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The Man With the Badge

What is up with a man who's got a gun? I've been watching nothing but Bones these past few days and a big reason I'm sticking around is of course David Boreanaz. The thing is, Bones isn't the first time I've seen David. I first thought he was hot when I was in Grade 4 and he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I was a young girl and found this really manly man attractive. He was anything but pretty. Unlike the usual pretty boys I'd like, David exuded this tough guy attitude that I really got drawn to. And now, after all those years, I still can't resist him as Agent Seeley Booth.

So he's married (twice) and has kids, but that won't stop me from drooling/salivating over this man's man. It doesn't hurt that he's got a sense of humor and looks totally down to earth either. This guy can arrest me any time he wants.

on liking old things
I like old cars, old watches, anything with a vintage, antique kind of a feel to it. I'm just more in tune with that than anything else.

on his past jobs
I think with all the odd jobs I ever had, there was some kind of enlightenment but, yes, a lot of pain and suffering that I don't want to re-live.

on singing in the shower
Of course, your voice always sounds better in the shower for some reason, maybe it's just the octaves or, I don't know, the water, I have no idea.

on what he wants to do
I want to make films and write films, which will happen, I'm just taking a different route right now. I'm a bit of a chameleon with the whole entertainment industry so to speak.

on Buffy Co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar
I loved working with Sarah… Sarah is great. A great person. Without Sarah I wouldn’t be standing here right now. So I owe her a lot.

on his first wife
It was great at first, but soon became a real burden. Ingrid found it tough to cope with the fact that all of a sudden I’d become public property as opposed to her husband.

on flashing his co-stars
Yeah, I pull my trousers down in the middle of a serious take to see if they can keep a straight face. I need to lighten the moment, I guess.

on being cast in Bones
I have love and admiration for what I’ve done in the past, but I’m looking forward to playing this character, Seeley Booth. He’s a simple guy on the outside - a cheeseburger and black cup of coffee guy. Inside, he’s conflicted.

on how he started out
I didn’t grow up as child actor. I was fortunate to find this show with a small character that grew into this huge cult thing. I was like, “Let’s ride it.”

on being a man of his word
For me, I come from a stock of family [where] my handshake is better than a contract. And I’ve gotten burnt a lot on that, but I wear my heart on my sleeve and I will continue to.

Poll #1391227 Hot or Not?

Mr. April: David -- Hot Or Not?

Hot -- I want him to thave All My Children
Or -- Sometimes he slays me
Not -- I'd pick a pile of Bones over him any day
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