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Bones 04x25: The End in the Beginning

This Ain't Real[Beyond Bickering]
I don't know what to think just yet because everything is so muddled up, but these are the things that I'm sure of.
  1. SOMEONE (NAMED HART HANSON) HAS BEEN READING TOO MUCH FANFICTION: If it wasn't all a dream, it would have been very funny in an Alternate Universe sort of way. Kind of like fanfic coming to life. This is what happens when one produces fan fiction! In theory it works, but in actual practice, it's just not working. Not here at least. Not now.
  2. All the cutesy scenes being all husband and wife, and sex scenes and loving each other and having a baby and it NOT being real, I can forgive, cause it was for cuteness sakes.
  3. What I can't deal with? WHO ARE YOU?! I mean for realz?! I know I've only gotten into this, but I did watch 4 seasons worth of sexual tension and the slow progression of it all leading up to the wonderfulness that is season 4 and now this?! This is light years backwards.
So where exactly does this leave Booth and Brennan?! Where does this leave season 5?! I know it's too early to jump to conclusions. Who knows, maybe the amnesia will fade after one episode, but I just felt like it was a crazy cop-out to give in to the fans wanting Booth and Brennan ~together and giving it to them and yet not giving it to them.

Alternate Universe At Its Best

I have to say though that for a fic dream, it was a pretty fantastic one. It was funny and hilarious and using everyone ever in the show was pretty good. I was laughing the ENTIRE time.
  • Cam Saroyan as a police inspector? YES PLEASE. woman knows how to handle a gun and be scary.
  • Jared Booth coming back? Any freaking time
  • Vinnie as the DJ and all around funny bloke? I Love him.
  • Wendell as Booth's bodyguard of sorts? Total cuteness.
  • Fisher as the chef?! I was laughing so hard.
  • Daisy as her weird self in a club situation? But of course! I love how she and Sweets are too cute.
  • Clark as a hip hop artist?! And Grayson Barasa as his gangbanger brother?!?! This is just pure hilarity
  • Zack coming back as Brennan's assistant!!! I feel bad they didn't utilize him as much
  • Hodgins as a crime writer! I wish they had given him someone else though with more exposure.
  • Angela as the hostess!!! She is hot no matter what
  • Sweets as the bartender is just perfect. Of course that's like the closest thing to being a psychiatrist.
  • The Persian buyer of the club?! I love how he lost the accent. Same goes for Barasa!
  • Max Keenan as a crooked city council guy? With Gravedigger connections!? this is fanfic written all over it.
  • Sweets band being called Gormogon was really cute though. Sweets singing is win.
  • Also not a big fan of Motley Crue so I wasn't exactly stunned by their appearance.
Having said that, I don't know what to expect from next season. This was a crazy season ender in a sense that the season didn't feel so wrapped up especially with the impending amnesia to deal with. I'm hoping Bones makes the best of it and gives us a fantastic season opener because after this?!? I don't know what to expect anymore.

As for the cuteness? I'll update about that some other time. I'm too upset about Booth not remembering Bones at all to get all squee about it, but yes, thanks sooooooo much creators for giving us what we've wanted. NOT. Note sarcasm here. Annoyed, yes. Entertained? Yes too. Disappointed? A little. I'll deal, no worries.
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