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American Idol 8: Top 3 (How Could the Judges Be So Heartless!?)

Just 3 Left?![Rickey]
I can't believe we've reached the Top 3 already. I know the season has spanned quite a few months, but I just didn't feel it this year. I didn't feel the excitement and anticipation of every week where another one bites the dust.

And now we're down to the Top 3 (one of the best though so far) and though tonight they all gave pretty good performances, I know where my bias lies and that is with Kris Allen. So I'm really hoping that tomorrow tells me that Kris is in the finale. Because though we know that Adam is already the crowned winner, it wouldn't hurt to have someone like Kris in the finale.

I don't get why the judges didn't pimp Kris at all tonight. What is it with Gokey?! Did they not remember last week's performance? Cause I do and it wasn't good. Anyway, onto this week's performances.

Judge's Choice

So I'm sorry Danny Gokey but I think you got the bad end of the judge's choice stick. Paula, what happened?! I thought Danny did good with this Dear Little Sister but it just wasn't doing anything for me, as usual. Upon research, I find out that this song was released the year I was born. Yes, Paula. So very relevant. Because Danny will be making songs that sound like he was in the 80s. Thanks.

I didn't think that Kris Allen's Judge's choice was bad at all. I swear, sometimes the judges egos get in the way because instead of critiquing Kris for Apologize, Simon turned it into a who-chose-the-better-song pissing contest which really pissed me off. Because all their comments lacked the "vocal master class" or "dark horse" shit they need to be saying to Kris now. I loved it. Screw you judges. /rant. yes I'm angry.

And in the last part of the Simon-is-personal-friends-with-Bono fest, Adam Lambert sings his 'own take' on One. It was definitely a good performance, like every other good week Adam has on this show. I know you're going to win and so it takes away from the excitement of watching you. Cause I know you're gonna win. No need to drive the point home judges by forcing the issue.

Idol's Choice

ATTENTION SIMON COWELL. Danny Gokey singing You Are So Beautiful is NOT a vocal master-class. Elliott Yamin singing A Song For You is a vocal masterclass. He started out weak and it felt too low for him and it was just saved by the glory note. Please judges, pimp Kris instead.

WHY ARE THEY NOT GIVING Kris Allen THE PRAISE HE DESERVES?! I know they all want Adam to win but come on and pay attention to who's performing. Kris's total making-it-his-own of Kanye's Heartless was just freaking amazing! The way he sang was just fabulosity and I didn't hear a single see you at the finale or best vocals of the night other than Randy's in it to win it. Thanks Randy. At least you care a bit. I'm so pissed at the judges right now.

I'm gonna give it to Adam Lambert cause he really knows how to work the stage and his take on Cryin' was definitely something we're used to seeing, so it's nothing I'm gonna writhe on the floor over. Still, I wouldn't call this the best performance ever. I liked it. Definitely better than Gokey, but come on, we all know he's gonna win.

Obviously, tonight really got me all angry because it was just so overly blatant how the judges are gunning for a Danny/Adam finale. I like Danny (as a person) and we all know Adam's gonna make it, but come on!!!! Relevance! Making it his own!!! Being True to himself!!! These were all catchphrases that got past Idols to the top and they're all used on Kris this year and yet they're not giving him the "vocal masterclass" bits or the "see you in the finale" lines.

Dial Idol says that Kris is 'safer' than Danny by like .8 so that's really a super close fight. I'm just crossing my fingers for a Kris/ANYONE finale because one without Kris would be totally un-want-able for me. I'm so sad tonight.

Poll #1399252 Top 3 Performances

Who had the best Judges Choice performance?

Danny Gokey - "Dear Little Sister"
Kris Allen - "Apologize"
Adam Lambert - "One"

Who had the best Idols Choice performance?

Danny Gokey - "You Are So Beautiful"
Kris Allen - "Heartless"
Adam Lambert - "Cryin'"

Who should be eliminated?

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Kris Allen

Over-all, tonight's performances were

Very Good

Kris in the Finale Please!

  1. Kris Allen
  2. Adam Lambert
  3. Danny Gokey

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