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Bones 04x24: The Critic in the Cabernet

Well one thing's for sure, I couldn't even wrap my head around the EPIC-NESS of this episode that I went all out with the screencapping. Booth had so many hilarious faces and aww-inducing stares in this episode too.

I can hardly believe this is the 2nd to the last episode already. Thanks to my marathon-ing I went by the first 3 seasons like fast and now that I'm going to have to wait normally for season 5 to come along, I don't think I can take the wait. What have you done to me, Bones!

And then you add the fact that Bones is totally in denial over wanting Booth's baby for real real and not just his very able sperm.

Though I felt like barfing when the rubber skull was brought out from the vat of wine, the awesome cuteness of Booth/Bones and the fact that everyone else can see their connection other than them totally made up for my wanting to hurl. Sweets and Stewie need to see each other. Stat.

Bones Asking for Booth's Sperm is All Sweets's Fault!
Booth: hunger Brennan: sex Booth: whoa Brennan: horse Booth: cowboy Brennan: child Booth: baby Brennan: Booth Booth: What you think i'm a baby? Brennan: you're a father? Booth: Oh... mother Brennan: birth Booth: happy Brennan: sperm Booth: sperm does this count? Sweets: No, keep going Booth: egg Brennan: I want a baby! Booth: whoa! Brennan: horse
Only Bones and Booth can go from hunger to her wanting a baby. And wanting Booth to father it! Come on, there's something there and it's not just cause you're ~partners and all. The look on Booth's face is priceless. But Sweets is pretty shocked too and I love how Bones being so random can bring this reaction out from people.

All I want is your sperm! I never heard that joke before
Brennan: You're the one who's always telling me about parenthood implying how my life is incomplete cause I don't have a child
Booth: But this is kinda sudden
Brennan: Perhaps you don't want to help
Booth: Of course I do
Brennan: So you'll do it?
Booth: I'll think about it
Brennan: Well I don't understand. It's a simple request. I'm sure you engage in masturbation
Booth: Whoaaaa
Brennan: Horse
I love how everytime Booth says Whoaaaa, Bones says HORSE. She's so endearing like this. And I love how she's in total denial that Booth's sperm is all she really wants when we all know deep down, they both want something more. Heck! It's been four seasons folks! Give us something!!!

Although I don't understand why he'd be protective of his semen.
Brennan: Tibia. I've decided to have a baby. Pitulum.
Cam: Wait! Baby? Like a small human?
Brennan: Yes. I know I've had no interest in the past. And neither have you. And you seem to find parenthood very fulfilling.
Cam: Ahhh... Yes, I do. And you brought this up now. Why?
Brennan: Well I wanted to give you notice. I'll be needing some time off when the baby comes. About six weeks, I imagine. The staining makes it very difficult to see anomalies on the bone.
Hodgins: Is there a father?
Brennan: I'd like to use Booth's sperm.
Cam: Booth? What do you know?
The entire crew's reaction to Bones's wanting to have a baby is just hilarious. I was typing the entire conversation out but it was so long and everything was so funny. I swear! Bones's matter of fact announcement and just expecting everyone to take it with a grain of salt is of course very very Bones.

Very good though Angela because that's what we want to see Booth and Bones getting naked together and devouring each other in a passionate frenzy! Right on sister. Of course Bones wants an emotional bond with Booth! Let's just admit it. And let's not forget, Booth is hot! I wanna see them do this right!

She told everyone; It's probably on the news by now
Booth: I'm just donating.
Cam: So you decided?
Booth: No, no. I am deciding. I-N-G-ing.
Cam: I know you, Seeley. You're gonna do it. You wanna do it without really doing it but it's still doing it even if you're not doing it the way it should it be done.
Booth: She wants to have a kid. It'll make her more personable.
Cam: And what will it do for you?
Booth: She'll get what she wanted.
Cam: A piece of you.
Why yes Cam! That is what Bones wants. A piece of Booth and boy does Booth know this but is too nice of her to do it the way it should be done cause that would create a personal bond. A bond we the audience sure do want to see!!! Why can't Booth and Bones just do it the way it should be done!!! Cam is so funny with her facial expressions. I'm glad Booth has a good friend in her.

You like spatial disorientation, don't you?
Brennan: Would you like legal protection
Booth: What?
Brennan: With the child. So you'll feel secure that I won't be asking for money or support.
Booth: No, I don't need legal protection.
Brennan: If you do...
Booth: I don't.
Bones using Fisher as the back-up sperm to scare Booth off sure did the trick. I mean come on, could Booth really live with himself knowing that Bones is having the baby of Fisher when she could have his baby?! Of course not.

Bones taking care of the baby is really cute. Spinning the kid around and using her brand of love to calm the kid down was cute. The way Booth was looking at her? For me it said: "let's make that family together already, Bones." Seriously.

Come on Booth. You know you don't just need legal protection, more like you don't WANT legal protection in hopes that you do become the father one day. And I can't wait to see Booth singing and making funny faces at the kid while strictly follow Bones's diverse schedule for the kid. Adorable!!!

Go to her and make the deposit like a man.
Stewie and Booth the fertility clinic is just priceless. I wasn't sure how they were going to do the hallucinations but obviously they did that one quite nicely. Booth has the best faces in this scene. He's just so funny scared and freaked out and at the same time he's saying that he wants to have Bones to have a baby cause that's what she wants. Really. You want this baby with her! You do! Right?!

