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Gossip Girl 02x21: Seder Anything

Yale What?![Andreas-Ri]
Well I guess Gossip Girl knows the trick to keep audiences coming back -- lots of hiatuses. Still, in fairness to this show, it's still got some punch in it, though there are a ton of lulls in between.

And this week, we get another oops-I-did-it-again moment from Serena, more Blair-will-I-ever-go-to-college musings and of course let's not forget the Nate-I-can't-help-it-I'm-so-pretty times and of course a little of that Chuck-I'm-a-17-year-old-billionaire-with-lots-of-stamina issues. All in all, a regular week in the Upper East Side, don't ya think?

Nate thinks Blair would never sell him out. Really?!
Blair's dreams are always made of win and I love the hat she's wearing in this one. Nate is looking idly by as usual, but it's not like we're not used to that by now.

I really like Cyrus and the dynamic he brings to Blair's life. I hope she doesn't use him cause he seems like a really nice guy. Meanwhile, Nate's grandpa? Not a nice guy and I feel sad that Blair's buying into all this to be a society girl. Oh well.

As for Nate, I'm really on the fence on him. He's too pretty to deny liking but his brooding whatever is not for me. Oh well, I'm sure they'll return to his non-plotlines like before. Probably before the season ends.

And so we end up in this ridiculous party for Tripp and Fiancee and of course evil Grandpa is here. I swear, why do they make all the old people on this show evil?! I know Bart wasn't so old, but he started out bad. And then Cece Rhodes of course wasn't exactly a saint. And now we have Mr. Vanderbilt being nutso too?!

Be careful though, Mr. Vanderbilt. Josh Schwartz isn't fond of white old men, he could just kill you right now. As for Tripp? You're also pretty, so I hope you stay on. Nate's little I-have-balls speech though? Not my thing, but hey, I salute the boy for trying.

Oh B, N thought you'd changed. And now he's angry cause you sold him out. Well who really hasn't sold out on this show. It's season 2 already folks. I think everyone's sold someone out or themselves out at some point. You did this too Nate. Do you remember the Duchess?

I'm glad we see some Blair/Serena interaction that isn't over the phone either. I swear these two have slash fiction written all over them. But really, it's sweet how they're 'there for each other' too. Even if we don't always see it on this show.

And an even bigger yay for Blair apologizing to Cyrus. This guy deserves so much more love. I hope they bring back Aaron though, cause you know that Aaron and Blair would be pretty dysfunctional step siblings. Now that's a plotline to rival that of Serena's and Chuck's.

I'm a sucker. I'm still a Blair/Chuck girl for life, but seeing Nate being pretty and Blair being pretty and them being pretty together? I couldn't resist. Okay, now time to break up. I can feel your impending break up soon.

Serena Killed Someone Got Married?! Not Either.
My favorite brother/sister team that isn't Eric! Oh wow. I love how Chuck is all concerned for Serena even if he denies it. Come on, give your prodigal sister a hug! But wait, what was that you said?! Serena's married/! Is this like the time she said she killed somebody?!

No, it's real! Because she's calling Cyrus to be her lawyer now. And Serena looks really guilty/nervous about something that she can't even bring to bitch in front of her mom. This must be important. Meanwhile, she calls Blair who I thought looked really cute with her double reflections and all.

I swear Serena, we know you didn't get married. You never do anything thought you did. Maybe if you drank less and wrote in a journal more, you'd remember what you were doing. But then where would the fun in that be? Okay, so keep going Serena. you bring non-stop entertainment with your fake murders and faux marriages.

So Dan heard you're married?! this is what happens when you consult in the pantry with your lawyer and your snooping ex-boyfriend is a waiter at the Seder that your lawyer is hosting. What are the possibilities right?! Apparently in the UES, very large.

But wait, there's more! Dan's dad is dating Serena's mom so they're inviting themselves over and somehow they can't figure out that Dan is a waiter even if he dresses like one (but to their credit, Dan does dress like a waiter all the time) but does it not tip them off when he is carrying the wine bottle around? Oh comedy.

And look Serena! It's your husband! He's come to take you away and lock you into your tower. I still can't believe she fell for this guy but hey they were in Spain and were drinking a lot. I'm thinking Vicky, Cristina Barcelona minus Javier Bardem and instead this bland-ish guy. Okay, not buying it.

And apparently, neither is bland boy. How can he actually accept that Serena's with Dan?! With the hand holding on the table?! What are you guys, in high school?! Oh wait, they are. Sometimes I actually do forget they're all in high school. But that is the beauty of this show. the unpredictability it provides.

And to prove to herself that Lily is a good mother, she approves of this mysterious blonde, rich looking boy for Serena even if she did spend all of her time in Spain with him without Lily's knowledge. Oh the joys of motherhood.

But look Gabriel! Don't worry, Serena has fallen for your charms and goes to run after you in the dark street because she thinks you guys have a shot at this. Raise your hand if you see this as an impending problem for Serena! Okay, I see all hands are raised. We can go on.

And even after that quasi-kiss in the street, she calls him up. Way to show how available you are, S. But wait, she already admitted to thinking she 'married' him. That's as available as anyone gets, I guess. Oh noes! Is that Evil Poppy I see! What devious and dastardly plot could they be planting against S?!? *cue scary music*

Dan has a college but has no money
I'm kinda liking this co-waitress for Dan. She seems cute and aloof enough. Because that's really what Dan needs, someone who isn't fawning over him. And where is V in this episode?! I actually for a second thought that the waitress was V, but obviously she isn't.

And really, how nice Eleanor's been since she got married. I would have kicked Dan out as a waiter if he were that way. Come on boy, earn your keep here or you'll never get to college. Look what you've done. Rufus is selling his gallery now?! Where is V going to work/live now?!

Jenny is breaking and entering the Bass/Van Der Woodsen abode
First off, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but wow. Was there no other actor to play Jenny's new beau?! I know it'll take time for him to grow on me, but I'm feeling bad for Jenny. After Nate, she gets this?! Someone make Jenny pine for Eric despite being gay. That would be fun.

And why is she playing in The Van Der Woodsen/Bass home?! I get that Lily's out on a date with Rufus, but really?! Oh I see. So that we get some Chuck/Jenny interaction. Hey, if he ain't going to rape her, it'll be fine by me.

We also niftily find out that Chuck despite all his stamina, refuses to sleep with a random hoe twice. Glad to know he's got some standards.

Finally we get some male bonding time between N and C. I swear when Chuck said he wasn't in the mood and Nate said he wasn't either, I laughed so hard. These two also have slash fic written all over them. Not that I'm interested, just saying. And I'm really curious as to how they're going to write in the Chuck/Blair reunion now that everything's so fine and dandy for Nate/Blair.

As for Chuck apologizing to Jenny? Well it's high time. Chuck's softened too much since episode 1 of season 1 and this was a long time coming. But please, now that you've apologized, please don't hit on Jenny?! I just can't see it between you two. At all.
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