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90210 01x20: Between a Sign and a Hard Place

Old School 90210[me]
And so we're down to four more episodes after this one and I have to say that 90210 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, it had a rough rough start, but after sticking it out, the show grew into it's sunshine-y often leaning on moralistic Brady Bunch tone -- which I like.

And this week, we get more feel-goodness, with Donna sticking around Kelly, asking for a sign whether to stay or to go; some Ryan Matthews hotness (which is what every episode needs) and some cuteness thanks to Adrianna/Navid. The rest? Is just icing on the top. And don't get me wrong, because I love icing.

Annie tries to be a girl's girl and well sort of fails
  • It's nice to see Annie and Naomi try to work things out. Annie really doesn't have that many girl friends. I mean Silver, who's supposed to be her friend, she's sort of abandoned now that Silver's with Dixon.

  • I also feel bad for Naomi and the dad being charged. I swear, nothing good ever comes to this girl. I wish she had a bit of good luck her way at least. I'm happy she's in the wholesome Wilson household, though I see trouble up ahead for their newest boarder.

  • I loved the shot of Annie through the peephole too. This episode had a lot of creative shots and a lot of nice long shots. Just saying.

    Wait, Who's Getting Married?
  • Navid and Adrianna are the cutest couple on the show and now I'm afraid because of this entire wedding storyline they've got lined up for them. I mean really!? This is how they're going to resolve the baby situation?! I smell lots of drama for them. Come on, writers! I hope nothing terrible happens to them so soon.

  • Nevertheless, these two have really cute moments complete with Navid letting her eat healthy (can someone say controlling? joke) and how they're feeling her stomach and screening the possible adoptive parents.

  • Technically, Navid didn't really ask Adrianna to marry him. She sort of brought it up but not as something serious, so again, I'm worried for these two!

    Donna and Kelly look for signs
  • Who knew I'd enjoy these two so much. I never watched the original Beverly Hills, 90210 before, I mean I saw bits of it, so I don't know if they were ever this entertaining before.

  • Donna and Kelly ending up at the lesbian bar and having so much fun and then finding the ideal space and moving in the next scene? These girls are just too cute to watch and I'm hoping that Kelly has Donna around more. She needs the girl bonding.

  • But Kelly + Mr. Six Pack also known as Ryan Matthews!? WIN WIN WIN. Wow, I'm so happy they finally did something because something's been a brewing since episode one. I'm so happy that that was the interpretation of 'six pack' so cute.

    Silver's going all girls school
  • So Silver's a little on the fragile side and I'm glad that Kelly's being less of a cuckoo and Dixon's there for her now. I'm worried for Silver cause she could snap again though I think they've already worked that plotline out to repeat again.

  • Silver going to an all girls' school is great plotwise though, cause we get to see life outside West Beverly and just a whole new culture. Great move on the part of the writers. New school means new bitches!

  • Also I don't think I've ever seen Ethan and Silver interact this much so it was kind of weird for me, but hey at least she gets the news out that she's switching schools. I don't think Dixon will appreciate not knowing first though.

    Everything else in between
  • This was mainly to showcase the hotness that is Ryan Matthews. I swear, I'm excited for the Melrose Place thing cause we see Ryan in his element and not among students. But what will that do for Kelly!? Then again, they said no strings.

  • And Liam, I like you. But please stop using Naomi. You're hot together so make it work or leave it alone. I feel bad for her already.
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