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Chuck 02x22: Chuck Versus the Ring

Here Comes the Bride[Chuck TV]
For a season final, Chuck sure knew how to pull out all the stops. And I'm so not complaining about it, because it had everything I had wanted to have and more (2 Weddings, Bryce Larkin, Ted Roark, The Awesomes, Orion, Morgan, Jeffster -- name it, it's there!).

But as a series finale? I hope not, because this show has so much more potential and so many more things to explore in at least one more season. Come on NBC, take pity on Chuck Bartowski! He's been working so hard. And come on!!! Listen to us fans!!! We need more Chuck!!! This cannot be the last I see of Chuck Bartowski.

Wedding Number 1
  • I loved the bridesmaid dresses that Sarah and company were wearing. Then again, you can put Sarah in ANYTHING and she'd look amazing!!! And the way she tore off the bottom of her skirt and started throwing knives?! SO hot.

  • JEFFSTER can do anything. Their rendition of Mr. Roboto was spectacular and these two need to come out with an album NOW. In fact, Josh Schwartz should make an OST for Chuck and include songs by Jeffster because it's been two seasons and still no soundtrack? Not awesome.

  • I felt really bad for Ellie. She had to resort to doing yoga and then got her dress drenched in the sprinkler. It's funny though how none of the guests could hear all the action going on in the next room thanks to Jeffster's music.

    Wedding Number 2
  • And how sweet is Chuck to use the money he earned from being the Intersect to pay for Ellie's wedding at the beach? This obviously makes him the sweetest brother EVER.

  • Also Casey telling his men to sound out begonia and how the cloth would clash with the bunting? Total WIN. I swear there is an inner wedding planner in John Casey. And the wedding turned out real pretty, so snaps for Casey!

  • Bryce asking Sarah to come with him and Sarah saying no? WOW. She's choosing Chuck! This totally made my heart beat so fast. How sweet are these two?!

    Sarah Chooses Chuck
    Chuck: Sarah
    Sarah: Wait, there's something I have to tell.
    Chuck: I can't wait. i can't wait. i can't wait any longer. everyone keeps asking me what i'm going to do with my future and the truth is, I don't have a clue. All I do know is that i want you to be in it
    Sarah: Please, i really have to tell you...
    Chuck: No. no guns. no lies. just us. just like i've always wanted it. i've recently come into a little bit of money. so any place you want to go. any place at all as long as it's sunny or with little umbrella drinks. what i'm getting at here is sarah, will you do me the honor of taking a vacation with me.
    Sarah: Chuck, I'm leaving in the morning. the details are classified, but i'm working ont he new intersect project with bryce.
    Chuck: Bryce?
    Sarah: I'm sorry i wanted to wait after the ceremony to tell you.
    Chuck: Thank you for coming to the wedding, it's good for the cover.
    No words can say just how much I died whenever Chuck and Sarah were in the scene together. I hate how we don't get to see how Chuck takes the news that Sarah is staying. I hate how we might not ever see this, but I love how Chuck/Sarah really do just love each other and yet it's so funny how Chuck couldn't even take her on a vacation. Season 3, perhaps?

    Oh My Chuck. Chuck Knows Kung Fu

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! To be continued... Jeez, NBC, let the show continue to season 3 now that Chuck's got an all-new Intersect in his brain and it's fucking fantastic! I guess Sarah and Casey won't be protecting him and instead will be with him side-by-side on new missions against these new baddies. DAMMIT NBC, Chuck knows kung-fu! Please renew this show NOW!!!
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