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Sleep Over Marathon Week! -- 17 Down/35 To Go!Photo courtesy of me
And I am finally finally finally on REAL vacation time. After weeks of fake vacation (while waiting for graduation), I finally get the real deal and it's been nothing but bliss. Waking up whenever I want and sleeping whenever I care (not that I didn't do this before except this time, I don't have to worry about graduation).

Then of course, there were the sleepovers with friends that made the week all the more interesting. If it weren't for those, I'd be posting dailybooth pictures of myself all week cause I'm boring like that. And now that those sleepovers are over, my life returns to it's state of boring-hood -- which I love. Hello summer!


[+] Stayed at home all day long to finish Season 4 of Bones (or at least catch up). I swear, laying in bed all day after graduation feels really really good. It doesn't hurt that I had some avocado ice cream either while watching.

[+] Spoke to PB after forever and I was just so happy to see him/talk to him over Skype. He's coming home in July so I'm probably going to be putting off work till he leaves. I can't be working when he's around, right?


[+] Finally finished Bones and finally got out of my room. This is a feat considering I've been holed up there since last week just watching and watching and watching.

[-] Also found out about Swine Flu. My father couldn't believe I didn't know anything about it. Well yes, I've been living in a Bones bomb shelter so nothing really entered my ear when it came to anything that wasn't Bones-related.

Wednesday & Thursday // Sleep Over Number 1

Sleep Over at Sophie'sPhoto courtesy of me
[+] We had planned this sleep over for decades and for the first time, we actually got to have it in Sophie's super amazing house (complete with cinema!).

[+] I arrived earlier than the others so Sophie and I watched A Very Special Love and Sex and the City before the others arrived.

[+] The food was amazing. Sophie had stuff over from Italiannis and I couldn't stop myself from eating. I swear I was bloated before Wednesday even ended.

[+] When Tracey, Ali and Anna arrived, we watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days but I mostly slept! I'm such an oldie. I managed to wake up right after the movie and we stayed up talking as usual.


Halo-Halo Heaven[me]
[+] When we woke up the next day, it was raining so hard and Anna had to leave for a meeting so the rest of us watched bits of High School Musical 3 (which Tracey enjoys as much as me).

[+] Then we had a late lunch-ish thing at Razons and I finally finally finally got to eat my halo-halo that I'd been craving.

[-] Going home, the traffic was terrible!!!! I was stuck on the road for almost an hour when it usually only takes me 20 minutes to get to Sophie's house.

[-] I got home and watched some Bones (the last 2 episodes) before falling asleep and not waking up till Friday. So much for a sleepover.


[+] My dad had been bugging us about going out cause it was a long weekend so we managed to drag our asses out of the house and to the new Eastwood Mall. It's not so bad, but I still prefer Trinoma or Rockwell any day.

[+] I went to buy books in The Mortal Instruments series though and I'm really excited to read it, cause everyone seems to be raving about it, so I might as well check it out.

Saturday & Sunday // Sleep Over Number 2

Overnight at Iza'sPhoto courtesy of me
[+] Lee-Ann and I arrived in Alabang at around 10 in the morning and Iza went straight to feeding us. I swear this sleep over was all about eating because we did nothing but pig out. I don't know how we managed to walk away from the table because the food was always so good.

[+] Iza's mom gave us some money so we could go to the casino in Tagaytay. And well, we're not exactly the biggest risk takers ever. Lee-Ann and I lost 100 pesos in the slot machines (cause that was all we planned on losing though). While Iza won 100 pesos! It was our first time and we didn't even have beginners luck!!!

[+] We made up for gambling by going to TWO churches that day. We saw the Pink Sisters church and Our Lady of Lourdes both in Tagaytay. So pretty the churches. And since they were new to me, I got to make wishes!!!

[-] The traffic was terrible on the way home so I was glad I wasn't driving. After dinner, Lee-Ann tried to get me drunk (for the first time) but the taste was awful. I had some gin with Sprite and Kool Aid and it was not working for me. I don't know how I finished it (probably with the excess amount of Sprite) and then I had a shot of Absolut vodka which also tasted even more horrible. Lucky I didn't get drunk or even tipsy, but my body was really really warm.

[+] I also converted Iza into Twilight fandom. So funny cause she was crying while watching the movie. I mean like real actual tears. Maybe she was drunk, but it was so funny watching Twilight while being semi-inebriated. SO much more entertaining.


It's in the Cards[me]
[+] I woke up the next day sans a hangover, which was fab for me. And right away we were swimming! The water was so cold but it was nice to just be in the water again. I haven't swam in ages so it was fun to use my new bathing suit too.

[+] After swimming, we had lunch and some more card playing. Lee-Ann taught us this hula thing where you think of a guy and do this series of shuffling and card picking and all till you see how your hearts are aligned etc. The perfect placement is when the king of spades and queen of hearts are beside each other facing each other, while the ace of hearts and ace of spades are also next to each other. Obviously, I did not get that.

[+] When I got home from Alabang, Manny Pacquiao had already won his Two Round boxing match against Hatton and my dad was beyond excited. I fell asleep again (as I always do after sleep overs) just in time for our dinner out at Yellow Cab. Now that's a fun summer first week.
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