Okay, I could go with baby daddy
Booth: I don't need anything. I'm just doing what anyone else would in this situation. Right?
Sweets: Like what?
Booth: I got a little anxious at the clinic.
Sweets: Anxious
Booth: Anxious. Don't get all shrinky!
Sweets being really concerned with this is important. I mean at least someone's confronting Booth/Bones about how weird this is that they're not thinking this is weird or anything. At least Booth is sort of opening up about it cause you know he wants this kid with her. And I'm really excited and hope this does happen for them.

Phalanges! Dancing Phalanges!!!
I love how Booth is sort of excited to see how the Bones's baby will look like him on his first year of life. So cute. That's going to be a hot kid then. And I love how Cam and Angela are also getting excited about the kid already! I want to see this kid!!! Let's have this baby shower y'all! This is gonna be the cutest, most fussed over baby!

How can you two not see what's going on here
Sweets: You're using Agent Booth to have a child. You don't see how that ight relate to your partnership?
Brennan: It has nothing to do with our work.
Sweets: Okay, let me just have a thought here.
Brennan: It's not like I'm going to bring the child along as we interrogate someone.
Booth: Ahhh but you might decide to breast feed. It is healthier.
Brennan: That's true. So there might be some crossover. I can see that now. Go on.
These two are the cutest ever. Yes Sweets, we've been asking the same question since season 1. How can you not see what's going on?! You guys are in love with each other or at least attracted. I love how Booth is riding on Bones's not seeing how Bones having his child would have anything to do with them being partners. Except of course, breastfeeding. Oh Sweets. We're just as frustrated.

What if Booth is the perfect father for your child? Not just his stuff.
Angela: What if you're throwing your chance at having a family -- a real family, because you're scared.
Brennan: Scared? Why would I be scared? I've been to Rwanda, to Iraq.
Angela: Listen, you said you wanted to do this alone because feelings are ephemeral. So is life, Brennan. We're here one minute and then we're gone the next. You should know that better than anybody. If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever gonna touch you.
Brennan: Sweets said it's not his job to tell someone how they're feeling or how to live their life.
Angela: Lucky thing I'm not a shrink.
Go Angela! Only you can tell Brennan like it is and maybe she'll actually listen. I know my mind is getting ahead of me, but I can already see Parker being all older brother-ly to Bones's daughter -- which I feel is a daughter though we're not even sure if anything is gonna happen but yeah. And I know it'll be hard for Bones to come around cause her character is so set in her ways but I hope she does get softened up a bit, when she and Booth have this kid.

If I can't be involved, I cont' want to her to have my baby!
The look on Booth's face when Stewie shows up in the interrogation room breaks my heart. Booth thinks he's in control in this room but Stewie obviously makes sure that doesn't happen. The concern in Bones's face for Booth though is real sweet and I'm glad she was able to pull him out of there and knock some sense into him to take him to the hospital -- even if he did get to tell her that he can't give his sperm if they're not having their baby together. If he's not involved. He was so serious too. The way he was looking at Bones. I was melting.

I'm not the level-headed shrink at the moment
Everyone was so worried about Booth and it really touched me how they all rallied together to support Bones in this. Even if Bones said it's not about her, you know they're not just worried about what can happen to Booth but also how Bones would take it if any thing did happen to Booth. Sweets is so attached already -- when he shouldn't be.

I hope Angela and Hodgins get back together by the season finale cause you know they're hinting at some sort of reunion after all this life-is-fleeting kind of crap. Oh wow. Even Cam is worried for Bones and it breaks my heart that Bones isn't admitting any feelings of sadness or anything.

You're a Genius. That's Good Enough for me.
The look on Booth's face as he's being poked and prodded as if looking out for Bones. He looks so worried and unsure and nervous about all of this. But when he sees Booth, the smile he has on his face just made me die. It's like nothing matters anymore as long as she's there. It's like knows he'll be fine just as long as she's inside the room with him. The way they look at each other?!

You're gonna be fine Booth. I'll be right here.
Booth: Can we stop for a second. Can you give me a minute please. Listen Bones, if i don't make it.
Brennan: Booth you're gonna be fine
Booth: If I'm not... I want you to have my stuff. You know? For a kid.
Brennan: It's...
Booth: I want you to. You're gonna be a really good mom.
And then they held hands! They held hands! My heart just burst there!!! In my head this conversation was just like Booth: I love you, Bones. Bones: I love you too, Booth. But of course these two are too emotionally retarded to admit to anything and so they had to say it in their own special way. But the hand-holding and the assurances of sperm and good mother-ship? These two are killing me!

And I know I went a little crazy with the picspam here, but I couldn't help it. These two are just killing me in every scene they're together especially now that they're sort of, kind of, having a baby together. I really hope this turns out positive for everyone including the baby's arrival in season 5 because you know how adorable everyone is going to be when that baby arrives.

Bones: He has traits; like courage, compassion
and empathy that would tremendous assets to my child.
Sperm banks don't catalog these traits.
Booth: did you just say something nice?
Bones: No I gave an objective evaluation
Booth: Oh cause it sounded like you said something nice.

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