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Chuck 02x21: Chuck Versus The Colonel

Oh Yes Chuck[me]
Do you know why Casey and Sarah are squeeing?! That's because this week's episode of Chuck is so far beyond EPIC, I don't know how I survived it. Seriously. This show has gotten EVEN better than before and that is just physically impossible as it is already the best.


It really is the least we can do because with one episode left next week, Chuck's fate is all up to the evil demons NBC. So let's keep on talking about how much we love this show and keep watching and maybe NBC will take pity on us wake up to this amazing show.

Colonel Casey Wants to be part of the team
  • You've gotta love Casey's committment. Of course at first, I was so sad that he was going against the Team but then of course he can't just NOT follow the General, right?! I love how he's still pretending at least for Ellie and Awesome.

  • His confrontation with Awesome was hilarious though. I love how Captain Awesome was trying to be all calm and rational about it. And that punch he threw at Casey! Not bad for a fratboy indeed. But alas, of course Awesome has nothing on Mr. Bad ass himself. Poor dude.

  • I found it sweet how all Casey wanted to be was part of the team eventually. I wish he and Chuck did hug. They're the cutest when they're together. And when he gave Sarah the credit too, I thought that was so nice of him. But the best part was when he slammed the door in Chuck's face only to be ready to get going the moment he opened it. He loves you Chuck!

    Morgan is gonna be a Benihana chef in Hawaii
  • The Buy More storyline is hilarious as always. Emmett is the evil kingpin and Morgan can't do anything but do his will. I was laughing so hard when he entered Big Mike's lair all Godfather-esque complete with no one goes against the family and all.

  • I had to give it to Lester and Jeff for boring a hole in Casey's locker. I'm sure Casey would have known though. But the chloroform that Jeff put on himself? So very very Jeff.

  • And I'm so so happy that Morgan is finally moving on from the Buy More. If When we get our season 3, I'm so excited to see how everything with everyone is. I mean now we get to see Morgan work in a Benihana! Hopefully.

    Chuck and Sarah can finally have something real right?
  • And I'm so so so happy for Chuck that Sarah's totally putting herself on the line for him here. It's too too obvious how much she loves him and I'm glad that Chuck at least has some sign that it's not one sided for him anymore.

  • And Sarah's totally taking GIANT steps to making Chuck know how she feels. Then again, she does think she's going to jail for treason so that could be going against them, but I think it's really brave of her to just put it out there already.

  • And with the Intersect finally out of Chuck's brain, and the General saying that the mission is over, I'm wondering what the future is for Chuck. On one hand, things are okay now and when if Chuck isn't renewed, we get a sort of closure and all -- but I still want to see how chuck and Sarah work things out now that he isn't the Intersect. Then again we still have one episode to see what really happens. But I'm happy for Chuck and Sarah. For now.

    Keep Cool Captain Awesome
  • Chevy Chase as Tom Roark of Fulcrum is really really spazzy and hilarious and just perfect for this role. He's the ultimate bad guy and yet so funny. I'm glad that Papa Bartowski figured out a way to remove the Intersect from Chuck's brain too!

  • And with Captain Awesome knowing about Chuck (although technically now there is nothing to know), I thought it was funny how he couldn't tell Ellie at first and she had to slap him silly to concentrate. But then when it came to the rehearsal dinner, he totally had Chuck's back. That's a sweet brother-in-law.

    No, I didn't forget
    How can you not die from this scene?! I mean sure I saw it in the promos last week, but seeing it live and in full really does have a different effect. My heart was beating really really fast and i had the silliest smile plastered on my face. Wow, Sarah and Chuck finally being able to get it on or almost at least. If it wasn't for Morgan owing Chuck a condom. Oh well, we will have our moment, shippers! Season 3 is ours!!!! Or so I hope at least.
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