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Everyone is Gonna Dress Like Me, Wait and See

So Fierce[FabSugar]
If it wasn't for dictums, I would have totally missed the 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Met. This year's theme being The Model as a Muse, I was expecting quite a show of models and I haven't seen all the pictures yet, so I guess there were a lot in attendance.

I don't know how Justin Timberlake got around to hosting it this year with Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss. Seems a little out of place perhaps? Oh how this peroxide head boyband member has grown.

Nevertheless, it was a night of great fashion. Not as crazy as last year's superhero themed one, but pretty nevertheless. Then again, I'm really easy to please and almost everything looked good to me.

Obviously, I am not a critic at all and this is just a wish list of things I hope I get to wear one day in the far far future. Yeah right.

Anne and Rachel Looking Fabulousity

Color Me

Anne Hathaway in a violet mini dress by Marc Jacobs. Loved her bouffant hair and I loved the attitude. Rose Byrne in a yellow gown. Rachel Bilson in an aqua sweetheart neckline Bally mini-dress. Looks a little low, but she's so cute.

Leslie Mann aka Zac Efron's hot lady momma in 17 Again looks really pretty in her red gown. Rosario Dawson isn't quite as edgy as others but she looks good in her pink Diane Von Furstenburg dress. And I'm not sure but maybe Renee Zelweger is wearing an olive Carolina Herrera serpentina gown.


Kim Raver was so stunning in her black one shouldered column dress. I know it's simple but so elegant. I want to wear this one day. Meanwhile Claudia Schiffer proves why she's a supermodel in this super intricately cut-out black gown. So hot. Eva Longoria-Parker shows you don't have to be tall to look fabulous and she does in her slinky black keyhole cut out Diane Von Furstenburg dress. I love it!!!

I'm not usually Ciara's biggest fan but I have to say she looked really svelte in her black and white Emilio Pucci dress. And what Rihanna did to the extreme, I thought Lake Bell did just right in her tailored suit with fedora . And of course Kate Bosworth shows off her curves in this black lace Stella McCartney number. Beautiful.


I love the Olsen twins and Ashley Olsen looked freaking amazing in this draped white Lacroix piece. Only she can make swimming in cloth look amazing. Marissa Tomei brought back the glamour with the flower in her hair and in her white plunging dress. Techincally it's not quite white, but Iman was so breathtaking as usual in this figure-hugging tube dress with the accent on the front. I love it.

Diane Kruger isn't a muse for nothing. She looks so cute in this simple Chanel mini-dress. Girl is so fierce she can wear a paper bag and look amazing. Not a fan of her fathers, but Ivanka Trump looks pretty darn good in her nude Brian Reyes dress. Her shoes are crazy but I like it. And of course only The Devil Anna Wintour can pull of this white polka dot Chanel column dress. She sure does love accentuating her shoulders.

In Between

I hadn't seen a lot of women on the red carpet yet but when I saw that dictums tweeted Marion Cotillard in her super beautiful Christian Dior gown. I fainted. This woman really looks so freaking stunning and it wasn't like she was trying or anything. Amazing. I thought Claire Danes also looked so pretty in her champagne one shouldered dress. It doesn't hurt to have Hugh Dancy in your arm either. I'm not so hot on the make up but I thought Rachel Weisz's tulle bottom on her Vera Wang dress was really pretty.

Here come the models!!! Jessica Stam looking mighty fierce and showing off those gams in a one shouldered Rodarte dress. I would never in my life pick this out of a rack but it looks sensational on her. Helena Christensen looking extremely sexy in a short Zac Posen dress. Zac looks very pleased. And my personal favorite the ever bubbly Chanel Iman looking oh so beautiful in a printed floor length Zac Posen number. How fun!

Blue Steel

Leave it to Kate Beckinsale to pick a big impact dress and she did with this blue give-me-room-for-my-train Marchesa gown. Wow. Cindy Crawford shows age aint nothing but a number by having the body of someone half her age in this electrifying blue Versace dress. Not quite sure what to think of Leighton Meester's paisley print concoction but she sure as hell has balls to pull it off.

Liv Tyler looks really elegant in this dark blue floor length Stella McCartney beaded dress with a deep V. Mary Kate Olsen of course makes a statement in her steel grey Christian Lacroix vintage dress I think. Leave it to the Olsens. Finally Emmy Rossum looks quite elegant in this silver (what I'm guessing to be a Roland Mouret) dress. Not sure though.

All in all, everyone looked pretty elegant and beautiful. And though not as crazy as last year's super hero mess, I guess they wanted to look as muse-y as they could. Save for a few nuttos like Madonna and Rihanna who sure knew how to make it to the different lists, this year was pretty good. Now when and how will I ever get invited to one of these things?!?

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