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90210 01x22: The Party's Over

Please Don't Get Married[90210 Media]
And we're down to the second to the last episode of the premiere season of 90210 and things just keep getting crazier. With Jen Clark back in town, it looks like Naomi isn't going to get much peace and quiet though I'm happy she's sort of got someone on her side.

Meanwhile in the Navid/Adrianna I-wanna-get-married department, well let's just say, I'm happier now with the situation. Still not as happy as I could be, but some things, I just can't change. Also, it looks like we're going to see a dip in the rollercoaster friendship that is Naomi/Annie. Keep me guessing 90210!

Thank God the Wedding's Off
  • I'm so happy just to see the entire cast in school and in one table! I miss Silver in West Beverly, but hey! The rest of the gang is sort of complete! And I'm glad that Naomi/Annie and everyone else weren't exactly jumping out of their seats with the wedding news. We're normal, folks!

  • And yet Navid/Adrianna get a bachelor party/bridal shower care of their friends. How supportive? I don't know. The bridal shower felt weird with all the parents there but hey, that's what 90210 is all about: good-clean-fun.

  • And castiels was so freaking right. I AM HAPPY that the wedding is off. I hope the baby is alright despite the narcotics though. And I want to buy Navid an iPod! He sold his for the ring!!! Too sweet.

    Jen's Pretty But What About Kelly?!
  • I gotta admit. Seeing Ryan and Jen together at the Peach Pit for coffee? Kinda hot. And can you imagine how hot it'd be when Jen and Ryan get together? I mean she has a whip and it's broad daylight! I'm so thinking of The Dominant right now. But back to 90210...

  • Ryan cooking?! Really really hot. We need more Ryan doing anything in this show. I feel bad that Ryan feels he has to impress Jen though. Just stick with Kelly and be yourself. I mean come on, what happened after that thing with Donna right?! Didn't you guys do something?! And now this?!

  • But I gotta admit them dipping their feet in the pool was really cute! I love how we're seeing more of Melrose Place or what I assume to be Melrose Place unless Ryan moves. But wait, did Jen just admit to having no more money! I sense she's using Naomi... but more on that later. Ryan is the cutest teacher ever.

    OMG Did Jen Just Use Naomi's Trust Fund?!
  • Jen blackmailing Mr. Clark into giving Naomi the first installment of her trust fund and Jen signing for it is NOT a good sign. I swear things are only going to get bad from here.

  • But it was nice to see Jen stand up for Naomi at the store. It's funny cause you'd think Naomi could handle her own dirty deeds but I guess there are other bitches out there and Jen Clark trumps them all.

  • However, the money issue? I don't like. That's Naomi's future and now they're just using the money like it's nothing. Jen used up a million dollars in 2 months?! How long is Naomi going to last now?! I feel terrible for her.

    Everything Else In Between
  • And yes, there were other happenings. Like Drunk!Dixon and Silver making up and going to prom together! Well durrr. Unless they go all HSM3 on us and have their own private prom. But that wouldn't be right. I'm sure Silver can build her own bridge to Dixon's island as Ethan so eloquently put. Ethan is becoming more and more useless I see. Easing him out, I suppose.

  • And there's the Navid/sorority girl don't-get-married thing. Which is funny cause everyone they trust has been telling them NOT to get married yet and here comes this girl he barely knows and suddenly it makes sense to him. I guess he just needed a good temptation to get his act together.

  • And on the Liam I-happen-to-throw-Navid's-bachelor-party-even-if-I-haven't-interacted-with-his-character-at-all-this-season storyline, we see Liam stealing credit cards to pay for the burlesque club escapade. Niiiice. And yet, Liam + Annie? Sorta cool in my book. She's single, he's a player. Why not? I sense a catfight with Naomi in the future though!!! I love it!!!
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