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Jennifer Garner Wins Me Over Again on Letterman

Still So Cute[Just Jared]
Jennifer Garner's been on this sort of promotional blitz for her new movie Ghost of Girlfriend's Past which I'm actually quite excited to see just cause it's her and it's a romantic comedy and it has Matthew McCougnahey in it too. This just means fabulous romantic comedy up ahead.

But really, all this promotion for it, means lots of Jen on the red carpet looking fabulous despite her banged up knees, wrist and elbow! My girl sure knows how to take the bruises as they come. She wasn't Sidney Bristow for nothing.

Still, go check her out on David Letterman because she's so bubbly and happy and funny for her own good, I kept on laughing during her interview -- where she offered Dave some tea for his hoarse voice and in return, Dave put some ointment on her wounds. More of oh so pretty Jen after the cut during her promotional bit for the new movie.

Ghost of Girlfriend's Past Premiere

Outside David Letterman

Before and After Good Morning America

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