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Glee 01x01: Pilot

Why Can't I Sing?!Photo courtesy of gleeclub
I first heard of Glee from searchtheskies and then sometimescrazy made a community on it and knew this had to be something. And it really is. How can I resist a show that happens to be very musical set in high school. Plus after research, I see that it was created by Ryan Murphy who also made my super favorite but short-lived show, Popular?! It only added plus points to the show.

Hot Teacher Can Sing

  • Though I'm far removed from high school, I always wished we had some sort of attractive male teacher and we NEVER had. Thus Will Schuester (played by Broadway star Matthew Morrison whom according to Pamy is from her favorite The Light in the Piazza) is like Ryan Matthews from 90210 who can sing. How can I resist that?! Did I mention he spoke Spanish?!! TOO TOO HOT.

  • The rest of the faculty is pretty hilarious too. The cheerleading coach Sue is my idol. I loved her on Arrested Development and now she's here too!!! And Will's non-love interest teacher Emma is so adorable. I remember her on Pushing Daisies. Here with her OCD and her unrequited love for Will? Perfection.

  • The pot taking football coach who's after Emma's pretty funny too. And not to mention the principal and the ex-Glee club teacher. I'm usually not into the 'older cast' but these people are hilarious.

  • I kinda want Will and his wife NOT to work out just cause he and Emma are too adorable but for sure they're going to draw this one out especially since they're expecting that baby together. Drama up ahead!

    Kids Can Sing and Dance!

  • First off Lea Michelle as Rachel Berry feels like Tracy Flick put into the High School Musical era. So cute. Her MySpace videos every night made me laugh so hard. Pamy really feels for her. And her voice?! I love it!!! So cute! And Rachel and her two gay dads. The humor of this thing is so very Popular.

  • Kurt and Arty are also so funny. Kurt and his Marc Jacobs sweater and Arty (who looks like someone from Big Bang Theory) are just too cute together. They can also sing! I love how they did Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat to accommodate Arty's wheelchair situation. And Kurt saying that he missed the election for queen! You are the queen, honey.

  • Mercedes and Tina rounding up the girls also belong to their set archetypes. Mercedes really reminds me of Jennifer Hudson and when she refused to be a Kelly cause she's a Beyonce really made me laugh. Tina not being good at anything she could say was so cute too. I'm sure you're good at something dear.

  • But really I loved all the songs. When they got blown away by Carmel High School's version of Rehab which I totally loved. This is me ripping the songs off the episodes now. Don't Stop! Believing!!!

    There's Got to be a Ship!!!

  • Finn the football quarter back has this adorable good boy next door vibe to him that always does get me. I'm a sucker for these types. The flashback to his introduction to music was so precious. His father figure looks like he came out of the Buy More!!! And he sang I Can't Stop this feeling anymore!!! The song choices are love!

  • Their take on You're the One That I Want just made me squeee all over because I love Grease so freaking much! Finn and Rachel looked so cute together with Finn being uncomfortable at first.

  • But of course conflict with Finn dating cheerleader Quinn who's president of the Celibacy Club. Only in High School. Gotta love it. I see tension ahead and I can't wait for it. My heart was swelling every time Rachel and Finn would sing together!!!

    Over all, I really did love this show and I'm hoping it gets a full-season pick up in the fall. I can't believe the next time I'm gonna see this is in the fall. I'm so going to keep watching this Pilot over and over till I've got all the songs down. Note to self: Learn to sing properly. I wanna be part of a Glee Club too!!!
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