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Almost Freaking There -- 15 Down/37 to go!Photo courtesy of me
And as cliche as it sounds, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel or sunshine after the rain or whatever. Sure, I'm not saying there won't be any more drizzles or darkness but for now, I'd like to believe the worst is over. Or so I'm hoping.

It's been a better week than the usual and I'm hoping it continues on this steady pace. It's down to 7 days to graduation and to say I'm excited/anxious for it would be an understatement. Now that things are more certain/more settled, I'm hoping I can enjoy this coming week more.

I want to thank everyone who's been praying for me. Just 7 more days of that, but I really do want to thank you. I don't think I'd have gotten this far without it. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

[+] Finally finished Across The Universe. I do not know why it took me forever, because it wasn't a bad movie, just a little contrived, story wise. Nevertheless, Jim Sturgess wins it for me and Evan Rachel Wood's voice is a knock out, so I kind of enjoyed it.

[+] Graciella's still in the house so my younger siblings have been keeping her occupied. I tried and then I realized she was their age and not mine. It surprised me to find them all doing karaoke downstairs singing really old school songs. These kids are too funny.

[+] We found out that Pietro got into BA Psychology! I'm so happy for him. At least that's one less thing to worry and pray about. Just one more thing and hopefully in 14 days I won't be worrying so much anymore.
[+] I don't think I've ever been that relaxed and pliant in my life because I had the most fun ever having a body scrub, a massage and a facial with my Aunt Suzette, my cousin Graciella and my mom. Tita Suzette came to visit from the Netherlands and she treated us to the Spa and it was amazing. I swear my skin is still so smooth now.

[-] Hazel invited me to join the grad video committee and though I really wanted to join, I couldn't bring myself to say yes in light with all the drama that's happening with the department. I really want to help but at the same time, I'm not even given this assurance that I am graduating, though maybe helping out could help my chances, but I just couldn't say yes which makes me sad cause I did want to help.
[-] I don't know how this was possible but it was seriously the hottest day ever. I was in front of the electric fan the entire day and yet the air it was giving out was hot too. And then I had to go and read fan fiction and it got even hotter. Not cool. But it's not like I could tear myself away from reading it! Damn myself.

[+] And like we weren't missing any siblings, more cousins came over to sleep so it was a full house with Miguel and Graciella back in the house. It felt like those summers where we'd have so many people in the house. And I'm not complaining at all, cause everyone seemed to be having so much fun too.

[-] Still not happy about the heat though. These are times I really wish I were still in Baguio not sweating like anything.


Pizzeria Stuffing[me]
[+] I'm so bad because I'm not reading the books I'm supposed to be reading and instead I'm reading fic that seriouslywir and dorkfish04recommended. It's so good that I can't put it down. I'm literally in bed the entire day just reading fic off the laptop. It would have been fun if it were colder, but just like yesterday, the heat was still sweltering.

[+] And because tomorrow Graciella and Tita Suzette are leaving, we had a dinner at Venetto Pizzeria with them. The food was fantastic and I tried not to overeat, but that is the story of my life. I can't deny myself some great pizza.

[-] It's going to be sad when Graciella leaves cause she and my brothers have gotten along so well with each other -- which is rare cause my brothers never bond with female cousins. It was surprising to see them really entertain Graciella. She's a really fun girl so it wasn't like she was hard to get along with. Still, it surprises me.


Grad Practice Fun!Photo courtesy of me
[+] I had to go back to school to pay for my clearance. I almost didn't make it cause I had to go pay in the cashier and then go back to the OUR, but luckily, I made it all before lunch time. Then I had to go and look for James's vase cause it had somehow switched houses and I needed to return it to him already.

[+] All of that I was able to do before having lunch with Sophie and Ali! I miss these two! It's cute cause all three of us were without our thesis partners. It was nice to just catchup and eat cake (for lunch).

[+] Best news ever came during graduation practice though cause I saw that my name was on the list of graduates to be. I mean I know it's not final yet, but they can't just slash off my name right?! I'm still crossing my fingers cause you never know with the department, but I'm staying positive.

[+] Grad practice was a joke and a laughtrip but it was fun to just hang out with classmates again especially with the good news. I felt so much lighter and so much less worried about the 'future.' I'm hoping this happiness continues for me.


Girls Day Out[me]
[+] Because I was more sure of graduating, I finally went to look for graduation dresses! And it was fabulous. I'm not much of a shopper, as I get guilty right after buying things that are a bit expensive, so it took a while for me to buy the dresses though I loved them immediately. I'm hoping the mileage I get from them makes up for the price!

[+] Had lunch with mom and Pamy in this noodle bar and the food was fantastic. We had green mango salad and sukiyaki and pork satay and we split all of it. I felt so good (read: not bloated) and yet quite filled. I think we should resort to splitting food all the time now.

[+] We also found out that Nikki was also in Shangri-la so we ended up inviting her over for an impromptu sleep over at our house cause we wanted to watch 17 Again the next day. And we actually SLEPT during the sleep over. Gone are the days when we'd stay up all night.


Fat Food Fest[me]
[+] I miraculously woke up for the 8am mass and finally was able to check the Internet. I've been a bit lazy with my LJ recently and that's because of the fic!!! I blame the fic for taking over my life. But with things in place, I got to finally rest easy.

[+] I also watched Ring of the Nibelungs with Nikki (she's a Tolkien Fanatic) and though Rob had the funniest hair in it, it was just fun to watch it with Nikki. Then we watched Easy Virtue for Ben Barnes and I'm still not a fan of Jessica Biel after that.

[+] Finally I ended my week with 17 Again. And best decision ever. Because Pamy and Nikki are so fun to watch with and the movie was fantastic. And the Krispy Kreme and Kettle Corn we ate was amazing and the ride home in the traffic and rain to Nikki's house was even more fun. I'm hoping for more weekends like this one.
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