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Gossip Girl 02x23: The Wrath of Con

The Fab 4 is Back[Andreas-Ri]
Despite the ridiculousness of this show, I feel like the more ridiculous it is, the more I enjoy it. And this week, we reach new levels of crazy as people get swindled and get their money back and faux-cialites swindle Bible-bopping reformed girls all while being in school.

Oh you Upper East Side kids, you make my life seem so boring! And I love it. Especially when the non-judgmental breakfast club get together like they did here. Why? To save S's ass of course. They reunite for her distress alone. I so want to be friends with these kids. Why was I not born to the upper crust?

The Non Judgmental Breakfast Club Tries To Rescue Serena
This was so reminiscent of the I-killed-someone days except this time Serena actually rallied up the troops herself. Girl knows she's got some fabulous friends and they're really sweet to her to dig her out of her problems all the freaking time. I love the pained look on her face. Come on, S. This is just money! Remember how you killed someone before?

The Non-Judgmental Breakfast Club!!!

Just had to put this cause they're oh so cute and oh so exclusive. This is so perfect for a Friends Only banner if only it were more hi-resolution. Just saying.

This was just plain crazy in terms of things that happened. I love how Chuck considers himself a professional in scheming and expects Serena to just let him do the dirty work. If I were her, I would let him do it. Stop pretending you can fix things, S. With Dan squealing on your every move and Lily down your throat, leave it to the Bass.

I cannot stand the sight of Gabriel. I swear he really does nothing for me except make me gag. Here he is doing all the puppy dog shit and I am not buying it. I would have let him get arrested or something. Chuck is such a sweet brother. That is all.

Serena's Plan Sort of Goes According to Plan -- Sort of
I love Poppy Lifton's hair. If only I had the patience to grow mine out. Girl has guts to show up at Lily's and well Lily really is the perfect society hostess. Still serving tea to the stealing bitch.

And Blair presenting Sherilyn to Serena was priceless. I love Georgina no matter how absurd she gets and this was just plain hilarious. Hello oil princess!!!

Gotta give it to Nate. Why can't they just give it to the police indeed? Oh well at least someone brought that up and of course they don't listen. But it's okay. It's much more fun this way! Chuck and Georgina so need to do something together because when you combine the powers of evil, it is much much more interesting to watch.

Also, Serena should just stop receiving Dan's calls. She's just getting into more trouble the more she tells him stuff. Has she not learned?!

Poppy is pretty shameless and I feel bad that Georgina had to give the Bible camp money. I wish they had a back up plan so that she wouldn't have to fork over her own cash. When Blair said God wouldn't forgive Georgina, my heart broke for her. You know she was going to snap with that.

Serena getting arrested is so priceless. I love how things just don't fall into place for her. This is the time for Rufus to tell Dan to tell Blair that it was Lily that got her arrested so that they can get Serena out right away. Oh the lack of communication.

Blair and Chuck need to get together again
Nate and Blair are really cute together and when Nate accosts Chuck about him wanting Blair and telling him to man up, I kinda wanted a fight to go down. Cause you know Chuck could so take Nate down. But the fact that Nate still gave Chuck a chance to come clean with Blair was really sweet.

Blair waiting for Chuck's reply and pretending that she liked his answer was so sad. And the fact that Chuck let Blair go (and lied about his feelings at the same time) because he loved her and couldn't make her happy really really broke my heart. Oh guys. Can't we all just be happy!? Is there no reunion in Season 2?! Please?!

Lily Tries to Show She's In Charge
So what is this Serena supposedly stole? A priceless bracelet of course. I feel this will make an appearance during the Brittany Snow Valley Girl episode. And I swear I know Dan is a good guy but sometimes, it pays to shut up boy! Keep the mouth zipped. I mean Lily can be of help but let Chuck handle this!

Jenny + Twilight = WIN WIN WIN I really love how they managed to fit that into the script. NOt that this show isn't dated enough, but one day in the far future when I watch this again, I'm going to say wow that's so 2009.

Who knew Dan had Lily on speed dial! He keeps calling her! What a squealer. Okay, so he does have a point and parents can help but on these shows?! They make things worse!!! OH Dan. Now Lily and Rufus are done with cause he doesn't want to take her money. Poor guys.

I Guess There's No More Wedding
Thank god there's no more wedding. I mean really come on, Rufus. NO matter how cute you guys are together. Just 9 episodes ago, her husband died. Her 4th husband. What do you think the fifth times going to be any different?!

I also know that Dan and Jenny are trying to be supportive kids, but they were too supportive. Was there nobody else seeing the distress signals coming from this relationship? I like Rufus/Lily but come on, right?! NOT YET.

I Need More Eric Looking So Handsome

Finally the resurrection of Eric and he's looking mighty fine with that haircut. And just really hot in general. OMG. I need more Eric. Eric needs a better storyline right now. Just this few second scene super got me glued the entire episode!!! Come on writers, give Eric some more screen time!!!

Until your locked in a prison of your own making,
smile for the camera, S

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