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17 Again

I really do want to be 17 with you[All Movie Photos]
If You're Happy and You Know It // Day 2
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I don't know why I didn't watch this on opening day, but 17 Again totally made my Day 2 super happy. There really is something about Zac Efron that makes the fangirls go squeeee!!! Thank goodness for Nikki and Pamy coming with me and sitting in our little corner of the cinema, because I couldn't have squealed and gotten that giddy over the movie I wasn't with them.

Add to that, Nikki treated me to Krispy Kreme so the movie-going experience became doubly finger-licking fabulous. I swear this movie made me all the more jealous of Vanessa Hudgens as she can have Zac Efron whenever and wherever she pleases. No really, that's reality girls. But onto the movie.

So They Say
Who says you're only young once?Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
Scott Foundas of the Village Voice said:
If this is one small step for the actor (Efron) toward becoming a leading man, it is, for Hollywood movies, one more giant leap into infantilism.
I don't think so. I thought Zac did a fantastic job of carrying this movie. In the hands of a 'lesser' 'teen actor' this wouldn't be the successful film it was. Sure, it's not some thought-provoking, Oscar Winning masterpiece, but it's not like it was meant to be that.

David Edelstein of New York Magazine said:
What I can't accept is that the stringy, insipidly earnest teen idol Zac Efron would grow up to be the defensively ironic, twisty-faced Matthew Perry.
YES. I cannot accept either that Zac Efron in all his 17-year old hotness grows up to be Matthew Perry. No offense to Matthew Perry because Chandler is love, but HELLO?!?!? It is NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE for Zac Efron to grow up and become Matthew Perry. Plus all that chemistry with Leslie Mann!? Matthew Perry did not have it. No wonder there was a divorce.

Andrea Gronvall of the Chicago Reader said:
The ancient body-switching premise is animated by a breezy script that briefly addresses some of its darker implications.
I agree with this one too. It's a fresh spin on the body-switching theme because it had a different plot and an earnest one at that. I really appreciated how the script though cliche, was totally fabulous and had every character being used as a main character and not just foil. Though I wish there were more Adam Gregory.

So They Say
Back to High SchoolPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • So first, I'll say that Leslie Mann is one HOT MOMMA. Yes, she is a MILF and yes she could have been a cougar to Zac Efron, because somehow it totally worked and I wasn't grossed out. In fact, I felt more squeamish with Matthew/Leslie. The dancing scene where he was carrying her and the garden and anytime they were together, I was just dying.

  • Zac's kids were also so cute. So Michelle Tracthenberg wants to get it on with her dad -- in her defense, she doesn't know. At least her dad knows she's a bit of a slut. And his son?!? Oh his son is so adorable. I love how Zac had that fatherly vibe going on despite being in his 17 year old body. It totally works.

  • Melora Harding and Thomas Lennon were so cute as their dork selves. Ned trying to impress the Principal with the most ostentatious things and ending up winning her over by talking the elf language. Super cute these two are.

  • But really, let's go back to the hotness that is Zac Efron. I don't know how he keeps getting hotter but he has. Sure, this movie felt like HSM 3 minus the gang and the singing (there was dancing), but it felt totally different too. And though I'm sad that Zac won't be in Footloose anymore, I'm crossing my fingers for more teen-tastic movies like this one. Hello Jonny Quest perhaps?

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