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Angels and Demons

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I don't mind watching movies alone and it seems like 2009 is the year of going to the cinemas by myself just because I really want to watch a movie. And for Angels and Demons -- which I've been waiting for since The Da Vinci Code? I don't mind at all.

I read the book a gazillion years ago and I enjoyed it more than I did Da Vinci Code so I was really psyched to see the movie come to life. I can't wait for The Lost Symbol to be published either, but I digress.

The film obviously takes place in the Vatican (so freaking pretty to look at) and seeing Italy in all its glory only made me more excited about seeing New Moon with all the shoots in Italy (again I'm digressing).

So after trooping to Trinoma to see the 1st showing on a Sunday morning, I have to say that going alone again was so worth it.

Cause The Critics Always Have A Say

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James Berardinelliof the Reel Views said
Of course, the problem with Angels & Demons is that to get to the final 40 minutes, it's necessary to endure the first 90, and that would be defined as cruel and unusual punishment.
I wouldn't call it cruel and unusual punishment because though long, the movie is pretty jampacked with craziness. It just doesn't stop. I felt exhausted watching it, in a good way that is, because there's SO MUCH going on that I was glad I read the book cause I had some sort of idea what was coming up. Not that it was difficult to understand because it was pretty blatant but just so much to process.

Michael Sragow of the Baltimore Sun said
Unlike Nicolas Cage in "National Treasure," Hanks lacks the game for it. The surface seriousness of these Dan Brown movies obstructs his affability and easy, attentive way with romance.
I have to say that I LOVE National Treasure and though Tom Hanks may not be my ideal Robert Langdon, my brain is too occupied by the fact that his Speedo swimming shots didn't actually make me want to vomit to really hate on him. Because he actually looked pretty good swimming that lap pool. Not that that's the entire basis of my bias for this movie but I was fairly shocked to see he wasn't in such bad shape!

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said
This kind of film requires us to be very forgiving, and if we are, it promises to entertain. Angels & Demons succeeds.
That I am. I am the easiest moviegoer to please and so this movie was highly entertaining for me. Though I could see why haters would hate and critics would critique. But I loved the book so much, that the movie couldn't do much to revolt me despite it's mini-deviations from the book which I thought weren't so harmful.

Let's Get Our Squee On

Perfect for their return.Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • First off, I have to say that OTHER than Tom Hanks all the other men in this movie were pretty freaking hot. Maybe I sorely lack crushes in my life right now but everyone was so damn appealing in their own way. Let me count the ways...

  • Ewan-I-look-really-damn-good-in-the-black-outfit-so-now-I've-cornered-the-looking-hot-in-tunics-of-all-colors-like-Jedi-costumes-department-McGregor: Sure, they made the Sicilian Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca into the Irish Patrick McKenna, but I could really care less. When I think Ewan, I think my sister Pamy (She's liked him since we were in grade school!). But now when I think Ewan, I think HOT HOT HOT priest. The demeanor he had throughout the entire film? That silent, let's go to confession now vibe he got! Totally hot. I could go on and on and on about his hotness during the film, but I'll stop at that.

  • Stellan-Mamma-Mia-did-not-do--me-justice-so-instead-here's-my-straight-laced-devout-Catholic-policeman-hotness-Skarsgård as Commander Richter, the head of the Swiss Guard was for some reason really attractive to me. I like the fact that he was the 'resistance' in the beginning of the movie -- all stoic and not bending to Langdon's presence. But somehow, everytime he came on screen being all powerful over the Swiss Guard and looking snazzy in the suits, I was just floored.

  • Pierfrancesco-I-look-so-hot-with-my-scruff-but-I-can-pull-off-the-clean-shaven-look-too-if-you-want-Favino was Inspector Ernesto Olivetti of the Gendarme Corps of Vatican City State. And though I wish there was MORE of this guy, I really appreciate his good guy, progressive attitude to protecting the Vatican. Then he'd speak Italian in that accent and I wish I were locked up with him in one of those Conclaves minus the cardinals. So hot.

  • Nikolaj-I-don't-sweat-even-when-killing-four-old-men-while-my-eyeglasses-and-hair-stay-flawless-Lie Kaas played Mr. Gray, the baddie assassin and totally trumps Silas in the looks department because man was hot even when doing horrible things to these cardinals. I love how he had no qualms about shooting ANYONE ANYWHERE. You could be a nun and he would shoot you in the middle of a procession. That ruthless and surprisingly really hot.

  • Thure-you-know-you-want-to-get-stuck-in-a-lose-all-your-oxygen-room-with-me-Lindhardt, who plays Chartrand of the Swiss Guard, and though shouldn't be really classified as hot, he was adokrably cute in that I wanna fluff your hair kind of way. And when he was all bad-ass with his gun trying to protect the Camerlengo (in vain), he was kinda tough-hot.

  • Ayelet-hot-enough-to-be-a-Bond-girl-Zurer as Vittoria Vetra was really pretty. I swear I wish I were this hot and this good in science. It's an explosive combination. And though there wasn't much time spent dwelling on her losing her dad or the total absence of Maximilian Koehler in CERN, the movie was pretty good all things considered.

  • Not to mention the sweeping views of Vatican City. This movie is a really good tourist advertisement for the Vatican -- not that I didn't know it was pretty before, but even more so now. I also laughed at the inclusion of the media and how they seemed to skew everything that actually happened. I'm not going to go into the meaning of that or whatever but this movie was definitely a fun watch.

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