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90210 01x21: The Dionysian Debacle

Kelly's Got Competition[90210 Media]
So I was never a fan of all that let's-get-married-even-if-we're-only-16 kinda thing, the way they did on One Tree Hill and all, so I'm kinda worried for the fate of uber cute couple, Navid and Adrianna.

That's not all that happens this episode though because we get chocful of fun from Naomi and her crazy guest ways; Silver Erin and her indoctrination with catechism and throw in cameos (or what felt like a cameo) from Ethan and the hottest teacher ever, Mr. Matthews. I don't know how West Bev looked before, but according to Jen Clarke, it's looking unfortunately the same -- just how I like it.

Trouble in Paradise?
  • The starting dream sequence-ish that Navid and Adrianna had was adorable. Habib or Hannah e? Well, let's see what they actually name the baby when it comes out. Their fantasizing was really adorable though.

  • I'm glad Naomi's putting some sense into Adrianna's very mushy brain because she needs some third party objectivity to give her a clear sense of what's going on. Thank goodness Navid's parents weren't all accepting and open about it because I'm really afraid for how the future of Navid/Adrianna will be.

  • I'm cool with the baby keeping and all, but the marriage part? Not quite. When Navid kept slamming the door then coming back in, I felt bad for them. I hope they have a happy marriage-less future. This just doesn't sound good for them.

    Erin's A Bad Girl Gone Good
  • Erin being a fan of good morals? Funny. She looks really cute in the uniform though. Makes me miss my uniforms too!

  • I think Silver needs more help in the psych department because she's obviously not that stable yet and the very volatile environment of an all girls Catholic school could be too much for her.

  • I feel worse though cause of course the new school would know about Silver's past! It's called the Internet. Well new drama for our girl Silver. I'm hoping she's tough enough to get through it though.

    There's Another Clark Girl In Town
  • Naomi isn't exactly the perfect house guest and the Wilsons were way too nice to her. Still, despite her being annoying, I wasn't hating at all cause it's so typically Naomi to be that way. Annie should have kept her in line, but hey you know Annie.

  • As for Liam asking Annie out and Naomi denying the attraction? Well let's just say I think there will be conflict in the future between Naomi and Annie over Liam because boy is cute and a little on the stray side, so you know he won't be faithful to anyone.

  • However, Jen Clark -- I like her. I see a triangle in the future for Jen, Kelly and Mr. Matthews. Jen seems like a really bad influence on Naomi and I love it because obviously Naomi wouldn't turn out that way if it weren't for her sister -- and parents of course. Nevertheless, I'm liking where this thing is going.
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