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Bones Season 1

My resurrection to the Internet can be pinpointed on the fact that I'm FINALLY up to speed with Bones. After a week of hibernating in my room or my grandmother's room with either the portable DVD player or my laptop, I am finally back to civilization and catching up on other pursuits. Those 22 episodes sure flew by quickly! I want more.

1x01: Pilot

I couldn't get our DVD player in my parents room to work, so I was just happy that I was able to watch this with audio in the portable DVD player. I loved it when Bones insisted she carry a gun and ends up shooting the suspect. And suddenly I'm sort of afraid of fish tanks.
Booth:What are you trying to do?
Brennan: Blackmail you.
Booth: Blackmail a federal agent?
Brennan: Yes
Booth: I don't like it.
Brennan: I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to.

1x02: The Man in the S.U.V.

I'm loving Wong Foos. It reminds me of the Chinese restaurant in Pushing Daisies. Also when Brennan goes to Booth's house and he's putting on a shirt, hello there Booth! I swear hottest FBI agent ever. And Angela spying on Tessa for Bones is really cute. I love how they're all teasing her to Booth already.
Booth: Why aren't we talking about you and your boyfriend?
Brennan: I don't have a boyfriend.
Booth: You just said that as though it's a good thing. And you know what? It's a very, *very* sad comment on your personal life.
Brennan: Look, you're angry again.

1x03: A Boy in the Tree

Booth and his defensiveness over his public school education is really cute. It endearsed me more to him. I love how he's totally against the rich kids and meanwhile Bones is defending the private school system. Also, Nestor Olivos and the mom? I was like, WHAT?!? And Zac asking for sex advice always wins.
Booth: "Omnia mea mecum porto? What is that Latin for 'Normal people keep out?"
Bones and Zack: "I carry with me all my things."

1x04: The Man in the Bear

The many many men wanting to get into Bones's pants is really cute. Charlie is my favorite. His flirtation with Brennan was hot. I love how Booth totally grabs her in the bar and dances with her though. Go ahead and pee on your ground, Seeley. And Zac and Hodgins competing for the delivery girl was hilarious.
Dr. Goodman: It's time to live a little Temperance. Connect with other people.
Brennan: Are you suggesting that I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip?
Dr. Goodman: Good god! Where is Dr. Freud when you need him?

1x05: A Boy in the Bush

It really makes me sad when they deal with children and obviously it's taking its toll on Zac too. I just want to give him a hug. And surprisingly, Hodgins and Angela's chemistry are growing on me. And Booth saving Hodgins from attending the party is really sweet of him. The tension is killing me.
Booth: You look nice ... Better than nice, you look very ...
Brennan: Thanks.
Brennan: Booth, I knew you'd back me up. I knew you wouldn't make me a liar.
Booth: How did you know?
Brennan: Because you want to go to heaven.
Booth: But, you don't believe in heaven.
Brennan: But, you do.

1x06: The Man in the Wall

Angela and Bones high with the crystal meth from the wall was so funny. Obviously Bones isn't one to have fun. When Booth arrived with Tessa, you could so see Angela working something out there. Why did Tessa have to bring Booth's clothes?! I want Bones to be jealous. Thought it's obviously not happening.
Booth: No, I think I need a vacation. I think you do too.
Brennan: Well I'm not the one who's snippy.
Booth:Snippy? What are you, like 70?

1x07: A Man in Death Row

Howard Epps scares the crap out of me. I swear. And I loved this so much thanks to all the Twilight references: Booth's boss named Cullen and Rachelle Lefevre guest starring as the attorney! How cute is she?! And Bones helping Booth out is really sweet. Partners for life.
Amy Morton: Am I interrupting?
Booth: I told them not to let you in this building. I gave them your picture.
Amy Morton: Which is why I wore the tiny skirt.
Booth: Very cute.

