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Gossip Girl 02x22: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Not Again, S![Andreas-Ri]
Serena has done it again. For some reason, she's implicated herself into much more drama, not just by getting married accidentally, but by financially binding her mom and so many other 'people of power' to her new boyfriend's very shady business dealings.

Meanwhile in Blair-landia, Nate tries giving Blair a little field trip into the underbelly of the city (aka the Subway system), at the same time trying to keep his girlfriend away from the very cunning Chuck -- who seems to be in a jolly good mood (getting along with everyone). Also, there's some Humphrey in it. Just saying.

Serena needs a TON of help this time
It's good to see Blair and Serena bonding again. I don't think we really got a lot of that this season, so at least we're seeing some unity near the end.

And Gabriel is really coming off skeevy and scheming with all this perfect appearance to the parents he's doing. Also, when Serena pulled him aside, it's not like Lily or Rufus couldn't see you guys.

And how sweet/honest of Gabriel to come out right away (right when Serena is showing signs of suspicion) with his run-in with Poppy. Serena, wake up! It's too good to be true.

I really can't believe Serena is falling for all this crap that Gabriel is throwing at her. Is this really how it is when you're 'in love?' because it seems really stupid. He's not even that cute -- for me at least.

I'm glad Blair is frank enough to tell it straight to Serena. And wow, Serena's trying on some pretty cute clothes. I also just noticed how thin Blair is. Her waistline is non-existent at this point.

I love how Blair turns to Chuck when it comes to 'investigating' Serena's boyfriend. When these two get together, lots of things happen and I'm glad we're getting flashes of Season 1 Chuck/Blair before all the drama.

This entire confrontation in the bedroom was hilarious just because Blair was so obvious to have a hidden agenda from the beginning and Poppy conveniently popping in with Chuck was so well-timed. And surprise! Gabriel chooses Serena over the 'money'! That's cause Serena equals money too honey. I swear these people sometimes! Then again, Serena is only in high school. I have to keep reminding myself of this.

I don't remember how long Serena and Gabriel have been dating but she sure as hell trusts him. Maybe it's the faux good boy attitude because Serena is digging herself a huger hole by helping him out financially too. You're not marrying this guy just yet, S. Oh wait, she already did.

I can't believe Serena managed to convince Lily to back this venture using Bass Industries at that. What does Chuck have to say about this?! Doesn't he own Bass Industries?!

Serena should be thankful she's got Blair and Chuck on her side, because no one is looking out for her and she really needs all the help she can get at this point. It's sad how she keeps lashing out on Blair and Chuck.

And Rufus! Stay out of this! Your money is safer in your pocket than in Gabriel's scheming paws. I feel a non-college future for Dan now that their money is going to an evil blackhole. In fairness to Gabriel, he did try to dissuade Rufus.

Finally the biggest EW moment of the episode, Serena waking up next to Gabriel. I'm sorry but I really don't find him attractive. And now that the cat is out of the bag (thanks to Georgina's hair color), looks like Serena's finally waking up to reality.

Blair and Nate try to work things out
Who are you kidding, Nate?! Of course Blair isn't going to ride the subway. She may be going to NYU already but that doesn't mean she won't have her driver and her limo. And something tells me Blair won't be dorming. I mean how could she leave Dorota?!

Nate really needs to be more confident in his relationship with Blair. Then again, I don't blame him, but he's letting Chuck know his weakness. And although Chuck's been a pretty good friend to Nate, he should still be wary.

Blair and Chuck stalking Gabriel at night with her beret and his limo and them hiding brings back so many great memories. Sex does ruin everything. These two were so cute and so fun to watch before they got all sappy and pining. I hope things look up for these two.

Nate needs to really wake up to the reality that Chuck and Blair are going to keep crossing paths because they all belong to one show and have only a few principal cast members. Thus, he must look for a more worthy plotline. Oh wait, that's the writer's responsibility.

Bringing Chuck to see his new love nest with Blair was pretty low, but not surprising for Nate. I swear, this guy is so insecure and it's not like Chuck can't see it. Chuck's such a great friend. Nate needs to grow a pair.

Wow, who knew Blair was the asking permission from her boyfriend type? I thought she was the do-whatever-I-want type, but I guess with a different boyfriend, you have a different role to play. They do look good together. I'm just not sure if they're really good together.

The fact that she did choose to go to Georgina with Chuck (even if it is under the guise of helping Serena out) over checking out her new digs with Nate is hopefully a sign of the happy future she and Chuck will have together. Or not.

Sleeping while holding hands in the back of a limo while waiting for Georgina's camp to have visiting hours?! So sweet. I swear these two need to stop denying things and get over themselves, because hand holding is NOT an involuntary action, even if it was their subconsciousness that led them to hold hands.

Oh Blair and Nate. I wonder how long this is going to last because by the looks of it, they're already hitting a rocky patch and it's not even the end of the episode yet.

Chuck to the rescue
Georgina all happy and sober and nice and prayerful and forgiving is really funny to watch, but at the same time excruciating. I wonder how long Georgina will put on this front. Cause Chuck sort of sees through it. Plus, I like bad girl Georgina. She was always more fun, despite being annoying at times.

Finally Serena wakes up and calls Chuck. For someone the characters the hate so much, everyone keeps running to Chuck when they're in need of help. I swear this guy needs a break from all this saving so he can fix his life first.

Poppy and Gabriel make me want to barf. I like Poppy's hair and the color of Gabriel's walls, but the rest? Barftastic. I swear was there no other actor to play Gabriel?! He reminds me of the Ken doll and I wasn't a big fan.

I really really really feel terrible for Rufus. I could care less if Serena gets her heart broken, but I hope Rufus and Lily get their money back from Gabriel because scamming is so evil and Gabriel isn't even cute enough to pull of this crime.

I wonder why Poppy's still acting until now. I mean the jig is up and the audience knows what's happening. Maybe to keep Serena even further away from the truth? I don't know, but I'm really excited to find out next week.

And Georgina's on her day off?! And she's going back to the city with Chuck to see Blair?! Well it looks like we really are getting a great episode next week. The question is, did Chuck not have access to a private car at least?!

The Humphreys are in for a bad surprise
Isn't it a bit too early to be thinking about marriage just yet? I know Dan and Jenny want Rufus to be happy but I don't think marrying Lily so soon is the answer. Maybe if they won the lottery and had enough money to live and send Dan to school he'd be happy. There are other ways to make your dad happy, kids.

Wow, Vanessa looks more tanned than usual. I wonder where she's been -- probably where Eric is too. Because Eric's been missing for quite some time and they need to take him out of hiding already!!!

I Never sounds like a fun game. I don't really drink, but so many secrets out in so little time! Dan and Vanessa could actually be good for each other (not that I want them to get together, but I feel it in their future).

And Rufus is telling the kids good news while his money is being wired to some private account in the Bahamas. Next week's episode is sure to be filled with money drama/boy drama and some Georgina drama. Now that's the kind of GG episode I'm looking forward to. Xoxo, you know I love it!
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