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Come Back to Manila, Cookie and Archie!!!

Crummy Camera[me]
Season 7 of American Idol just won't go away. Even a year later, Pamy and I found ourselves at the SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds for one of the best concerts I've seen ever. Not that I've seen a ton, but this was definitely memorable and super enjoyable.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that David Cook and David Archuleta were in the same country, breathing the same air and singing for us live! And what a concert it was. It started nearly on time which is a feat and Archie came out right away followed by fireworks and then Cookie! I wish it could have gone longer, but with around 15 songs each, it wasn't a bad deal at all.

It's Archie![Des Sebastian]

Archie's Set List

[+] Touch My Hand ♥ Opening with this we were really shocked he just came out and started singing! I was surprised!!!
[+] Barriers
[+] A Little Too Not Over You ♥ The crowd didn't sit down the entire time but they went wild and were really singing along to this
[+] You Can ♥ I just love this song so much so I was just screaming at the top of my lungs
[+] My Hands ♥ Archie's spiels were so not scripted and it was adorable how he introduced this song as: ummm... another song about hands! My Hands!
[+] Your Eyes Don't Lie
[+] To Be With You: He finally started with the piano and wow he's so good!
[+] Don't Let Go
[+] Waiting for Yesterday
[+] Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls ♥ I love how he couldn't even say the lyric that said "suicidal." Too nice. It was like the MTRCB were watching or something. So freaking wholesome.
[+] A Thousand Miles ♥ It's the first song he learned to play and wow he's really good!
[+] Angels ♥ Still at the piano, Archie really looked comfortable and was so at ease there playing and singing. And his voice!
[+] Zero Gravity
[+] Crush ♥ Obviously he had to sing this one and it was kinda sad cause it would mean his set was done. Great energy though and he was just so happy and looked kind of overwhelmed by the amount of people but he was really really great on stage and even if he kept singing his voice was so perfect and he was such a sweetheart. I wanted to put him in my pocket and keep him there forever!!!! Gaspy! ILU!!!

I LOVE SEASON 7Photo courtesy of Des Sebastian
There was a mini-break in between the Archie and Cookie and it was really short just enough time for the band to set up. It was a good thing there were fireworks to distract the audiences though. I love how there were no annoying hosts either. I hate those.

I love the no nonsense production too. Archie and Cookie came out and did their thing without any fuss from the usual VJs or DJs or whatnot. It was singing for an hour each and that's what the fans came to pay for anyway.

Archie looked so cute in his plaid short sleeved shirt with a tie while Cookie looked his usual rugged handsome with that scruff that I wanted to touch and his bangs that I wanted to fix when it got sweaty. Ack.

I was afraid that because the crowd were cheering really wildly for Archie that people would be less enthusiastic for Cookie but I shouldn't have worried at all because people were just as rabid and fanatical with the screams and singing along and dancing and bobbing the heads and clapping to Cookie.

It's hard to believe that two extremely different concerts took place one after the other because everyone that was there for Archie were there for Cookie too and it felt like just ONE concert instead of TWO different ones.

AND I TOTALLY FORGOT: BUT ARCHIE'S BASSIST ALEX WAS REALLY REALLY HOT. HE WAS IN WHITE PANTS AND THIS LONG SLEEVED BLACK TOP AND HE HAD A RED BASS GUITAR AND WAS DOING THE DIRTIEST THINGS EVER TO THAT GUITAR. I WAS LIKE WHOAAAAAA!!! WHO BROUGHT THE DIRT ON ARCHIE/!? THIS IS SOOOOO NOT PG13!!!! I LOVED IT. I WAS LIKE, TAKE ME NOW ALEEEEEEXXXXX!!!! swikey says he's layogenic (great from a far). I guess from my VIP seats he looked pretty hot! Maybe Titanium and Platinum folks got a better view. Still, my layogenic view of him will stay hot in my memory.

It's Cookie![Des Sebastian]

Cookie's Set List

[+] The World I Know: His entrance was pretty awesome. He came out from the middle of the ground and people went crazy!
[+] Heroes
[+] Mr. Sensitive ♥ Cookie knows how to work the crowd and he was talking to the crowd in a really confident, comfortable way. Great interaction.
[+] Declaration
[+] Life On the Moon
[+] Always Be My Baby ♥ Of course he had to sing this. This was the song that endeared him to the fans to begin with. I couldn't believe it was the first time he sang it with a live band!
[+] Kiss on the Neck ♥ When he asked the crowd if we had the record and if we listened to the entire thing till the end! I love this song and was one of the songs that Pamy actually really enjoyed.
[+] Straight Ahead: For diehard fans, they'd appreciate him singing things from Analog Heart and from his days with MWK!!!
[+] Make Me: Not sure when it happened but Cookie came down to the crowd and everyone went ballistic. He started taking pictures with the ones in the front and was just being adorable!!!
[+] Avalanche ♥ This isn't a single in the US but obviously here, the radio stations play whatever they want so everyone was singing along.
[+] Little Lies: Not sure if this Fleetwood Mac cover was how it was originally sung but Cookie did a great job on it.
[+] Come Back To Me ♥♥ Favorite song EVER and I was just so ecstatic that he played it. Some guy took a video of the sound check he did earlier in the day. If I only knew! Tearz though. I love this song so much.
Mini Fake-Out: I knew they wouldn't end on CBTM so when he came back on he was telling us that we better not go anywhere cause they weren't going anywhere!
[+] Light On ♥ Obviously the crowd was super singing along and everyone was just so happy he came back.
[+] Bar-Ba-Sol
[+] Daily Anthem ♥(with Archie) Archie came out in the last part and they sang together and the crowd sang the entire thing and Archie and Cookie even hugged after and they were just so sweet to each other. They seem like they really get along. It was really sweet. Plus he dedicated it to Adam and it was just heartbreaking.

It's still not setting in that I saw them live. I saw Cookie play his AC guitar really good and Archie play his piano in front of me! I can't stop replaying the night in my head and I'm just so glad I had good seats. Thanks to Pamy for subsidizing 2/3 of my ticket and for being such a useless passenger. I had so much fun and it's such a fun way to end extend our love affair with Season 7 of Idol.


Because blinkies seem to work for me, you never freaking know! Cookie and Archie BETTER come back when they've got new albums out because with the sheer amount of people there were a while ago, it was obvious that the concert was a huge success. I can't wait to see them back.
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