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Solving Murders, Takes Chemistry

Brennan/Booth = ♥[Beyond Bickering]
If You're Happy and You Know It // Day 3
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As a promise to dorkfish04 that I would check out Bones, I finally got seasons 1-3 and started watching this afternoon. Though I love CSI type shows, I never thought I'd be hooked enough to actually follow it through every week. I didn't think I could get into the police procedural drama complete with corpses and all, but so far, it's been more than that.

Brennan/Booth = ♥[Beyond Bickering]
So far, it's been more of a power struggle between Brennan and Booth (oh David Boreanaz, my Angel!!!) and I'm loving what I'm seeing. They're too cute together whenever they're arguing. From the moment he fake-rescued her at the airport, I was hooked.

And the supporting cast is also so funny. I don't know if this show is meant to be funny, but I find myself laughing all the time. Still, nothing beats the chemistry Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have. I'm so giddy. And to think I've seen this show on cable before I just never really bothered to pay attention.

Well now, I am paying a lot of attention and I feel my next few days will have me very unavailable to the public because of the mega marathon I want to do so that I can catch up all the way to season 4. I can barely stay on the computer cause I want to go back to watch Bones. That's something.
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