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American Idol 8: Top 3 Elimination (Cause It's Not too Late to Apologize)

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Well well well, Idol. Just when I thought I could predict you like anything, you come and give me this. No I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm so freaking ecstatic, I can barely type a single line. That happy, I know. And it's not just because suddenly I'm going to be doing a LiveBlog again for the finale (as I threatened well only myself that I wouldn't do it if things turned out differently) and lookie now. I should threaten myself more


Top EW Pamy Patty Lex Gen Sara Nikki Results
13 Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Jasmine Jasmine Michael Jasmine
12 Michael Michael Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Allison
11 Megan Alexis Allison Michael Scott Allison Kris Alexis
10 Jorge Scott Scott Allison Megan Scott Matt Michael
9 Scott Jorge Alexis Jorge Alexis Michael Lil Megan
8 Matt Lil Jorge Matt Jorge Adam Jasmine Scott
7 Lil Kris Kris Kris Anoop Anoop Alexis Lil
6 Kris Danny Lil Scott Lil Jorge Megan
5 Adam Anoop Megan Alexis Adam Alexis Anoop Matt
4 Allison Megan Danny Adam Allison Lil Scott Allison
3 Danny Allison Anoop Lil Matt Kris Jorge Danny
2 Anoop Adam Adam Anoop Danny Danny Adam
1 Alexis Matt Matt Danny Kris Matt Danny


OMG! Who knew that if I put things in blinkie they would come true?!?! I swear the possibilities are now endless. I will now put everything I wish for in blinkies so that the next day, America will vote in my favor and everything will just happen for me.

But really, I can hardly believe this really did happen. Not that Kris deserves it, because he does deserve to be in the Top 2, but I've just felt the immense favoritism this season, that it's good to see some good old pulling through for the talent with Kris going through.

Nevertheless, it was high time Danny put did his last glory note performance onstage because really, it should be Allison doing this goodbye this week (then again, Kris could have been the one saying bye bye if Allison were still here so yeah). So I'll say that Danny did have a good voice when he used it with the right songs.

I loved his Kiss From a Rose in the Hollywood round and of course his opening of the top 13 with Pretty Young Thing (repeat after me! Saying na na na na!) That I felt was Gokey at his finest. Unfortunately, that was the first week and well he was anything but consistent. After two iffy-ish weeks he came back with a tear-jerking What Hurts the Most and some re-mixed Stand By Me. Then some okay-ish weeks and he was back again with a pretty snazzy Come Rain or Come Shine.

The thing with Danny is, despite his big voice, he's not exactly an artist. I can't what kind of music he's going to make and I just can't see him as an original -- which I guess now won't really matter cause in the finale as jacksper said, it's going to be artist versus artist. And now, I really can't wait.

I hate that Pamy's going to India on the finale! Who the hell am I going to squeee the finale with?!?! Ana alcala! I'm looking at you!

Poll #1399576 Top 3 Elimination

Do you think Danny deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who do you WANT to win American Idol?

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen

Who do you THINK will win American Idol?

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
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