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90210 01x23: Zero Tolerance

Super Cute Though[90210 Media]
Wow. That was the prom episode? I know it's only supposed to be the first half of it, but that was all over the place for me. I mean, I'm really easy to please so when something isn't so good with me, that must mean something.

I guess I was just expecting more from it. I was expecting more plot-wise, instead it felt very filler-ish. Thank goodness for the cuteness of Navid/Adrianna (though very little) and Liam. Because Liam with anything makes everything better. I'm hoping for a better season finale though. Crossing my fingers.

I Want Liam Now
  • I know they're hot and cold and all that jazz but Liam brings out this girly-girl weak woman in Naomi that's cute sometimes and this episode it was cute again. So he's not performing to his capacity? Obviously Harry and Kelly have nothing else better to do other than motivate him. Go educational system.

  • I like that Naomi just put herself out there and said she wanted to stop pretending to be cool. Confessionals are my expertise and I feel for her so much. At least she got a positive response though. It would have sucked if she got an "I know" or something, but anyway...

  • Yay for them dancing in the fake snow and just being cute. Now be bad and rule the school with your evilness! That would be fun. Naomi can stop being a girl now that she's got the boy, but for how long?!

    Good Girl Annie Gone Bad?
  • Annie participating in the zero-tolerance video of her dad was hilarious. Cutest video ever. So freaking hilarious. I feel for you, girl. I wouldn't want to be the principal's daughter either.

  • But can anyone spell sexual tension between her and Liam?! Okay so Liam researched Naomi's favorite flower on her Facebook but he's so flirting or whatever with Annie. Oh noes!!!!

  • The thumbs up she gets from Liam? Too cute. And how adorable is Phil Collins' kid in her little part?! So pretty! This girl is so beautiful. She should be bumped up to series regular cause she's really pretty. I'm also very shallow.

    Do I Sense An Ethan/Silver/Dixon Triangle Going On?!
  • So Silver's going all prom for Dixon and Dixon's going all prom for Silver but actually they're on different pages. Damn. I feel bad for Dixon when Silver does her little anti-prom tirade, but dude, it's not like you can't say you didn't see this coming. Your girlfriend has a controversial blog. Sure she switched to a Catholic school, but don't tell me you didn't see this one coming. This was tame! I was expecting a tirade.

  • And Ethan. Now is not the time to get in between Dixon and Silver. I mean I know you're all empowerment and being true to yourself now, but didn't I read somewhere that you were being written off the show?! Oh noes, how will your heart be broken next episode? I feel bad for Ethan, though his character was pretty much blah.

    Jen Needs to Find her Own Man and Her Own Money
  • YOU USED UP NAOMI'S MONEY AND JUST SAY SORRY!?!? I hope Jen finds a way to get Naomi's money back because you know the bitch is high maintenance and needs her pedis and cocktails every week. Not to mention the shopping and the leather couch. So cough up the money, Jen!!!

  • And look! She's a baddie! Married to some Olivier fellow while her past has her stealing term papers and being evil. Ryan! Do not get tempted by her hotness. Even if Kelly says she's over you, she's not. But she's only outing Jen as a friend. Please understand.

  • Also, RYAN MATTHEWS IS WAAAAY TOO HOT in this prom. I would so be dancing with him too. Or rubbing up against him like Jen is trying to do.

    Too Little Navid/Adrianna
  • And though we get very very very little Adrianna/Navid, I'm sure next episode we'll get a shitload of them so I won't complain much other than I never knew Navid was that angry at Ty. Chillax my friend, your girlfriend is going into labor.

  • Love Adrianna's dress though! Is it a Marchesa? Cause it looks like a darker version of what Anne Hathaway wore to the Oscars waaay before. Or maybe that's just met. Still cute.
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