1x08: The Girl in the Fridge

Wow! Bones actually has sex with men! I knew that she did but seeing it actually happen was nice to know. At least now I can foresee a future with Booth, although that'll happen in the very very very far few future. I like Josh Hopkins though so it was nice to see him here despite being a douche.
Booth: Hey Bones
Brennan: What is it? I'm not feeling very forgiving.
Booth: Yeah, I know. But we have a case.

1x09: The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Everyone giving each other handmade Christmas presents was really really sweet. I was getting all teary-eyed when they were greeting their loved ones at the glass door. And Booth stoned on the shot was so funny. And wait, what?! Booth has a kid named Parker!!! Also, Angela's dad is the guitarist for ZZ Top!
Booth: Bones, it’s after midnight. Hm? Christmas Eve day. Both an Eve and a day it’s a Christmas miracle.
Bones: Still enjoying your medication I see.

1x10: The Woman at the Airport

Booth and Brennan going on trips is always fun to watch! Booth was really sweet to the prostitute who was being asked to get out of the bar too. I wish they'd have more time to bond. LA looks like fun for them! And Hodgins vs. Goodman!!! Bring out the fists! I wanna see a smackdown.
Booth: I was wondering if you could have one of your ladies visit me today?
Brennan: You're ordering a prostitute from my cell phone?

1x11: The Woman in the Car

Bones really is socially awkward and her TV interview was so hilarious. Hodgins wanting to be interviewed for the security clearance was hilarious. And well, well well, looks like Bones has connections so high up. On the case front, I felt bad for Decker. But Booth going in to rescue that kid? So hot.
Brennan: You just told me not to jump to a conclusion.
Booth: No offense intended.
Brennan: No, you were right! It’s just I usually get to tell you.
Booth: Well our relationship has taken a whole new turn.

1x12: The Superhero in the Alley

Angela drawing the graphic novel for the victim was really sweet. The entire superhero thing was kinda weird, but it was nice of the victim to want to try and save someone before he died. Booth getting all dressed up in his bowling outfit was so cute. I wish they'd actually show him some bowling.
Booth: I won bowling awards.
Brennan: I won the Marshall H. Dixon Award for my paper on George Romanes and physiological selection.
Booth: My god. it's like we lead parallel lives.

1x13: The Woman in the Garden

Look! It's crazy Derek from One Tree Hill! Bones loves to involve Senators (and then I realized it was set in DC). And well Bones was rich/kind for paying for the burial of the sister and dad of the gang member. And Hector seemed really nice. Too bad he was the killer. Bad Ass Bones with the head of Mara Muerte!!!
Brennan: You always say I'm not a cop. You're right.
Booth: It's okay. We're not gonna need her anyway.

1x14: The Man in the Fairway

Bones gets attracted to the most damaged men ever. So hey, Booth is pretty messed up, you guys should totally get together! And Squints going against Goodman's orders was funny. Such rebels these squints are. I'm also really loving it anytime Booth and Brennan are inside the car together. Road trip!!!
Dr. Goodman: You think I'm a kind and fair man. Egoless, balanced. Ruled by intelligent reflection. But I do have an ego. I can be vindictive and petty. I will take you down. Even if it means striking at you through your friends and co-workers. Now you understand.

1x15: Two Bodies in the Lab

Booth getting all protective of Bones and getting hurt in the process was really sweet. It's too bad she's denying the fact that she's into him. When he escaped the hospital to save her and Bones put her arms around his neck with her cuffs on? So hot. And Casey Adam Baldwin as a baddie!!! Win!
Dr. Goodman: Sounds like a good friend.
Brennan: yes. It's fascinating how interest and intimacy can be cultivated online.
Dr. Goodman: So you've never met this friend?
Brennan: I've done enough Googling to schedule dinner.

1x16: The Woman in the Tunnel

The underground world is apparently very big. I'm actually sort of interested to go down there now. And all those hidden mazes to the treasure? Wow. I wouldn't go down there without Booth though. Angela and Bones are really besties. I want an Angela or a Bones. or a Booth!
After explaining an entire link to the case
Hodgins: (to himself) Good job Hodgins! What would we do without you?

