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American Idol 8: Top 4 Elimination (Here's to the Idols Dreaming On)

[Girls Talking Smack]
Though I'm honestly not the biggest rock fan, I have to say that last night's attempt at rock wasn't exactly as successful as it could have been. I wish this theme was done earlier on because at this point, I'm just expecting performances that would blow me away and not awkwardness. In hindsight, the duets weren't as bad as I thought. Even Kris/Danny's. Still, you all know Adam/Allison had that duet in the bag.


Top EW Pamy Patty Lex Gen Sara Nikki Results
13 Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Jasmine Jasmine Michael Jasmine
12 Michael Michael Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Allison
11 Megan Alexis Allison Michael Scott Allison Kris Alexis
10 Jorge Scott Scott Allison Megan Scott Matt Michael
9 Scott Jorge Alexis Jorge Alexis Michael Lil Megan
8 Matt Lil Jorge Matt Jorge Adam Jasmine Scott
7 Lil Kris Kris Kris Anoop Anoop Alexis Lil
6 Kris Danny Lil Scott Lil Jorge Megan
5 Adam Anoop Megan Alexis Adam Alexis Anoop Matt
4 Allison Megan Danny Adam Allison Lil Scott Allison
3 Danny Allison Anoop Lil Matt Kris Jorge
2 Anoop Adam Adam Anoop Danny Danny Adam
1 Alexis Matt Matt Danny Kris Matt Danny
DAMN. I was happy that Kris was safe but way to go Idol. Thanks for kicking out ALlison now. I mean I know you guys weren't pimping her to the highest heavens but I guess it shouldn't surprise me anymore and I should be thankful that Kris wasn't going to go.

Still, I feel bad cause Allison's been pretty consistent in the performance and vocals department. From Give In To Me during Jacko week to her super enjoyable take on Blame It on Your Heart in country week which I don't usually enjoy to her superb Papa Was a Rollin' Stone. Then of course there's her I Can't Make You Love Me and Hot Stuff and of course last week's Someone to Watch Over Me and this week's Cry Baby and her duet with Adam on Slow Ride.

I just feel bad cause it should have been Danny to leave based on last night but I guess we're not that lucky just yet. I hope Allison makes a real good album cause she deserved to stay on just one more week at least. Congratulations again genrocks! You're the freaking champion this year!

Poll #1396059 Top 4 Elimination

Do you think Allison deserved to get the boot?

I Don't Care

Who do you want to get eliminated next?

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Kris Allen
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