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Bones 04x23: The Beaver in the Otter

The Brothers Booth[Beyond Bickering]
Though my heart belongs to Seeley Booth, I so don't complain when little brother Jared Booth drops by because that's just double the Brothers Booth hotness. And really, when you're dealing with a gruesome murder of a fratboy, you need to amp up the hotness to balance things out.

Then again, I'm just really excited to finally be in time when it comes to watching Bones along with everyone else, so maybe I should factor that in too when I'm making my recap because anytime Booth comes on screen, I just die inside.

Now that's a hot older brother
  • I do feel bad that Jared got a dishonorable discharge but that was to be expected for what he did. Besides, he owes Seeley a lot for always looking out for him so it wasn't like he didn't have this coming to him. Still, I feel bad for Jared. Stop being so cute!

  • Booth looking all dapper leaning on the wall and then Jared comes in the motorcycle with the aviators?! How hot can these brothers get?! I would so love to go motorbiking with you, Jared. Now if only Booth came along, that would make India even hotter.

  • Men in leather hugging it out over beers in a bar. Nothing can top that. I need more Jared Booth though. Perhaps he comes home and gives Booth a present from India? I won't complain.

    Anytime I ask you a question, just answer in American, okay?
    Bones: What are you going to do?
    Booth: Something personal.
    Bones: What?
    Booth: Personal means personal. Meaning not for the public
    Bones: I'm not the public
  • So see, Bones. If you want to be not the public, just get together with Booth and then Booth will tell you everything, even the personal stuff. I love how she tries telling the girls that she's not the public. They know, Bones. They know.

  • I feel bad for Sweets in the end when Bones wants to know how he did it and Sweets doesn't answer cause Bones will only tell him he's guessing. I love Sweets and psychology no matter how un-hard a science it is and I wish Bones would give him more cred next time.

    It's A Sex Face, Bones
    Booth: You know what, Bones, when I was in college, my frat, we stole a cadaver, dressed it up like Caesar and put it up on a statue of a horse
    Bones: Would this by any chance be a fraternity of sociopaths?
  • Sweets trying to give the frat men a lesson on sleeping around was hilarious. Obviously not par to a frat when he was in college. I'd like to see a flashback of Booth though in college. He was part of a frat and that Booth sounds like a lot of fun to see.

  • I love how Vaziri was trying to bond with Hodgins with the experiment. And of course, mom of the lab Cam had to step in and tell them to bond elsewhere. I miss Hodgins being in love. I hope he and Angela can get back together.

  • Cam and Angela playing rock, paper and scissors to see who gets to babysit Bones was win. It's cute how no one wanted to stay with Bones cause you know that takes long.

    And of course we get the requisite cuteness of Booth/Brennan at the end complete with Booth pretending they weren't going to pay. Booth is such a sweetheart and I just love these scenes they have together.

    Bones: That's stealing.
    Booth: That's why they call it bad. We're doing something bad. You ready?
    Bones: No, No, I can't. Really? No. Are you serious? Oh my god.
    Booth: One, Two... Go, go, go!
    Bones: Booth! Oh god, we're bad! We're baaaad!

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