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Gossip Girl 02x24: Valley Girls

Deja Vu Much?[Andreas-Ri]
When I think of the 80s, well I can't really think back cause I was born in '87 meaning I was only really 3 years old during the 80s, but Madonna and hairspray and shoulder pads and anything neon pretty much transport me back to that time. It's hard to believe I was alive for it, despite only being alive for 3 years of it.

And so, this week we get a blast from the past courtesy of Lily Bass and her old school California ways. Am I liking it? I guess it's too early to tell, but Brittany Snow is too adorable to resist Andrew McCarthy as Mr. Rhodes? YES PLEASE. I crush you.

Welcome to the Valley

How adorable is Lily Rhodes in her very equestrienne outfit and driving in Malibu, California?! I love the neat hair and the argyle sweater and the general wholesomeness of this girl. She's so not from the West Coast yet.

Not a fan of the young Cece Rhodes but hello Mr. Rhodes! I crush Andrew McCarthy and so seeing him now (despite being the dad) is going to be a draw for me to this would-be show. Music record executive? So hot. Why do I feel he's got a harem of young girls though?! Ew.

Again, not a fan of Cece (the young) but I love how all of Lily's trunks are Louis Vuitton. But of course, the timeless logo looks right at home in the 80s.

Also not a big fan of Owen (who in real life is named Shiloh!) but then again this was how I felt about Chuck during the first episode, so we'll see how he grows on me.

Lily trying out her sister's different outfits was cute though. I love makeover-ish montages. Every show must have one of these.

And yes, I'm guessing this is the part where Owen sort of falls in love with her. Glad to see she's brought it up. I love seeing the young Lily really.

Look! It's No Doubt!!! I feel like I'm in the OC and we're in the Bait Shop all over again, except in the 80s of course! And look! It's Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars (which I'm about to marathon) and look! It's Lily's sister Carol who does not look anything like Lily or their mom or dad. But it's okay.

Of course Carol is the type of I-don't-want-them-to-know-I'm-rich kind of girl who wants to make it on her own. I sense a power struggle of rich and poor East Coast versus West Coast on this show!

Lily looks really small trying to get into that room through the window. And Carol berating her for being a good girl? Okay not my idea of an older sister, but I guess they've all got their quirks. I like how immediately after she gets told off for being good, she goes off to drink. Good job, Lily! i wonder where Serena got it.

And look! It's Crazy Derek from One Tree Hill except here he's Keith Van Der Woodsen. WAIT A MINUTE. Is this Serena and Eric's FATHER to be?! OMG. I can't believe it! Psycho!Derek sleeps with Brittany Snow!? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ata girl! After falling in love too with Owen, Lily decides to defend his glory by jumping on Keith's back to wrestle him. This leads to their arrest. I have to say though that Serena one-upped her mom in the mug shot department. Serena looked way more bad ass.

But look! Carol does love Lily and vise versa so Young!Cece can go to hell (or back to aerobics) for now because the Rhodes girls are going to live it up by taking public transport. Only in the 80s.

Meanwhile in Modern Day Manhattan

I love how Blair, Chuck and Nate really stayed at the precinct! Where is Dan?! Why is he not helping the supposed love of his life out?! Oh wait, only the non-judgmental breakfast club can be sought for when Serena's really in trouble. Way to go, Dan.

I love how Cece totally swoops in and saves the day, sort of, for Serena. And look ma! I'm rebelling by staying in jail. Great plan, S. Thank goodness B tried talking sense into her. But alas, S is totally adamant in her decision. Or not.

Dan calling Lily. I swear Dan is who we can trust to squeal on the gang to the parents. I thought it was adorable though when Jenny told him to wear his own shoes to the prom. She's such a cute little sister.

The cabbie is a bit creepy but it's not like Serena isn't used to being ogled. Of course it would be Dan to spring her out with Cece and not the NJBC. I miss the NJBC already!!! Blair totally ignoring or trying to ignore Dan is the best thing ever too.

And look! It's Eric's 10 Second appearance! It's even less than last week. Why could they not have shown us the walk he had with Grandma! Two Queens of 5th Avenue strolling by the Met! That would have been hot.

Instead we get Mother-Daughter angst 20 years in the making. And who does Lily run to because her husband is dead? Rufus of course. I swear they should just marry to get this over with -- though I'm still not a fan of getting married right now. It's just they keep forcing the issue.

Oh look! A reconciliation of sorts! I wonder how long this love part of the love/hate relationship will last. Until Cece's next guest appearance perhaps? Probably.

(Fairy God) Mother Chucker Saves Princess Blair's Prom

Only Dorota can give bad news first and make it all better somehow. I love how she offered a Vitamin Water bottle first while taking away the body bag of the horrid corpse. This woman is too darn cute. I want a Dorota!

Nate confronting Chuck about the 'sabotage' of Blair's prom. Though we find out that it was him. It's still very presumptuous of Nate to even blame Chuck. The guy already gave you the girl. Stop with the insecurity! She's going to prom with you!

Blair hating the idea of Prom Queen but liking the idea of a tiara is priceless. Only this girl can get excited of headgear. She is the queen of headbands after all. And a tiara is like the glorified headband.

I swear these bad girls (Nelly and co) are amateurs. Scheming with Chuck around? You know it's going to bite you in the ass. And it does! Too bad Blair doesn't see it immediately and jumps to the wrong conclusion. And look at Chuck just taking it all in from Blair. He's taking the anger cause he knows he can't be taking the love. Oh martyr boy. Tell her already!

But victory is sweet for Mr. Bass when he sees his woman onstage looking beautiful and happy and jubilant in her perfect prom. He didn't vote 150 times for nothing. I can somehow imagine Chuck checking off the boxes on all 150 ballots. Oh what am I talking about? Of course he's got some slave to do that. But the smile he has on his face? Priceless.

So much for Nate loving Blair. Blair's breaking up with him and he doesn't even do anything about it. What about fighting for her Nate?! Chuck already let you win. And now you're losing her. Oh well, Chuck/Blair fans unite. Nate really doesn't have the balls for Blair.

This last scene with the besties on the steps looking amazing in their gowns and coats and reminiscing and all? Perfection. These kids are too cute to be true and despite the many times Gossip Girl has let me down, S and B sure know how to make me love them more. Season Finale next week?! I can't wait.
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