member to have. I appreciate everything. That being said, I watched Wolverine (finally) with my siblings yesterday and well, I guess I didn't know what to expect.

I liked the X-Men movies and I really did enjoy them for all their popcorn movie qualities. I know that this wasn't meant to win an Oscar, and I knew I wasn't expecting groundbreaking script, but I guess I was just hoping for a little more. More what? I'm not quite sure exactly.

More Hugh Jackman ripped and weighing 300 pounds of muscle? Maybe not, though I'm sure jamypye wants more buck naked Hugh.

I think maybe I should have watched this before watching Star Trek or Angels & Demons so that my summer movie marathon at the cinemas wouldn't feel quite so anticlimactic.

And the Critics Say

Freaking Ripped. I swear his body filled the screenPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
Connie Ogle of the Miami Herald said
Whether this journey to the past was necessary is definitely up for debate: Wolverine's history turns out to be only moderately interesting and not terribly surprising.
I guess the main problem for me was the script. It wasn't exactly fantastic or ground breaking. The fact that we get to see how Wolverine became Wolverine was a good thing, but was it something we didn't know already? Or was it something we actually wanted to know. Cause when the end credits rolled, I didn't really feel like I knew any more about him. Other than the fact that he's totally ripped and has fought in a gazillion wars.

Jason Buchanan of TV Guide said
From a non-fanboy perspective, it has some exciting action and colorful characters; unfortunately, the special effects vary from impressive to embarrassing.
I'm not going to insult the CGI cause lord knows I have no talent in that department at all, but I guess I was expecting more. A lot more. This is supposed to be one of those big budget films ($150M at that) so I was hoping that they could do better especially when the young mutants ran into the forest clearing where Professor X had his helicopter! Come on! You can do better than that!

Keith Phipps of The Onion said
A couple of halfway decent action scenes do little to distract from the story’s mounting ludicrousness--two words: adamantium bullets--or a conclusion that’s only a little more satisfying than a projector breakdown. Maybe.
Obviously we know Wolverine ain't going to die in this movie as it is an origin story therefore there must be a present Wolverine and yet knowing this fact, I still wasn't hooked enough to follow through on the story. I have to admit I fell asleep after Wolverine meets Gambit and I'm shocked cause I actually think Gambit's hot! I shouldn't fall asleep.

Thank God for those Hotties

So many pretty boys, so little timePhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
Not that it was a completely horrendous movie. Because it wasn't. It did have it's high points and those high points come in the form of the very very very hot male cast. Yes male, because the females in this movie DO NOTHING FOR ME. Sorry Logan's secret-mutant-girlfriend. I do not in any way find you appealing to me.

  • James "Wolverine" Logan: I don't know how Hugh Jackman did it but he was extremely pumped in this film. I felt like he was the Amazing Hulk just by looking at him. Their close-ups of his face always had some neck in it and damn there wasn't a single muscle in his body that wasn't super duper muscular. Whoa.

  • Victor "Sabertooth" Creed: Freaks me out, I tell you. I just wanted to kill him the moment he showed up which means he's pretty damn effective if he made me hate his character so much.

  • Remy "Gambit" LeBeau: I remember when were kids we'd play X-Men-X-Men (yes you repeat things twice in our house to make it a game. Like say, Office-Office -- no idea why we would want to play that! or Bahay-Bahayan, but I digress) and I distinctly remember one of my brothers wanting to play Gambit (I think it was _lexizzle). My only orientation with Gambit is from the cartoon series so seeing Taylor Kitsch bring him to life was pretty hot. I don't watch Friday Night Lights but now, I sort of want to because of him. His minimal appearances were a draw for me.

  • Wade "Weapon XI/Deadpool" Wilson: Scarlett sure is lucky to be married to him. Ryan Reynolds is totally growing on me and he was so adorable in this one when in Wade Wilson mode. As Deadpool, I was freaked out. His mouth-less face isn't exactly something I wanna stare at.

  • David "Agent Zero" North: OMG! Daniel Henney's gone Hollywood!!!! I swear I still remember salivating over him in Spring Waltz when he was the only character I understood cause everyone else was speaking korean and I hadn't installed the subtitles yet. I was surprised at how much screen time he got. I didn't know he was that much part of the movie! And I'm so not complaining about it. I wish he took his shirt off too though.

  • I found the rest of the cast fairly entertaining especially Dominic Monaghan and Kevin Durand as the Blob. I wish there was more Dominic cause his character was fun! And I want there to be more Cyclops, but it's not his origins, so okay, I forgive them.

    Over-all, I wouldn't say this movie is made of FAIL cause it isn't. The hotness of the characters pull through for it. But as a whole, I wouldn't say it was one of the movies that I'd want to see again. But sign me up for Hugh Jackman without his pants anytime.

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