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iShip Chuck ♥ Sarah

Although I refuse to believe that NBC would cancel Chuck, if things turn for the worst, this week's Chuck would have been the last we'd see of the lovely and amazing duo that is Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker. It's hard to believe that we only got 35 glorious episodes of this spy duo when it totally deserves so much more.

From the moment Sarah walks into the Buy More and asks for Chuck's help with her mobile phone; to their first fake date to their forging a partnership and learning to trust each other; to the ups and downs of being a government agent and the many crazy missions they had and to their eventual falling for each other and actually saying it out loud, Chuck and Sarah never failed to make me all giddy inside.

It doesn't hurt either that Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski play it really well either. Their chemistry is sensational and the way they always leave me wanting more from them (cause so much is left unsaid) really is a testament to their great partnership. I'm hoping for more adventures with Chuck and Sarah (and Casey of course). So NBC! Listen up and save this show already!

Sarah: Okay fine, I'll answer one question about my past. You deserve that much.
Chuck: No thanks. I don't need to know more, not about who you were. Cause as much as you don't think so, I know who you are. A girl I'd like to share a cheeseburger with.

Sarah: You do know we are just spending the night together for cover. Right?
Chuck: Yeah! Why would I possibly think anything else! I mean by now I'm pretty familiar with the concept of faking it!

Chuck: I'm a funny guy.
Sarah: Clearly! Which is good, because I am not funny.
Chuck: Is that your big secret, by the way? 'Cause I've been sitting here trying to figure what's wrong with you...
Sarah: Oh, plenty, believe me.
Chuck: ...And I was thinking 'Either she's a cannibal, or she's really not that funny,' and I was pulling for cannibal 'cause I'd never met one before...
Sarah: Uh, not a cannibal, but I did just come out of a long relationship, so I may come with baggage.
Chuck: Well, I could be your very own baggage handler.

Sarah: It's just, it's difficult. I don't really have anyone in my life like that -- who cares for me.
Chuck: Yeah you do.

Chuck: Sarah, I'm not gonna move in with you, because I can't. And you know why I can't. I'm crazy about you and I've always been. But having a fake relationship, that's one thing, but living together is I mean everyday being around each other and that's why I can't do it. I hope you understand.

And just so you know I am, going to get this thing out of my head one day. I will. And when I do, I'm going to live the life that I want with the girl that I love. Because I'm not going to let this thing rob me of that. I won't.

Sarah: Chuck, I can't take this. This is something real. Something you should give to a real girlfriend.
Chuck: I know

Chuck: I doubt Chuck Bartowski's going to be charming anyone.
Sarah: Why not? It worked on me.

Chuck: "You're disobeying orders for me? you're committing treason sarah. you could go to jail."
Sarah: "I know."

Chuck: We need to break up.
Sarah: What?
Chuck: You know, like fake break up our pretend relationship. I just can't do this anymore, you know? The longer we go, the longer we keep trying to fool people into believing we're a real couple. The person I keep fooling the most is me.

Sarah: Well the good news is we're alive. The bad news is that this is kind of an uncomfortable moment right now.
Chuck: It's completely comfortable on my end. Just saying.

Chuck: Look we both know how I feel about you. So I'll just shoot straight. Sarah, you are the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. You're beautiful. You're smart. You laugh at all my stupid jokes. And you have this horrible habit of constantly saving my life.

The truth is, you're everything that I thought I ever wanted and more. The last few days, all I could think about was our future together. About how it's gonna be like when I finally get the Intersect out of my head. When we can finally be together for real. No fake relationships. No covers. No lies.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking I could. But the truth is, we can't. Because even if we had a real relationship, we would never really be real. I'd still never know anything about you. Your real name, your home town, your first love. Anything.

And I want more than that. I wanna be able to call you at the end of a bad day and tell you about some funny thing that Morgan did and not find out that I can't, because you're off somewhere in Paraguay quelling a revolution with a fork.

I'm a normal guy who wants a normal life. And as amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will never be normal.

Sarah: you know, someday when the Intersect is out of your head, and you have the life you've always wanted... you'll forget all about me.

Chuck: I seriously doubt that.

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