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So Tell Me You Can Hear These Words Tonight

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The schedule that I so followed last week was so destroyed this week with me constantly staying up reading crack fiction and waking up late and going out instead of staying in and just not following any pattern, which for someone as anal as me, gets to me, but in hindsight, I really shouldn't be caring about it at all. That's what summer is all about, right? Not caring.

On the non-job-hunt front, I got some scary-ish news that some companies are freeze hiring due to the economic situation. It kinda scares me that when I do start looking for a job, there might not be one out there for me. Just thinking. I keep telling myself not to think about it yet but I can't help it. </end> It's still summer. I'll try to remember that.


[+] Woke up late this morning and finished Mansfield Park. I love the book and though I like it, I wish I saw more of Edmund and Fanny professing their love for each other. It's always so long in the start and then hurried in the end.

[+] Watched Big Trouble and it was a pretty funny film. Zooey was really cute in it with her blonde bob. Very very 90s. I also started to read City of Ashes. I can't get over how they're siblings.

[-] Rained really hard I was getting scared with the lightning and thunder. The trees were swaying pretty scarily and then it brightened up really quickly. So weird.


[+] It didn't rain at all today. But a tree got uprooted. And that tree wasn't very young. I hate storms for that reason.

[+] Watched Bright Young Things -- this British drama/comedy of sorts and it was pretty good. Emily Mortimer was the lead and there was some James McAvoy too!

[+] Finished reading City of Ashes. I have to stop myself from reading City of Glass already because it's the last book and I'm trying so hard to make this last longer. I can't believe there are only 3 books.


[-] Fail of a morning, as I find out that David Archuleta is having a 'meet-and-greet' in Mall of Asia (far away). I actually drive in the rain to get there so Pamy can have an autographed CD only to find out mid traffic that it is merely a scream-and-stare. I drive home instead as I refuse to go all the way to MoA with no hug from Archie.

[-] Try reading some Emma but fall asleep as I am exhausted from driving in hella traffic.

[+] Wake up and read fic instead till god knows what time in the morning. I also bite my lip REALLY REALLY hard that I start bleeding profusely from my lip. Grossness. It won't stop.


Not quite the shopaholic[me]
[+] Wake up extra early to find out that Kris Allen made it to Idol!!!! So freaking happy. It's like he already won the finale for me!

[+] My mom decides to treat us kids to lunch at Sbarro as she is craving deep dish pizza. I happen to be in the same mall that David Cook is having his version of the scream-and-stare but I dont' bother going cause based on Archie's, if I wasn't going to get a hug, I'm gonna save myself for the concert.

[+] Went shopping instead of stalking David Cook. I'm not much of a shopper but I did need some stuff and I ended up buying a dress (which I don't really need)! I wish I had more money and things were cheaper. Yeah right.

[-] Finally saw that Bones finale and wow. Well so much for progress on this show! That was a gazillion steps backward. I'm so sad. Still, lots of cutesy scenes when taken out of context. Then again, the entire episode was out of context.


[-] Woke up late today even if I slept early which I blame on my phone dying on me thus having no alarm clock! I hate not waking up.

[-] This led to me not watching a movie and instead reading fic late into the afternoon when I should be reading my book. Oh fic will be the death of me. I took a nice long nap though. I love naps. I always fall asleep reading, so this isn't something out of the ordinary.


Give me some cookie!Photo courtesy of me
[-] I've been sleeping later and waking up after a few hours. I had a terrible dream too, but I can't remember the details. I hate bad dreams.

[+] Got caught up in fic again and so I spent the entire day just reading and listening to Cook and Archuleta before the concert.

[+] The David Cook/David Archuleta Concert was so utterly fabulous. I can't stop raving really. Plus seeing Ana and her sisters after the show was an added treat. Sure I was dizzy and my head was throbbing but I had so much fun.


[+] Managed to make it to the 8am mass despite sleeping at like 4 am so I'm kind of proud of myself. Sure, I couldn't really sing as I lacked the voice (damn my voice -- it's always the first to go).

[+] Headed to Trinoma to watch the first show of Angels and Demons. I loved the book and loved the movie even more. Despite my lack of sleep, I was totally awake the entire time.

[+] Fell asleep when I got home though and spent the afternoon napping (again) in the living room. This is becoming a habit.

[+] Watched Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo's wedding on TV and it was so pretty. I don't think I've seen a wedding where the groom and bride were that happy. They just kept smiling and laughing and it was so sweet. They're so adorable.
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