1x17: The Skull in the Desert

I feel so bad for Angela. The only guy she's actually semi-serious with and he dies! But I love how Booth totally flies down there just because Bones asks him too. Someone likes his partner too much! I also loved the relationship between the tour guide sister and her brother the sheriff. Booth + white shirt + desert? Hot!
Brennan: Booth! You made it.
Booth: Yeah I'm touring the hottest places in the world. Next stop, hell!

1x18: The Man with the Bones

The FBI coroner and Bones competing and fighting over who is right was really funny. I love all the fascination with the pirates. Hodgins and Booth getting all excited for it was so cute! I was scared the baddies were gonna let go of Hodgins! Booth trying to cheer up Bones over the missing bones was sweet.
Brennan: He suffered from scurvy and tertiary syphilis
Booth: What's up with tertiary? Isn't plain old syphilis bad enough?

1x19: The Man in the Morgue

Again, Bones picks the best kind of boy again! This time, he does voodoo on her and she ends up bloodied on the floor while the male doctor ends up pinned to a wall and now Bones is a suspect. But don't worry, Booth flies down to New Orleans to save her. That's love, y'all. Oh and it's Laurel from GG!
Booth: Can I make a lifestyle suggestion?
Brennan: Go ahead.
Booth: You know, vacation, it's from the Latin "vacatio." It means freedom or release. You might want to consider that next time.
Brennan: Learning Latin?
Booth: This is the opposite of vacation. I mean, no wonder you snapped, went insane, and totally lost your mind.
Brennan: Thanks for your understanding.

1x20: The Graft in the Girl

I feel so bad for Deputy Director Cullen! His kid is dying and he can't do anything about it. And then he gets a bit of hope but it's too late for Amy. I just wanted to give him a hug. Angela and Amy bonding over art was really sweet too. I really wish they could have saved her from the sickness.
Deputy Director Cullen: This falls under FBI jurisdiction?
Booth: Yes Sir
Deputy Director Cullen: I should kick your ass.
Booth: Yeah
Deputy Director Cullen: What'd you do? Take sick time to work on this?
Booth: Yeah. Migraine.
Deputy Director Cullen: Thanks Booth. Catch the son of a bitch that did this to my daughter.
Booth: That's absolutely my intention sir.

1x21: The Soldier in the Grave

The entire time, I wanted to give Booth a hug and make him forget all about the horrors he went through when he was a sniper. When the captain (that they called Dad) of the platoon hung himself over the guilt? I was so sad. When Bones held Booth's arm in the end? And then Booth holds her hand? I died.
Brennan: Now you're a mind reader?
Booth: Maybe. You want me to guess your weight?
Brennan: You do and you could loose a tooth.

1x22: The Woman in Limbo

Booth helping Bones dress up for the court date? So cute! Glimpses of the future perhaps? I love how Booth is upset that Bones didn't let him read the manuscript. Really sweet how she dedicated the book to him too. Booth bringing Bones food every night was super sweet. I wanted them to kiss on the couch.
Booth: You read her manuscript?
David:Her second novel, Bone Free. It's like Born Free except no lions
Booth: Yuck on the title. Am I in it?
Brennan: No
David: Definitely.
Over-all, such a fabulous season. The episodes came back to me so quickly when I was making the recap. What a fabulous first season. I'm so happy with all the Bones/Booth hints at love and the Angela/Hodgins friendship and the plain cuteness that is Zac. I swear Zac is the most adorable thing ever. Season 2 and 3 thoughts soon.

EDIT: Thanks to wildly_wrathful for pointing out my exchanging Booth for Bones and Bones for Booth. You're right! I was typing this out so quickly I didn't notice I was exchanging them. ♥ you're a doll for helping me out!
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